Friday, October 31, 2008

Boo Yaaaa!

Well, ya know, things just keep on moving. I've finished the leg and the heel on the fourth and final Four of a Kind sock. I stuck with my die rolls through the heel. The exception was the little triangular heel turn which is gray. I'm about 10 or so rows into the foot, still doing the gusset decreases. I'm a little sad but mostly relieved to be almost done with this project. At the end of a non-stop long project I think most of us would be tired of it. And I am. I'm a little tired of knitting with cotton and 2 mm dpns and I'm a bit weary of the colors. However, it hasn't stopped me from wearing any of the other three completed socks.
Here's photo of K's Hydrangea socks, complete. I've e-mailed my SIL that they are complete but I don't think she wants to deal with them for a while. No problem. I'll hold on to them until she's ready.

Here are the stats on K's socks as much as I know. I don't think I posted them.
yarn: Kick Picks Sock Garden ~ Hydrangea ~ used 1½ hanks
needles: hers: 2.75mm short dpns ~ mine: 3mm long dpns
pattern: Stephanie Pearl McPhee's sock recipe from her book Knitting Rules

Running errands today I got 3 or so rounds done on my Romancing the Socks sock. I decided to to some back of the calf decreases. Here is is (again!) so far. It's a whopping 4½" long now. I quite like the diagonal stripes. Once I get the final Four of a Kind sock done, this one's gonna fly.

We went target shooting the other day at the range in Topeka. Why wasn't it this much fun 20 years ago? It obviously wasn't otherwise we wouldn't have stopped. I bought a Marlin 22 LR over the weekend. I also got a 4 power scope for it. I've wanted a bolt-action 22 rifle with a magazine for a while now. I like the bolt action. It's fun working the bolt each time. I thought I would end up with a youth rifle because I wanted something small and light. I don't have much forearm strength and even with a youth rifle I would bench rest the barrel.

It's a lot of fun to shoot. It's been a long time since I shot a rifle and it took me awhile to find the place on the stock to rest my check and see through the scope. For the first several shots I was doing the turkey thing with my head (up & down and forward & backward) trying to see through the scope. After a while I found the spot and began to develop some muscle memory.

I got an inexpensive eye patch from the drug store and that seems to work pretty well. I also found that with the scope I do better if I take off my prescription glasses and wear shooting glasses. And that's such a charming look too; yellow lensed over-sized shooting glasses, a black eye patch, blue muffs over my ears, florescent orange strings coming from under the muffs around the back of my neck and tufts of hair sticking up, smashed down or bunched up from the elastic on the eye patch as it goes across my forehead and around the back of my head. Oh, well, At least I have nice tight groups at 50 yards.

When we shoot Sweetie and I share a lane. It's fun taking turns, shooting the same or different pistols. We usually each shoot 5-7 shots each time, sometimes more. Of course, we always try to outdo each other in accuracy.

To make it a little more competitive and fun we un-vented a little game. We have a several paper targets with a dark background that we ordered and we find we don't like very well. It's hard to see where you're aiming on a dark background. So we've taken to turning them over on the light background and drawing rows of 2" or 3" diameter circles. We each take a turn and shoot once at all the circles, with the pistol of choice, reloading, if necessary. We have the target anywhere from 5-15 yards away. You only score points for the round if your shot is in the circle and the other person's isn't. If both are in or out of the circle or on the edge no points for either. If one is on the border and the other in the circle, the one in the circle gets the point. We have several colors of markers to circle the holes each time so we know who shot where and we can use the same target longer. We both have a lot of fun with this.

I hope everyone has / had a
H A P P Y H A L L O W E E N ! !

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reading: Rumpole and the Reign of Terror by by John Mortimer (a Horace Rumpole mystery)
I'd heard of the Rumpole of the Bailey British TV show but had neither watched it nor read any of the novels. NOW I know where the phrase "She Who Must Be Obeyed" comes from.

Parting Shot: "Mei capilli sunt flagrantes" — Latin for "My hair is on fire."

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