Friday, April 20, 2012

Back For More

WoW! I don't blog for 2½ months and blogger changes things. That'll learn me.

I've haven't blogged because well, for the most part I didn't have anything to say. I guess Facebook fulfills a lot of that need. And I still don't have much to say, just wanted to check-in, I guess.

Still knitting mostly socks although that's slowed down some. More on that and knitting later

Still love guns and shooting IDPA and videoing any IDPA or 3-gun matches Mr WK and I attend. No, still don't shoot 3-gun. I've shot several matches the last couple of months with guns and the camera. You can find them on the WK YouTube channel.

I'm still shooting the Women Only IDPA once a month and that's going OK, too. We've bumped up from a regular attendance of four to six the last several months. The same core four but with a changeable two. I've friended several of the newbie IDPA shooters on FB and try to keep in touch with them that way — let them know when the matches are and really talk them up before and after. 

Some positive steps: a couple of the new women IDPA shooters have been shooting IDPA with the husband / boyfriend at the regular bi-monthly matches. One of the single gals shoots with the guys then, too. And one of the other women shooters has come to the matches at Corndodger Station (a privately owned range) on her town with her kids twice! The single gal would too if she had Sunday off. So things are progressing.

Usually at this time of year Mr WK would be workin' the night shift for 14+ days straight for one of the large organizations his company has a contract with but this year they're not doing that. His company brought someone in to work the day shift at this large organization and Mr WK is to run any service calls during the day. Mr WK volunteered to work this Saturday and Sunday for the fellow they brought in so he could take a break from being around the folks in the large organization all day.

I'm so grateful that he didn't have to work nights; that we got to have 'regular' days that either of us barely mind losing the weekend. There is an IDPA match this weekend but if he'd been on nights he would've had to miss it anyway.

And I've not been the only one workin' on our 23' sailboat Spray this year!  Thank goodness! Last year about this time I taped around all the cleaned and sanded teak so I could come back out in the next day or so and seal it.

Well, that never happened. NEVER! EVER! leave blue painter's tape on anything outside for a year!!! I did such a great job taping it all off that it took Mr WK and I three trips — a few hours each time to get it all off! Whew! And we have even more lichen than last time.

While Mr WK worked on the painters tape debacle and picked lichen out of the non-skid on the sliding hatch cover I did manage to polish all the smooth gelcoat from the bow stem (very front) to the mast. It wasn't that much but at least some of the boat's got fresh polish on it!

As the teak was ready to be sealed last year I knew all it had on / in it was dirt instead of dirt + teak oil. So I tried spraying some of it with Simple Green and worked with a brush and some water and got it looking pretty good. It was still wet when we left the other night so we don't know what it looked like dry. The next time we / I go out (I may go out for a while Saturday and / or Sunday afternoon) I'm going to bring the brass brushes I bought last year along with a couple of old toothbrushes, more Simple Green and more water and clean the rest of it. If it looks good enough we won't need to buy any teak cleaner! Maybe a light sanding to smooth it out and then let it dry, tape it off and try again!

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