Thursday, November 20, 2008

Film at Eleven

When you have a largish project such has a largish cotton afghan that is currently 28"+ long and W-I-D-E and (yes, Roxie) heavy you need something more than a little basket purchased to hold a pair of socks or maybe a scarf in progress. So while I was out and about I found a LARGEish basket for totin' around a LARGish project. I see more afghans / blankets in my future when I someday finish this one. At this point, it's still small enough to haul around the house between the TV and the computer. But I can see the day when it will be a stationery TV project.

I STILL haven't cast on for my next sock project which will be Cookie A's Monkey socks. I haven't wound the yarn or even dug the yarn out of the stash. Once the yarn's out of the stash it's but a short step to being wound and you know that once it's wound . . . all hope is lost. I will have to cast on RIGHT NOW!

I am making fair progress on my STR sock. The leg is done (80 rounds) and I even threw in some last minute (started on round 52) calf decreases. And I've started the short row heel. Yes, ahem. Move along nothing to see here . . . . . yet.

I've fallen out of like with the name I gave it which was a take on the name of the yarn. So I'm waiting for further inspiration. As they're getting more face time I'm sure something will suggest itself.

Since I haven't taken a photo of the new LARGish basket or the progress on the STR sock here are some Action Shots of the BSJ! You can tell how excited he is by the whole thing.

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reading: The Fire Baby by Jim Kelly (a Philip Dryden mystery)

Parting Shot: "Are we at last brought to such humiliating and debasing degradation, that we cannot be trusted with arms for our defense?" ~ Patrick Henry

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Roxie said...

The BSJ is perfect! The buttons totally rock!