Sunday, July 1, 2012

Off To The Races

In the midst of the mast step debacle (previous post) I've turned to my knitting for comfort and solace. ;~)

Several weeks ago I finished my Spock Socks, knit with Austermann Step yarn in the Vulkan colorway. This was a stoplight / passenger knitting project so it was naturally a rib; no cables and no lace. The pattern is gasp! another one from Nancy Bush's book, Knitting Vintage Socks. One of these days I'll have to tote up all the socks I've knit from this book. More in this book than any other, I know that.This time it was the Madder Rib. I wanted the ribbing to not be prominent with a pretty long stretch of knitting between the purls. I wanted all the attention to be on the wide stripes.

I cast on 72 stitches, did 20 rounds of cuff then right into the Madder Rib pattern. As usual I did my own heel flap and carried the pattern down the instep to the toes. I did my own toe decreases; as in whatever the pattern said, I did what I wanted to do with them. I Kitchenered the toes closed.

The toe to the one on the right foot's a little wonky. I had too much foot left and instead of frogging back several rows I did a series of decreases right then so it looks odd. Feels OK when I wear it though.

My SIL's It's Purple Scarf (still no clever name) is nearing the finish line. I've counted both sides a couple of times and both sides are within a row or so of having the same number of rows to make it easier to stitch together. I've bound off both sides. One side had a bit of a problem, a half a dozen stitches from the end with a dropped stitch that I'd caught five or six rows down and put a safety pin through. I fixed that with one my trusty crochet hooks. As so often goes when you fix one thing you inadvertently "break" something else — yarn got tangled and stitches got pulled off the other needle and I eventually got that all sorted and now I'm ready for the next step — which  is to weave in the ends, four I think then block each scarf

And as I had no transportable project, I cast on for two more socks. I am hankering to do another lace scarf or shawl, probably for myself but I want to take some time and look at patterns and my yarn stash as that will be another long term project.

I still have a goodly stash of Socks That Rock yarn and the Rockstar yarn I'd purchased way back in February '06 caught my eye. As there's a lot of it — 360 yards and I've knit socks with STR for my SIL before it was a easy-peasy choice.  And these will be my stoplight / passenger knitting socks.

I was going to do yet another Nancy Bush sock pattern but when I finished the 2x2 ribbing on the cuff and got several rounds into the pattern the yarn began to pool in an unattractive way. In the ribbing it was nice spiral bands of dark and light so I ripped back to the cuff and went with the 2x2 ribbing all the way down the leg.

 When I knit my SIL a pair of sock with this yarn I did remember that I had to frog back on the first sock from the finished toe to the leg and then 14 rows into the leg as I was a) going to run out of yarn and b) the foot was too long. I remembered I was using a yarn eating pattern and so thought that by using just a simple 2x2 ribbing I might not have that problem. So I made the leg 80 rounds long. I did stop on this first sock and start the second sock. I did the 80 round leg on the second sock, then the heel flap and turned the heel. Then I did 37 rounds on the foot and decided that yep, I'm gonna run outta yarn on this one, too.

So I ripped back on this second sock to 65 rounds on the leg. As with the first project I did a smaller heel flap
— 22 rows vs 30 rows. And so far I've got 3 rounds down on the foot. I'm going to knit this one down to the toe decreases and see how much yarn I have left. I did make the leg 4 rounds longer than the first sock so we'll see. Then I'll pick up the mate and knit ti down to the toe decreases, too.

I want to see if the foot's going to be long enough so I'll have her try them on when I see her in August if not before. It won't take but a few days (if I don't have to rip back) to do the toes on both socks.

The other project is for me. I wanted not-wool. So I ended up with some Regia Bamboo in the Papillon colorway 1067. I like the jewel tones. This yarn's only been kickin' around my stash since December '08. I have 2 skeins which should be enough for a pair of socks for me.

As I hadn't decided on my next big lace project, I decided to do lace socks
— and yes, another freakin' Nancy Bush pattern — but at least I chose it from a different book!!! I'm going to knit the Friday Harbor Socks from her Knitting on the Road book. I've only knit the Conwy from this book and I've been drawn to this pattern for quite a while.

When Nancy Bush has a big pattern she charts it and I. Do. Not. Do. Charts! So I converted it to prose and as that gives you a chance to really, really read through the pattern. I think I've got all the weird stuff figured out that designers just expect you to know.

This one is slower going as I decided to concentrate on my SIL's socks. I've got the cuff finished and just over two pattern repeats completed on the leg. And so I'm off to the races with two new projects.

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Parting Shot: 
 Spc. Mitchell Eidsvold (left), Spc. Michael Hons (center), and Sgt. Scott Jenson (right) of the 191st Military Police Company race toward the finish line of the Fallen Soldiers Memorial 12K run, while wearing full combat equipment and carrying the American Flag. The run took place in Devils Lake, N.D. on June 23, 2012. U.S. Army National Guard. (photo by Sgt. Brett Miller, 116th Public Affairs Detachment)

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