Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Practice. Practice. Practice. Then Practice Some More

Since I last posted some real words instead of placeholders we've been shooting almost every weekend except for this last weekend. This weekend we prepped a couple of hundred pieces of .308 brass. We loaded half up with our standard accurate plinking load (Hornady 150 gn fmj bullet & 44gn Varget) and the other half for water bottles, milk jugs, hedge apples and if you're feelin' cocky, walnuts (Hornady 110gn V-max bullet & 46gn H335).

We often split our time between the high power and the pistol range but usually it's the pistol range that gets short shrift. And on the high power range my time is split between workin' some off-hand CQB drills with my carbine and bench resting it so I can shoot the 200 yard gong using my red dot optic. Then there's plinkin' the 200 or 300 yard gong with my .308 or getting serious and fully resting my .308 to see how tight I can get my groups if there's a paper at the 200 or 300 yard target.

At the pistol range other than occasionally shooting a few magazines at the 50 yard gong with my or one of Mr WK's pistols I usually stick to target acquisition drills. I may not be much quicker but I'm a heck of a lot more accurate that I was a year ago when I started working strictly on target

And a word about shooting the 50 yard gongs on the pistol range, freehand with a pistol.
Five or six months ago they moved the gongs from the small free-form pistol range to the edge of the large pistol range with the target stands at 25 yards. My hand and arm strength has improved a great deal since I started shooting at least a magazine or so at them every time we shoot at the pistol range. I can hold the pistol steady enough now to hit it most of the time at first, then as I tire, about half the time and then it goes down rapidly from there. When they first moved them the only way I could hit them was to bench rest the pistol and then it was mostly likely a lucky shot.

This Sunday we've got an IDPA match at the Cap City range. We haven't shot an IDPA match since we shot the 2011 IDPA Postal Match the first of November. This one will be chilly with highs in the high 30's from an overnight low in the mid 20's. Set-up starts at 7:30am and the match starts at 10am. At least it's supposed to be dry and sunny. We'll just layer up!

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I'd Shop There

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Not Too Late

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The Walmart Walk

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Captain Obvious Reporting In

She's back.

Was just not feelin' the 'I want to blog' thing. Don't know if the blog mojo is back, so I might be posting some place holders like this for a while.

SIL's Poems socks are done and they're just waiting for Thanksgiving to be delivered. I've cast on for 2 more pair. A pair for me using Austerman Step yarn in the Vulkan colorway. The built-in stripes are several rounds wide and have a bit of color blending between. The pattern for this is the Yarrow Rib from Nancy Bush's book Knitting Vintage Socks.

And a pair for Mr WK using some leftover Mountain Colors Barefoot in a shades of very dark blue colorway. Just a simple k2, p2 ribbing. The yarn is so dark that I didn't want to fight the yarn to try to see what I was knitting, particularly if I have to go back and fix something.

We've shot several IDPA matches and Mr WK did another 3-gun in October. Our outdoor matches at Corndodger Station are done until spring but we're shooting an IDPA match once a month at the outdoor range in Topeka.. And there's been lots of casual for fun shooting, too. No new guns but we've picked up some new toys for our carbines. I finally have the ambi mag release I've wanted for over a year now. I also added a Magpul angled fore-grip and a smaller pistol grip on mine. Mr WK got a new smaller hand guard for his.

And nothing new on the job front. The temp job was 3 weeks and nothing since.

So basically since I posted the last time; lotsa books read, lotsa stitches and lotsa ammo being loaded and unloaded.

Parting Shot: "Why are the only two options always a behemoth government program or the guy dies?"