Monday, November 17, 2008

FO! Four of a Kind is a Full House

Now that I'm done with the Four of a Kind series I should be casting on the next sock. But I haven't. As I noted in my last post I want to work on some things that have sat for a good long while. But it feels like I don't have anything to knit on. A long term project like this (7½ months) that was constantly worked on then ending. I do have a sock to work on with the STR Romancing the Stone sock yarn.

Four of a Kind Series stats:
Yarn: Reynolds Sunday Best ~ 51% cotton, 49% viscose (Rayon) ~ 5 ply
colors: fuchsia & light pearl gray
Pattern: different for each sock

1st sock: the Odd sock
cuff ribbing: 1x1
leg & top of foot ribbing: p1, k3
stripe pattern: paired odd numbered random stripes
weight: 2.1 oz / 61 gr

2nd sock: the Progression sock
cuff ribbing: 1x1
leg & top of foot ribbing: k1, p2, k3, p2
stripe pattern: 1 fuchsia, 2 gray, 3 fuchsia, 4 gray, 5 fuchsia, 6 gray, 7 fuchsia, 1 gray, 2 fuchsia, 3 gray, 4 fuchsia, 5 gray, 6 fuchsia, 7 fuchsia …
weight: 2.2 oz / 65 gr

3rd sock: Narrow Striped sock
cuff ribbing: 2x2
leg & top of foot ribbing: k4, p1, k2, p1
stripe pattern: random 1 & 2 round stripes
weight: 2.2 oz / 63 gr

4th sock: Roll of Die sock
cuff rib: 2x2
leg & top of foot ribbing: p1, k4, p1, k3
stripe pattern: rolled virtual die 151 times for a total of 192 rounds/rows
weight: 2.2 oz / 62 gr

Total weight = 8.9 oz / 253 gr
Based on the cost of the yarn and the weight of all the socks the cost of these socks is $30.11.

As for the White Caps afghan I knew I'd changed the pattern and even how I'd changed the pattern but I can't find my original pattern and I forgot which row I'd made the changes on. So I had a 350 stitch row to tink. I knit the row in pattern instead of knitting it plain. The yarn just hangs there in it's loop so it was an easy tink.

The next Big Thing will be to figure out and finish the Nautical Striped Sweater. Not much but a lot. I need to fix the neck, pick up and knit the neck stitches, figure out and finish the sleeves, block the sleeves, seam it then wear it. I decided not to push for a Thanksgiving Day finish. If I'm done I'm done if not, there is always Christmas.

I'm still cleaning up from the Four of a Kind socks project. I make notes here, on my knitting spreadsheet, and on Raverly. I also print out all my notes and put them in a plastic sheet with a copy of the pattern, the note cards I kept where I kept track of the rounds/rows and changes, a sample of the yarns, the swatch (if there is one) and a couple of ball bands. A lot of duplication but hopefully one of these records will survive intact for a while. Then there's the actual putting away of the stuff — rewinding the leftover skeins, bagging and labeling them and putting them with the cotton sock yarn leftovers, filing the plastic sheet filled with all the goodies, gathering up and putting away all needles and any other special tools for this project. Since this was also a traveling project, my knitting bag is a lot more roomy. And not to forget taking the photos and finally putting all the socks away in the sock drawer.

When I clear away mentally and physically the last project and it's detritus I feel like I've cleared the decks for the next project, even if the next project is a old project.

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Yarn Barn in Kansas, eh?.....

Roxie said...

Wow! You are so thorough! I'm way impressed. Usually I finish a thing, maybe take a photo of it, stuff the leftover yarn into some basket or other and off to the next project. Notes and records and stuff like that - - WOW!