Thursday, October 2, 2008

Another FO! in the Tank

Sometimes it takes a long time to get from here to there. Or so it seems. My Hunting Hat is done. Even the ends are woven in. It took an entire hank of fingering Koigu and a few yards from a new hank. I could have done without an entire pattern repeat, but whatever. That would have definitely put me right at or just under one hank.

I definitely have enough yarn to make me a pair of socks. When I bought the yarn about a year ago, it was with the intention of making my SIL a pair of socks but with only two hanks left that's not going to happen, unless I make the heels and toes a solid color, which could still work. But more likely are more socks for meeeeeee. Someday. I'm not quite oranged out yet, but I don't want to push it with another orange hat to make. It only took me two weeks and I didn't push it.

Since Sweetie doesn't like the variegated orange yarn that I'm knit my hat from that means that one of these days, I'll be stopping by the ol' LYS for some other orange yarn. I'm hoping I can find something other than acrylic. If I can't I may even resort to getting a hank of neutral Koigu and a couple of orange Kool-Aid packages. I've NEVER dyed yarn and this could be the time. We'll see.

I've finished the heel, picked up the gusset stitches and am heading south, er . . . towards the toe on the foot of the third sock in the Four of a Kind Socks series. I'll probably be starting the last two skeins of yarn somewhere on the foot on this sock. I need to start getting a bit serious about what the ribbing will be on the last sock. I know. I keep whining about it. Like the others, I'll probably come up with something two rounds from finishing the cuff.

And the "official" traveling sock, the Romancing the Sock socks knit with STR Romancing the Stone yarn is still in on track. It's just under 4" long now. It grows slowly as it only sees occasional action, a round or two at a time. Once the Four of a Kind socks are done, this one will see a lot more knitting time.

Now I'm between "official" projects until I start on Sweetie's hat. I could pick up any number of put to the side projects such as the White Caps afghan, which is mindless but attentive knitting. It's certainly cool enough now to have a large cotton project spread over my lap.

I could pick up and knit some one the Paws To Remember scarf. I haven't touched that in months. I could convert that to my "official" project but I couldn't knit on that and read blogs and forums. I'll have to see if the afghan is still small enough to fit on my lap at the computer. It may strictly be TV or couch knitting.

I could also do the Nautical Striped Sweater. I can almost wear it now. My next step on that I need to baste the first sleeve to the body, baste the sleeve shut and that side of the sweater to see if it fits. Not in the mood for fussy knitting.

I could also finish up K's sock but I'm not ready for that.

Until I decide (or not) I think I'll just knit on the third Four of a Kind sock.

We went sailing Tuesday. The weather was gorgeous. About 75°F / 23°C with winds 15-20 mph / 24-32 kph. Very few boats on the water. It was wonderful.

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Parting Shot: "When danger approaches, sing to it." ~ Arabian proverb

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