Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Bang! Bang!

I had this in with the previous post but decided to post it as a separate entry.

Since I last posted we've shot an IDPA match at the Corndodger Range and I 'worked' another Women on Target Event. We also hit the range several times.

The Women on Target Event was at Fancy Creek Range near Randolph, KS, just north of Manhattan, KS. I offered my services to a fellow IDPA shooter who was going to be working the pistol part of the event. I volunteered for either rifle or pistol.

I ended up on the rifle range with my rifle. WhooBoy! Was THAT a mistake! The fellow runin' the rifle range didn't like me, my rifle, my Double Tap shirt or how I did things. I was the ONLY woman involved with the guns in the entire event. I also apparently didn't show him the respect he thought he was due. I considered myself a peer in that we were both fellow shooters. I showed deference to his 'experience' and that this was 'his' home-range and not mine.

I was also a woman with a rifle. And not just a regular rifle, like say a .22lr with wood furniture or a traditional wood-furnitured hunting rifle. Noooo. Me and my bad-ass evil black carbine with quad rails, a red dot optic, bi-pod and flash hider. Even with the stock extended all the way it was too short to fit on any of the rifle rests. This fellow had all of his heavy, fancy wood-furnitured .22lr competition rifles set out on a table. Nope. Couldn't put it there; might influence ... er .... scratch one of his rifles. So I decided to set it at the end of a seating bench at the back of the range, facing the berm, mag out and bolt open with a bright yellow chamber flag.

My gun was too loud. HAH! Yes, compared to a .22LR but it wasn't ANY louder than the other AR (which looked like an old Colt AR, non-collapsible stock, carry handle, 20" barrel, no rails or flash hider and with a by-God scope) or any of the other larger caliber 'hunting / sport' rifles.

After I'd listened to his spiel the first go-around I didn't need to listen to it again so I wandered to the other end of the rifle range and began to pick up brass using the box folks had tossed brass in for the event. There was a sign saying to pick up your brass and so as I had nothing else to do while he talked, I began to pick up all the brass I could find that was reloadable. When he saw that he was LIVID!! I'd mingled the brass. For some reason, he said he was going to figure out how much ammo they'd used by counting the spent brass. Made NO sense to me. What if you missed some? What if some of the women wanted to take a piece of the brass they shot home? Which several did. It made better sense to me to know how much you started with and see how much you had left at the end of the day. I notice he or any of the other guys helping didn't pick up any of the .22LR brass to count it.

I should also say that I joked a bit and talked guns with the first two groups of participants which was also frowned upon. During first group one of the women wanted to know how the different shotgun shells got their sizes. I joked that guys named them so they made no sense. That got a laugh from everyone and a glare from him. (sigh).
After he had his say on the brass incident, which was as the second group was leaving, I asked if he wanted me to leave. Did he feel unsafe around me; the way I handled the guns? No. No. Didn't want me to leave just if I wanted to do something ask permission first. Good Grief!

So, I stayed as far away from him as possible the rest of the day. I never addressed another word to him. I focused on the women, which was WHY we were there--not to engage in a pissing match. And truly the only reason I stayed was the women participants. I was the ONLY woman handling the guns that wasn't a participant. And I wanted them to see another woman that was knowledgeable about guns; wasn't afraid of them and liked to shoot! It almost made me wish I'd also brought my DPMS LR-panther .308. I think that would have torn it.

The final indignity was my evil black rifle case. I'd stashed it under the bench my rifle sat on. Well, apparently that was too close to where he had the cases for all his fancy guns. When I got ready to case up my rifle (yes, I asked permission [eye roll]) it wasn't where I'd left it. He'd moved it several feet away. Mr WK figured he didn't want it to give his 'fud' guns any upstart ideas! LOL!

None of the other men I met that day had that attitude. Since we got back into shooting I've NEVER met anyone like that. With his attitude and his opinion of female shooters why in the HECK is he even involved in the Women on Target events? The only reason I can think of is he's on the range board (or in charge of the rifle range) and figures that's part of his duties. With guys like that around, no wonder more women don't shoot if they run into attitudes like that.

Other than that, the event was fine. They only had five groups so each station (there were six) had a free period. Luckily, the free period for the rifle range was the final one, so I took myself up to the pistol range for the final one which is where my fellow IDPA shooter was. What a breath of fresh air. I'd also brought four handguns with me to flesh out their selection: Glock 26 (subcompact 9mm), Springfield Armory XDm 3.8 (9mm), Browning Buckmark Camper (.22lr) and my Sig Sauer P238 (.380 pocket gun). I think the guys runnin' that range liked my choices.

I let the guys do their pistol spiel and just helped out on the firing line when the women began shooting the guns. Next year, I told them I will ONLY do the pistols.

I'd showed up with lots of flyers for the Women's IDPA match and between my fellow IDPA shooter and myself, we gave quite a few away. As I was on the rifle range for most of the day, I didn't get a chance to talk much about it. The rifle guy talked so long that the women only had 10-15 minutes out of the hour to shoot (most everyone else only spoke for 15-20 minutes). But I managed to get a plug in for it now and again. I hope a few of them at least show up to see what we do. I'd be over the moon if any showed up ready to shoot!

a bit more RANT
One more point, what is it with assholes as instructors for Women on Target Events? There was 'special forces guy'* who gave the spiel for the first four groups of women at the Capital City Event in June. He swept everyone multiple times as he demonstrated various things on and about the rifle. Yes, the rifle was empty, no magazine and had a chamber flag but still! I figured as 'we' were the knowledgeable ones 'we' should be on our best behaviour as to how to handle the firearms. Also teach by example. I did the last two and did it without once sweeping anyone. It wasn't that hard. Just be aware every second of where your muzzle is and where it's pointing.

Once 'special forces guy' heard my bona-fides during the introductions (several--four actually--carbine courses taught by an active Army Sargent whose job it was to teach solders how to shoot and competitive pistol shooting--IDPA) and saw that I knew how to handle my carbine (not my husband's or a borrowed one--MINE), he wanted nothing to do with me.

Are there more out there? So far I've done two events and the two worst gunnies I've ever been around were connected to this event as 'instructors'. Have I just been lucky not to run into more of these fools on the range? Oh, I've seen the snickers and the looks occasionally from young guys as I take guns and ammo out of the range bag and put 'em on the bench at a couple of the indoor ranges. But that disappears when they see how I handle the weapons and what my target looks like (usually better than theirs). Are those guys, these guys?

*during his introduction he said he was in the 'special forces' and I think had taken every NRA certification course available, Evar! He reeled off a bunch of them.

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Monday, September 19, 2011

And ..... We're Back!

Oh my, where to start so I can start again.


I finished my Joseph's Coat Socks and have worn them a few times. I'll get photos up soon. Still not in love with the color scheme but they do fit and feel nice when worn. They'll make great socks under jeans or cargo pants. I thought I was making them a tad larger than necessary so they could shrink, being cotton socks, but that turned out not to the case. I hope they don't shrink much.

You know the Poems socks I had almost finished ... except for the toes. Frogged. Both of them. I had my SIL try them both on when she was here for her birthday celebration (which went very well, by the way). I tried to be clever and as my SIL injured her ankle a few years ago (one is larger than the other) I made the sock for the injured ankle and foot slightly larger. As luck would have it the 'regular' size sock fit the leg and foot with the larger ankle just fine.

Which would have been just peachy if I hadn't decided to frog back five rounds on the foot as I wanted to start the toe decreases a bit sooner. And ya know the axiom about best laid plans ... the wool was very clingy and difficult to deal with. In trying to pick up the stitches and put them back on the needles, I dropped stitches and lost stitches (this yarn goes from very thin to thickerer) and it was a mess. So I frogged that one all the way down to the ground as well as the one that wouldn't fit either foot. Back to square one, with numerous balls of yarn. (sigh)

One thing I did do was try to match the beginning and ending pieces up in the various balls of yarn so that there wasn't a sudden color change. I wanted the change from on color to the next to be more of a subtle blending rather than an abrupt change. That's what the yarn is supposed to do.

So far, I've reknit one of the socks. It 'was' the smaller but is now the larger one. I've cast on and have a dozen or so rows knit on the cuff of the smaller one.

A shooty friend has requested a watch cap in bright white wool. No problem there except for the color. Bright white wool is difficult to find. As most light-colored wool is some version of cream or ivory, bright white wool yarn has to be dyed. My local yarn shop had some but most of what they had wasn't soft and I don't knit scratchy. I haven't had a chance to look on line, but I'd rather get it locally anyway.

Luckily when I told him I was having difficulty finding bright white, he came up with a couple of other colors, forest green or desert tan. I haven't been able to get back to my LYS to see about the second and third choices yet. I'm hoping I can get some of that Inca Alpaca by Classic Elite yarn I used to knit the Out of the Blue watch cap I knit this spring. I think it comes in a forest green. I also think it's a bit heathered. I really don't want to knit in brown. Even desert tan.

WK Pays the Bills
The first part of July, I registered with a company that supplies office folks on a temporary or full time basis. I took all the tests, went for an interview and heard nothing until a few weeks ago. I suspect what happens is that when you sign on, you are added to the bottom of the queue and when your name bubbles up to the top, there you are.
I don't know how much the temp company tells the folks who hire the temp company workers but I suspect it's not much other than test scores and the like. I think they pretty much just get a name and summary of skills.

Currently, I'm in the second week of a two week temp job for a property management company in Topeka. Mainly, I'm answering the phone and doing a few little other tasks. The main person here took a few days off bracketing last weekend and the other person is taking a few days off at the end of this week. Yes, I am being vague on purpose. There's a possibility of a third week here but that remains to be seen.

The pay's not great but I'm not doing much either. I spend most of my day looking at trade magazines. I suspect this was an easy try out the person who hasn't worked in five years to see how it's going to go. And in a way it's worked for me because I've been able to ease back into working--getting used to getting up, getting ready and getting out the door by a certain time every day.

The only hitch in the get-along has been clothing. Almost all of my 'business casual' wear is not CC friendly. And I don't have a lot of it. I haven't needed it! At my last job, it was business casual but in the ensuing years as I wore it and wore it out I replaced it with casual clothing more suitable to not working.

So as I begin to slowly build up the business casual wardrobe again, it's with CCW in mind. Pants with sturdy belt loops and pockets (for an extra magazine, maybe my flashlight and knife) and tops and jackets that 'conceal.' It's going to take more consideration than if I just needed 'some clothes for work'. And not that I ever paid much attention before, but what's with women's dress pants with pockets having such shallow pockets. You can barely fit a Glock 26 mag in one let alone two mags, my tactical flashlight and SOG knife!

On that same note, I need to find a better holster for my Sig P238. The Galco IWB suede one I have works fine for jeans and cargo pants but apparently dress pants fit differently. Somehow. Anyway, the gun is lose in the holster and I'm afraid it's going to fall out of the holster when I wear it with dress pants.

And I'm one of those women who doesn't like shopping for clothes--which probably explains why I have a smallish wardrobe. When I find something that I like and it fits I tend to buy it in a few colors that work with everything else. Why start all over again with a different style and have to try on ten more things so that you end up with x number of tops or pants?

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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Two Thousand Nine Hundred Ninety-Six