Sunday, March 29, 2009


Nothing like sitting down to knit and finding an error RIGHT off, four or five rows back. Crap! Thank goodness for lifelines and putting them in at the end of every pattern repeat EACH AND EVERY time. The error appears to be the end stitch—the turn-around stitch and the two end stitches after the YO. It's way too big. I'm going to try and fix it. If I screw it up I haven't lost anything. I'd have to rip it back anyway. It if was a stockinette stitch knit it would be a heck of a lot easier to fix. But it's all garter stitch which is easy to knit but tough to fix. Not for the first time do I wish I'd knit this in stockinette instead of garter stitch. Of course, with garter stitch, it's reversible. And it's only 11 89 stitch rows. It could ALWAYS be worse.

We didn't get much snow but freezing rain and ice all day Saturday. We didn't have to get out at all so we stayed in. I read a lot and had a great nap. Sweetie read and fiddled around on the computer. We already had the reloading press set up so we loaded some more ammo and punched dead primers out of our recovered brass. A good day.

Today was sunny and it in was in the 50's. Most of the ice had melted by the time we headed out for the target range around 11am. It was rifle and revolver day. The diameter of those circles from outside edge of the dark rim is 2½". The diameter of the inner clear area is 1
½". All of these were shot at 25 yards with the barrel of the rifle bench rested. Both rifles have scopes. Some I shot and some Sweetie shot.

Top row: Sweetie ~ me ~ Sweetie ~ me ~ Sweetie
Middle row: Sweetie ~ me ~ Sweetie ~ me ~ Sweetie
Bottom row: me ~ Sweetie ~ me

Then we switched to our wheel guns aka revolvers. Not so hot on the tight groups but the practice was good and we enjoyed honing our skills.

On the way to and from the range I knit on my travel sock. I'm on row 55 of the foot and set to start the toe decreases the next time I pick it up. I think the next time we head to the range, I'm going to take Sweetie's dark gray County sock and see how I do with that. I'll also take along the travel sock just in case it doesn't work out. Never hurts to have a back up sock.

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Parting Shot: "America united with a handful of troops, or without a single soldier, exhibits a more forbidding posture to foreign ambition than America disunited, with a hundred thousand veterans ready for combat." ~ James Madison, Federalist No. 14, November 30, 1787

Friday, March 27, 2009

And the Beat Goes On

Knitting away here . . . well sorta. My eldbaows have been giving me fits these past few days so I've slacked off a bit on the computering and the knitting. I'm back to the old read several pages then knit ONE row (89 stitches) on the Paws to Remember Scarf then read several more pages then knit ONE row. It's slow, knitting-wise but I get to do two things I love almost simultaneously. The scarf is progressing slowly but it seems to be growing by leaps and bounds, or rather YOs, SSKs and k2togs. I'm one row past the halfway point of with both strands of the #5 colorway.

As the scarf was a good five inches short of the desired 30" when I reached what I thought was going to be the halfway point, I stretched the two strands of #4 colorway from the initial five or so 12 row pattern repeats (60 rows) to seven and a half pattern repeats (90 rows). The transition rows, 1 strand of #4 and one strand of the #5 colorway was also stretched from six rows to 42 rows. The scarf was initially going to be 400 rows and will now be over 500 rows—so far. It'll be a more usable scarf in the end. When I finish with both strands of the #5 colorway, It will be more than 70% complete. All the other colorways will less than 50 rows each.

I also tried on my STR sock in the Romancing the Stone colorway. I've got about an 2" left until I do the toe decreases. And the leg, ankle and heel parts of the sock fit well, also. I'm ashamed to say that after I ripped the sock back to before the calf decreases on the leg I didn't try it on until now. I'm a big advocate of trying on the first sock several and and even numerous times during the knit but for this one; it is not happening. Some knits are like that, I suppose.

We went shooting last night. It was IDPA night. YEA!! We haven't shot in a match since January. I shot a S&W 1911 .45 caliber and Sweetie shot an S&W M&P .40 caliber. I think I did better than I ever did. Sweetie thinks he did well, also. When we get the scores over the weekend, I guess that will tell the real story. Some folks thought my loads were a little "hot' as apparently along with the projectile a ball of flame also issued from the barrel. Here's a quote from the IDPA forum this morning . . .
"Anyone who believes the myth that small women can't handle big, manly guns should have seen Warrior Knitter shoot her 1911 (now, with patented flamethrower ammo! )" Uh, OK. Sweetie said it would light up the walls and ceiling every time I pulled the trigger.

When I'm shooting, either in a match or at the line just shooting holes in paper targets, I am almost totally focused on what I'm doing. I had no idea this was happening. And it's NOT a hot load. We went through 10 or so different loads, different powders at varying strengths, to find this one that I like, that also cycles well! Next time we go shooting, I'm going to have Sweetie shoot and and I"ll watch for any fireworks. Well, it was fun!

As far as the weather, we're currently under a RED Severe Winter Storm Warning. We're supposed to get 4-8 (or more) inches of snow by Saturday night. So, that means, we'll either get a nice light dusting or a foot! And it's going to be WET snow as the temperature is hoovering around freezing. Currently, it a misty, drizzle. Definitely liquid, not frozen coming down . . . yet but it does freeze once it's on the ground or your windshield. So freezing rain and drizzle, then some sleet and then the snow. Oh and 20-30 mph winds. Oh goody.

I made a quick dash to the grocery store and picked up the makings for beef stew. The thing I particularly like about this one is that it's not tomato based so no acidic, bitey taste; just good, tender beef, fresh vegetables and lots of great gravy. I also picked up a couple of freshly baked ciabatta rolls for today's feast.

I went to the library yesterday so I am also stocked up on books. We have a cache of firewood in the back of my truck in case we want a fire, so we're set for not going out in a vehicle at all this weekend.

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Parting Shot: "Liberals' infernal habit of accusing others of what they themselves are doing distracts attention from who is really being attacked." ~ Ann Coulter from her book Guilty: Liberal "Victims" and Their Assault on America

Monday, March 23, 2009

Take On Me

It's been very windy here all day. According to it's been steady at around 40mph with gusts 50-60 mph. We went out to the lake and took some photos of the water which I'll post later. We've got large red, orange and yellow blotches surrounded with a narrow band of calming green headed our way later this evening. Looks like we're going to get hit three times according to the hour by hour. Can you tell that I love weather? Real weather. And now we're under a tornado watch. Ah, spring.

But enough with the weather doom here's another Raverly update from the founder of The Raverly Bunker.

We now return you to your irregularly scheduled blog . . . .

We went shooting Sunday afternoon. The range opens at noon on Sunday so we arrange to be there at noon. Good thing, too because by 12:30 all the lanes were full. And a good thing we decided to make it a wheel-gun day—which is gun for revolver because the round magazine in a revolver spins like a wheel. When we first started reloading this last time, we experimented and found a recipe for our .38 loads that was just sweet. As there are no issues with a revolver with the case ejecting and having to also grab another cartridge from the magazine below the firing chamber the loads can be pretty light. We use HP-38
a slower burning powderand only load 4.4 grains. Very nice.

It's been 2½ months since I seriously shot any of our revolvers. Man, I was awful! My holes were all all over, mostly in the target square but that's about all I could say about it. Sheesh! Toward the end, my groups tightened up quite a bit, but still nowhere near as good as I am with my 9mm's or the .45.

Saturday, we'd loaded about 20 9mm's with some old Alliant Bullseye powder that the range owner offered to us at a very nice discount. We were all sure it would be fine but We weren't sure how strong it would be. The photo is not mine and it's Unique instead of Bullseye but the container on the right is the same older style of that our container was. We loaded up 20 shells at the same strength we usually load my nines, 4.5 grains. About the middle of our revolver shooting, we decided to switch to the 9mm's to make sure the cartridges would cycle properly and eject properly i.e., not hit me in the forehead or bounce off the top of my head. All of the loads with the old powder felt and acted just like they'd been loaded with fresh powder so full speed ahead on that project. By the way when I shot either of the 9mm's, I was dead center on the target with a tight group. So it's wasn't me having an off day. So now, when we head off to shoot, a wheel gun and half a box of .38 ammo is going along
—every time.

I got the gusset stitches picked up on Sweetie's heathered dark gray County Sock. That went easily
—well as far as the stitches went. It was a little hard on my eldabows, levering the needles and yarn (I pick them up with a second needle through the back loop) but that's done for a while. And I got the first foot round done. Not only do I pick up the stitches through the back loop but I knit the first round of those picked up stitches through the back loop which tightens them up a bit. Maybe not but I do it anyway.

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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Hit Me With Your Best Shot!

Some people just don't know when to quit or know when they've crossed the line. So far I've not been subject to this type and level of harassment. And the person doing the harassing is/was like this on Rav. And they say WE'RE the troublemakers. (sigh). Yes, this person is STILL there and we're not. And yes I know who this person is on Rav. Go figure.

As soon as I am certain that my profile and all photos have been deleted from Rav I'll enable my Warrior Knitter FlickR again so that everyone can see my photos. I'll also include a link in the sidebar, somewhere.

Okay, then. Meanwhile, back a the ranch . . . .

Here's a photo of the travel sock; STR sock on round 27 of the foot, which as I mentioned in my last post is probably about half done as I have short feet. I really like the colors and pooling on this.

I've started reading Atlas Shrugged again. The other night I finished my notes on chapter eight and was really cheered. Immediately after the Rav banning, the book was just too close to personal reality and many of us in the read-along stopped for awhile. Well, it's STILL too close to reality but I do want to finish it. I started reading and flagging passages with those post-it flags so I could come back later and transcribe any notes I want to make. It'll also give me a second chance to read the flagged passages and see if I feel the same way a few days later.

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Parting Shot: "'Miss Taggart,' he called after her, 'who is John Galt?' ... 'We are!' she answered.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Keepin' My Powder Dry

Sweetie's heathered gray Country Sock is coming along. I was several rounds into the foot and I kept looking at the turned heel that goes with a heel flap heel. Something wasn't right—couldn't put my finger or dpn on it. Finally, I figured it out. Some of the turn was stockinette but most was garter stitch. What the ???? Talk about being a wee bit distracted.

This yarn is a bamboo, wool blend, with I'm sure a bit of mohair as it's got a bit of the lovely mohair halo. It's also a fine, as in skinny, yarn—and did I mention, it's a DARK GRAY—not as easy to discern the stitches and loops as with a lighter colored yarn. And since it's so soft, the loops don't stand up and out when you pull out the needles. I was hopeful of only having to frog the turned triangle but I didn't have any faith that that's as far as I would have to go. And sure enough, trying to recover from that point was a mess and I didn't have the patience for it right then. So I frogged the flap, too.

I got it all back on the needles, figured out where I was and started in again. I re-knit the heel flap and turned the heel in stockinette. Now I just have to pick up the gusset stitches and I'll be back in business. As I said this yarn is soft and has no stitch definition. It almost looks felted. Picking up the gusset stitches was more of a just pick up what you can so that it's fairly even and move on kind of exercise the first time. It looked OK so that's what I'm going to do the second time around.

The first sock with the STR Romancing the Stone yarn is zooming along. I need to come up with a name for that one. I've got about 3½" done on the foot. I've got a short foot so the foot's probably about half done. It will, of course, be too late to wear it this winter but I'll have a new pair ready for this fall.

Tuesday afternoon the weather was beautiful here—mid 70's, sunny and a nice light breeze. It would a been a wonderful day to lounge around on the boat; except that she's still up in the yard awaiting her spring fitting out. A little more to do this year but not much. No big projects. We mainly just went out to look her over, see how wet she was inside (not very) and just enjoy the weather.

Where she's parked—on the periphery instead of in the middle of the yard—she's got dead leaves that have drifted down from the trees lining that side of the yard in her cockpit. Sitting out all winter, she's dirty but there's still a shine underneath the grime. So, polishing all the smooth surfaces, like always will be the longest and most tedious task. This year we need to renew her bottom paint. And we're also going to take off the badly dinged water line stripe and replace it. We MIGHT also do the boot stripe (that's the one near the top) but it's still in pretty good shape. I think it depends on how much of a struggle the water line tape's going to be.

Last year the weather was rainy and cold and crappy until about the middle of April. I did most of the polishing when Sweetie was on nights the last two weeks in April. Hopefully, the weather will cooperate this year and we can get her launched before that begins this year.

We went to the target range yesterday afternoon. I just could NOT get into it. It's been about two weeks and I couldn't settle into it—couldn't find my rhythm. Often we'll shoot 200-300 rounds. This time we barely topped 100. Oh, well.

The range is starting to feel the ammo shortage pinch. He had only six boxes of .45 ACP to sell. After I took the last full brick of 22LR's that left him with only 300 rounds of it. He's been going to the Walmart on the way in every morning and then on the way back to check for ammo for those two calibers. We checked the Walmart where we live and they didn't have any either. I am SO glad we reload. We don't reload .22LR but we're fine . . . for now. This is just CRAZY!!

We've been keeping our reloading supplies up. As soon as any one item drops to what we consider the halfway point in our supply, we start looking for replacements. So far we've not had any problems getting anything. In the past we'd often get primers and powder from our local Cabela's but lately they've not had much but we are able to get them from a local buisness.

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The Subtle Serpent by Peter Tremayne {a Sister Fidelma mystery)

Parting Shot:
"I am light. I am one too strong to fight.
Return to dark where shadows dwell.
You cannot have this Halliwell.
Go away and leave my sight.
And take with you this endless night."
~ from the TV series Charmed ~ it's the spell Phoebe used to banish the Shadow

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


For those not on Raverly, for those that are on Raverly but not Conservative or Christian you can tune out now.

Well, it's happened again -- well actually this is the third time. First the site owners shut down The Bunker forum on Raverly 31 days prior to this. If you haven't read that post you may want to read it for background. After the closure we were all a bit adrift at first having lost our anchor and being scattered to the four winds. We had another anchor that wasn't quite as strong but it was growing in strength and permanence every day. Part of the terms of The Bunker closure was that the moderators of that site would never be allowed to mod any sort of a political group ever again on Raverly.

The Bunker was still accessible and the trolls were mining it for information. You could see and link to all the posts but you couldn't post, edit or change any of them. Someone did some deep digging on The Bunker founder and e-mailed her threatening her children. After that many of us asked Raverly to either delete all the posts or grant us access to do it. Finally, we were granted the delete button. I deleted all of my bunker posts except this one. Obviously not a Raverly link, as I'm, um BANNED!! Then I deleted many of my other posts, removed all my personal information from my profile and un-linked my blog.

Post-Bunker, we spread out and life went on. But the trolls followed many of our members to any new group they joined, even non-political ones. They disrupted many groups trying to hound them off Raverly.

Knowing that neither The Bunker's mods nor it's members were the problem we set out to prove a point. We started a Noodle group for Noodle lovers. At first the members were composed of former Bunker members and some of our mods were former Bunker mods. As this wasn't a political group, but a group for Noodle lovers, what's the problem? We posted recipes, our favorite ways to prepare Noodles, etc.

It wasn't very long, a few days, perhaps if that long, that the trolls invaded and began to cause problems. One evening they over-ran our board, flagging posts, baiting and belittling us. All of us quit posting and just say back, a bit stunned, while the trolls took over. Since we quit posting, they eventually left as they had no one to poke. We cautiously came back after a few hours.

Raverly has a feature that lets you change an avatar to a green disagree. For pages on many threads many of us had nothing but disagreens for avatars.
For several pages on various threads almost all the posts were guest posts (not members of that particular forum). The few member posts were trolls that had joined the group. We didn't engage the trolls and mostly ignored them. But it proved overwhelmingly that we weren't the problem. We didn't go to their Noodle group and harass them. Yes, they started one to mock us but I'll bet you'll not find one post from any of our members.

Shortly after that we were chastised again for causing trouble and our mods requested that the group be deleted and it was. How is it that we stay in our group, don't engange the trolls and we're the troublemakers?

Very early, on the morning of 3/14, Raverly
probably permanently booted over 150 folks from the site, me among them. Most of us belong to the off-Rav BunkerBoard but some innocents were also caught up in the net. Don't suppose that matters to Raverly, however

This was posted in the For The Love of Raverly group the day we were all banned.

A group of users have been organizing together on another website and visiting Ravelry directly from it, disrupting normal site activities. All users of that particular site have had their Ravelry accounts (including any duplicate accounts) suspended until further notice. This is a serious action that we felt needed to be done to protect the Ravelry community.
All inquiries can be directed to

And our group has less than 200 members. The MOST, MOST that have EVER been on that board at the same time was AFTER we were all banned and then it was just over 50 on the Monday morning after we were all banned. At it's most active prior to that it was around 20 and that was just after the Raverly Bunker was shut down. There were many, many times when it was just me and a few others. Friday night when all this supposedly went down, there were probably 10 of us there. You call 10-15 people linking to a website where a normal day for Raverly is an average of over 2,000 people linking in from all over the world a THREAT!!! Yeah, whatever.

The main thing is not that we were linking to Raveraly from an outside group but that we were Conservatives doing it. Raverly has been looking for any way, real or imagined to get rid of those who they considered "troublemakers". Sometime on Sunday this was posted in the For the Love of Ravelry forum in response to questions asked in the thread What's Going On?

... that only people who have done something "really vile" were suspended, that it has "nothing to do with what group you were in...

Being an outspoken Conservative is VILE? Well, I guess if you're an ObamaBot it would be. [And from several someones who know, they hates that name the most!]

If you're interested in more, here are some other blog posts about this.
This post may not be as well spoken as others, but the views are just as heartfelt. I owe a debt of gratitude and support to the Bunker Babes. As one blogger put it, I consider being banned from Raverly because I am a Conservative a Badge of Honor.

Parting Shot: "Who is John Galt?"

Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Exploited and the Exploiters

Things have happened. Some of you coming here already know what's happened and we'll continue to support each other and press forward.

I'm working on an important but difficult post. Meanwhile, I've updated my pofile photo (look familiar, CBB's?) and sidebar, deleted some things and and moved others. I know the To Helicon and Back
link showing my knitted favorites is not working. I've had to make my FlickR photos private for now so they won't show up here.

Parting Shot: "There are none are so blind as those who will not see."

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A Sock and Then Another Sock

The 80 round leg is finished on Sweetie's first heathered gray Country Sock. I decided to do a heel flap heel because a) it's easier and b) I just did a short row heel on my travel sock. Also, I think a short row heel looks more striking on a yarn that's not a solid color. The heathering on this charcoal gray yarn is so subtle that a short row heel wouldn't stand out at all. And the extra thick fabric in an eye of partridge heel flap is always a good thing. I'm still not a HUGE fan of the short row heel but I can see where it has it's place. These socks will be thin enough that Sweetie can wear them as dress socks next winter. I've got one more needle's worth of gusset stitches to pick up on these and then it's on to the foot.

There's not much movement on my travel socks as I haven't been anywhere. I DID run a few errands early in the week and today but it seems like all the lights were with me so not much knitting time. I'm on about row 5 or so on the foot on these socks. At least I've updated the photos. It's overcast here so the gray socks turned out OK but the travel socks look kind of dull.

I hope to start painting again soon but it seems like there hasn't been any time this week. Oh well, some weeks are like that. How in the heck did I get stuff done when I worked full time.

I've really been enjoying Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand. I finished chapter 8 last night. So far I have 23 pages of notes. I'm seeing many, many parallels between it and what's going on today. It's going to be interesting to re-read it and see if I have the same thoughts I did the first time I read it. It's also going to be an interesting re-read knowing how it all turns out and how that will change my point of view.

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in addition to Atlas Shrugged I'm also reading: Guilty: Liberal "Victims" and Their Assault on America by Ann Coulter


Sherlock Holmes and the Hapsburg Tiara by Alan Vanneman

Parting Shot: "I've hired you to do a job, not to do your best—whatever that is." Dagny Taggart from Atlas Shrugged

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Size Does Matter

Well, it is when you're knitting a pair of socks or I guess anything. If you want something to fit and fit properly, how big or small and where it's small and big counts. The leg on Sweetie's heathered gray sock is now about 6½" long. I finally cornered him this evening while he was changing out of his dress socks into a warmer pair, namely this pair; his green Asparagus socks. His newest SIP fits. Usually I try to get him to try them on where there's only a couple of inches on the needles, not six. But I was pretty sure that they would fit so I wasn't too worried.

I'm on round 57 and I was planning on an 80 round leg. I have 2-3" left to go before I start the heel flap. There's enough stretch in the yarn and ribbing that the sock's not limited to just one place on his calf. When I get to 80 rounds and he not home or asleep I'll compare it to his black, now blue socks for leg length. The yarns are compatible in size and the pattern is similar.

The short row heel is finished on my travel socks being knit with the STR Romancing the Stone colorway. I've knit the first couple of rounds on the foot and and am headed, slowly toward the toe. Since we have Daylight Savings Time now, it will probably be light enough to knit all the way home from the range now.

The painting is coming along nicely. I decided to save myself some mental anguish and not start on the guest bath until after this weekend. Sweetie's sister and her husband came in Saturday to celebrate Sweetie's birthday, which was last Wednesday. The trim in the living room is almost done. I've got just a bit of the baseboard on one side of the foyer and one side of the trim around the front door left to do and about five feet around the corner and I'm done.

We went target shooting last Tuesday evening. Great fun. I love being able to shoot like a girl. In fact I'm getting this T-shirt to wear to the range. We shoot IDPA this coming Thursday. We missed the last two. Hopefully, we'll be able go this week.

We had the first real thunderstorm of the season last night. Lots of rain, thunder, lightening and some small pea-sized hail. It was great to awake up, hear the rain and thunder and occasionally the hail and fall back to sleep, warm, safe and dry.

I'm enjoying the Atlas Shrugged read-along. I'm at the beginning of chapter six and have thirteen pages of notes; comments and favorite quotes and passages so far.

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also reading: Guilty: Liberal "Victims" and Their Assault on America by Ann Coulter
Seed of Doubt Ralph McInerny (a Father Dowling mystery)

Parting Shot: "Few facts were available; the information which D'Anconia had released was not very specific; but they did not seem to need facts" ~ from Atlas Shrugged, chapter [sound familiar?]

Sunday, March 1, 2009

I haven't been doing a lot of knitting. We're getting the house re-financed at a much lower interest rate and the appraiser was due to come by Friday morning. So on Thursday, Sweetie gets the idea we should touch up the paint here and there and finish painting a section of the living room that includes using the ladder that can reach our 14' high ceilings. Stuff, we decided not to mess with when we got the paint set out last time. So now all the little high up pieces are done and some missed parts behind curtains are done.

The appraiser came on time and just walked through taking lots of photos. I'd locked the gun and primer safes but we store all of our reloading powder above the gun safe and all the little cloth cases for the pistols are also there along with a couple of soft rifle cases. The reloading press was also in evidence but it had it's little drop cloth over it. Our targets and hearing protectors are up there, too. There were a couple of pistol targets and a couple of rifle targets that I was particularly proud of (small tight groups) and those were right on top, face up, with nothing on top of them . . . on purpose. I didn't follow him into the room where this stuff was so I have no idea if he looked or took a photo or not. Wonder what he thought? Bet he's seen worse. At least all of ours (except for the one on my hip and the magazine in my pocket) were all locked up. He also didn't seem upset or panicked when he came out of that room. Heck, maybe he was armed. If I did his job I would be.

Anyway, the painting got me all fired up to do some more around the house. I attacked some more baseboards and door mouldings with some bright white this afternoon. For some reason, I had no problems with it today. The last time when I was painting trim in a small hallway, it just drove me around the bend. I somehow figured that that no matter how you paint it, as long as your line is straight it doesn't matter where that line is. So now all the trim (mostly baseboards) and the fireplace mantle in the living room are getting it. In the hall I just have the trim around the double doors to the laundry room. The walls in the hall, living room and dining room are a cool pale blue; icicle is the color. It's the lightest shade in the same family/tones (on the same color card) as what we painted the office.

The walls in the kitchen are a cool, pale purple and the trim in the kitchen is a darker toned purple. All the paints are Sherwin Williams. The wall color in the kitchen is silver peony and the trim is ash violet.

I may even stay inspired enough to do the guest bath. I have the paint and everything. The walls are going to be widow pane, a cool, pale green and trim will either be rainwashed (next shade up on the same card) or underseas, third down from rainwashed on the same card. These last two colors are what we painted the room where the bookcases and the TV are, rainwashed for the walls and underseas for the trim.

After that, if I'm still going . . . a simple half round crown moulding for the library guest bath and our bathroom. Our bathroom color is upward with bright white trim. It's the next one up from the living room icicle color on the same card. Upward is what we painted the walls in our home office and the trim is bracing blue, three down from Upward on the same color card.

We have an open plan living room, dining room and kitchen. For those rooms, a fancier crown moulding.

And the last room in the house to be painted. Our bedroom. I would LOVE to do wide beadboard paintable paneling in there. I would love to do that on every wall and ceiling in the house . . . I'd need to learn how to nail or use a nail gun. And I'd have to go back to work for every room but I bet we could afford one room's worth. I would also LOVE to scrape off the icky pebbled ceilings. YUK! but Sweetie likes 'em . . . . or says he does. With every room and ceiling in a wide beadboard paneling the house would look and maybe feel like a seaside cottage. Light, open and airy.

I'm enjoying reading Atlas Shrugged. I'm about the middle of chapter 5. The "Official" read-along starts Monday. I have almost nine pages of notes, mostly favorite quotes and passages along with some thoughts and comments.

Maybe I'll get some knitting done this coming week. And maybe not. Hopefully, we can go target shooting Tuesday and I can knit to and from if we don't stay too late.

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also reading: Guilty: Liberal "Victims" and Their Assault on America by Ann Coulter
Shooters and Chasers by Lenny Kleinfeld, a Mark Bergman & John ‘DoonieDunegan mystery

Parting Shot: "The only justification of private property is public service." Orren Boyle to Jim Taggart ~ Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand