Saturday, May 28, 2011

Sock It To Me

The second Sunset Sock is rolling along. I finished the 40 round cuff Monday and a few days later the leg was complete. I finished heel yesterday and picked up the gusset stitches this morning. I have a half a dozen rounds done on the foot and depending on knit time it may be done in two or four days.

Earlier in the week I was still not feelin' any desire to root around looking for another sock project for me, Mr WK or my SIL to knit in tandem with the end of my Sunset Sock or even as the next project. But I will have to get on the stick pretty quickly.

And that's the question. Who to knit for will in part determine what yarn I will use and what pattern. For my SIL or myself, it's wide open — lace, cables, any pattern considered and any color. For Mr WK — not so much. For my SIL's socks, the amount of yarn I have in any one color in my stash will limit her color selection. Like Mr WK she usually takes all of two 50 gr skeins or hanks and depending on the pattern, some or quite a bit of the third. Quite a bit of my sock yarn stash was purchased with socks for me in mind. As with Mr WK when I'm going to knit my SIL a pair of socks, I usually have her or him in mind when I purchase a specific yarn so I can get that extra skein or hank.

And anything in a hank will need to be wound. Most of the yarns for Mr WK or my SIL will need to be wound. I can't just pluck it out of the stash bin and set to. Also, the sock I'm about to finish up is my stoplight / passenger knitting. The next project, if it is to replace the current SIP (Sock-In-Progress) needs to be a simple knit — no cables and no lace. It has to be an easy rib or stockinette.

I am, however, enjoying just simply knitting so much, all stockinette, that I may just do another pair for me, using a patterned yarn. If I feel I want to be more challenged I can wind something for my SIL or Mr WK and and do something more complicated.

I'm down to 2 active WIP's knitting-wise and am only reading one book. Slacker!

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Friday, May 20, 2011

Half an FO is Better Than None

The first Sunset Sock is finished. As I've said numerous times before, it's amazing how quickly a project rolls when that's the only one you're working on. I love the fit, feel and how the color morphs from pumpkin orange to deep purple and back. If I start the second sock right where the yarn stopped for the first one I'll be just a bit off in color placement from one sock to the other. Most likely, unless you view both socks side by side you wouldn't notice a difference.

However, it might be interesting, since I like fraternal socks [one of the pleasures of knitting your own] to start the mate at the other end of the yarn cake. All the same colors will be there in exactly the same order just not the same place on the socks. The raspberry strand on the top is just before the deep purple section.

The more I think about that the better I like it. Yes, I am a rebel.

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I Can Only Knit On One At A Time Anyway

When you only have ONE (or so) knitting project that you're working on things move along pretty quickly. Other than Nautical Striped Sweater which is STILL on the needles (and likely to remain so until I can work myself up to it) I have just the White Caps Afghan and my Sunset Sock on the needles. I can't remember when I had only two active WIPs (Works-In-Progress).

And right now, I've no desire to dig through my sock yarn stash or patterns to figure out what to knit next for Mr WK or my SIL. I really don't want to start any new projects now. I'm content just to knit on these two. For now.

As far as the first Sunset sock the heel is finished as are all the gusset decreases so it's just plain sailing ... er ... knitting on the foot until I'm ready for the toe decreases. And the foot is about an inch long now.

The afghan is the same as it ever was. It grows oh, so very slowly. A row knit here and there; now and again. It may or may not be done by this fall.

We've not done much shooting lately. This past Sunday our group held an IDPA Classifier at Corndodger Station in NW Kansas. The mid-May weather was decidedly chilly but dry with temperatures in the mid 40's and a NNW wind. Neither of us were ready to classify again so we just went up to help and socialize. Mr WK helped on the first stage, pasting and what-not while I ran the shot timer on the second one. We had 15 folks, most shooting their first classifier. Everyone seemed to have a great time.

It was great though just hanging out and NOT shooting. No stress. No having to remember what to do when the buzzer went off.

We were asked if we wanted to design a stage for next week's match. So Mr WK and I got busy in the second bay and got it set up. If you're not used to doing it, it takes some time to work through the shoot angles, target placement, etc. Mr WK did the graphics and I wrote the scenario. Six threat targets, 2 non-threats, 12 rounds minimum, mostly head and shoulder shots and some moving. I sent it off to one of the Match Directors this evening. I'll post it after the match.

I'm down to the last couple of hundred pages on Atlas Shrugged. Hi-lighters are really taking a beating. Really, really like this book.

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reading: America Alone: The End Of The World As We Know Its by Mark Steyn
Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand
Culture of Corruption: Obama and His Team of Tax Cheats, Crooks, and Cronies by Michelle Malkin (audio book)

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Sunday, May 8, 2011

More of the Same

Mr WK's Dimples Sock is no more. The Frog Tree Alpaca yarn is great just not great for the two patterns I chose for it. Newly knit it looked like it had been worn and washed several times already. Also at 90 rounds the leg was barely 4" inches long. That pattern sucked up a lotta yarn. I think that pattern would like great with a shiny yarn that defined the stitches better.

That leaves me one UFO (the Nautical Striped Sweater, which apparently I'm not gong to wear this spring either) the White Caps Afghan and my Sunset Socks. So until I decide on a different yarn and pattern I'm just knitting on my Sunset Socks.

I still haven't addressed the twined two color pile and partial sock of Frog Tree Alpaca leftover from Mr WK's Vertical Striped Sock fiasco. I really want to reclaim that yarn but it's going to take patience and time. A lot of patience and time.

As far as my Sunset Socks go I'm on round 66 of the leg, four rounds short of the heel flap. I could start it now but I kind of like the 'neatness' of stopping or starting on a 'round' number. The pattern is the same I've knit for Glen for two socks, Nancy Bush's Gentleman's Plain Winter Sock with Dutch heel from her book Knitting Vintage Socks. So my sock has 40 round ribbed cuff will have a 70 round stockinette leg. And it fits great!

The afghan is as it ever was. Based on a finished row count of 700, it's almost 60% complete. I'm on row 417, four 350 stitch rows short of 30 14 row pattern repeats finished. I'm sticking to only knitting (or purling) one row at a time.

My spring do to list is moving along. I haven't done any more on the picnic table or chairs, except use them and the boat work is still stalled. But the pump in our tiny pond died and we took that opportunity to clean out all the slimy, stinky leaves and pump out all the stinky, green water. We got the old pump from a local pond store three years ago for $50. This time we went to Home Depot and got one for $40. It's bigger in physical size, has a little higher gph rate (190 vs 210) and a better intake screen. It also has a much longer cord so we don't have to use an extension cord to reach the outlet on the house. The very first pump for that pond was tiny, put out 170 gph, cost $62 and lasted NINE years! Now we have the pleasant tinkly sound of falling water again.

I've washed just under a half of the north side of the house with a combination of water and powdered Oxyclean. We have sky blue siding with white trim and as the north side of the house doesn't get any direct sunlight, mold grows there. I had no idea this would happen. It comes off fairly easily with just a cloth dipped into the bucket and rubbed across the fake wood grain. It really does look better. the yellowing caulking around the windows and patio on the outside is going to take some work but and a little experimentation but once I figure it out I don't think it'll be much of a problem to clean. Other than the north side, the rest of the siding is just dusty/dirty. Other than renting a power washer, I think just scrubbing with a soapy, aggressively bristled push broom will do the trick.

The windows and curtains in our bedroom have also been done. As we don't take the newspaper anymore, I 'stole' some from the recycle bin so I can do the vinegar water and newspaper polish I like to do. The newsprint ink really does polish the glass. Otherwise I'd have to depend on the freebie that ends up in our driveway every week. Most of that is the slick colored, ad paper which doesn't work for this.

I think the bird house is a no-go for this year as it's still not up but most of the morning glory seeds I planted are up. So things are going along, albeit a bit more slowly than I'd've liked.

We have a bit of a dry/warm spell coming up so I'm hoping I'll see a lot more progress on the patio furniture and the boat!

I'm really enjoying Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand. I'm around halfway through the book, wielding a hi-lighter and keeping a brief index on a couple pieces of notepaper. It's NOT a restful read.

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