Thursday, July 31, 2008

More FOs!

The BIG news is that I finished first Child's First Sock in Shell Pattern sock last night (Wednesday). I did a star toe and instead of grafting the toe closed I decreased until I had only six stitches left on three needles then ran the yarn tail through those stitches twice and drew it up. I even wove in the ends. It fits well and I'm very happy with it. I'm glad I decided to rip all the way back and do a shorter cuff and a longer leg. I like the colors in this yarn but I like them even more in the shell pattern. In fact with the blue, green and yellow greens in this yarn it looks more like fish scales than shells. Most shells around here are from dark brown mussels and not very pretty. Looking at it now, I see a subtle blue and yellow green diagonal stripe swirling around the leg.

Late this afternoon I cast on for it's mate. No SSS (Second Sock Syndrome) for me . . . so far.

And I've also finally! sewn the little buttons onto the BSJ. Just in time, too, as I'm delivering it and the Blue Baby Blanket on Friday. Now I just have to swaddle them in tissue and a bow.

One of these days when I need a little mindless-but-not project, I'm going to do another one of these little sweaters in gender neutral colors, but on slightly larger needles. That way I'll have one waiting in the wings, so to speak.

I'm still making progress on the second sleeve on the Nautical Striped Sweater. I've come to a no-decision decision. I'm going to do the second sleeve all on the same needles and compare the two. Then I'll block both of them and decide what to do. I know the length will be OK, I'm just concerned about the width of the sleeve head.

Friday, I get to drive into Lenexa (about an hour away) and have lunch with my SIL and a few of her pals. One of our lunch buds will be the lovable (mostly) curmudgeon. She's the one I'm planning to make a scarf for from the skeins of lilac Punch from Alapca With a Twist yarn I have. I'm going to take along the yarn I intend to use and see if I can get any kind of reaction from her, good, bad or neutral. I have a bag from The Yarn Store and More (a LYS) that I'll put the unused skeins in and pretend that I got it that morning. I'll either be thrilled or disappointed and have to start over.

I'm also going to take the opportunity before and after lunch, if need be, and do some birthday shopping for my SIL. Her birthday is in a couple of weeks. I don't plan to take any show and tell WIP knitting as the FO! knitting I have will be enough. The WIP I have going I can show my SIL when I see her for her birthday.

We watched a GREAT movie this afternoon. It was They Came From Beyond Space. It was in color made in 1967. All the marvelous late 50's and early 60's ultra lounge music sprinkled throughout. And all that wonderful, what they're now calling mid-century, furnishings. There was even a Lava Lamp in one scene. It was great. They don't make 'em like that anymore.

blogging to: Mondo Exotica a compilation of great Tiki music

reading: Dead Run by P J Tracy (a Monkeewrench mystery)

Parting Shot:
"The steady buzzzzzzz of the Katydid chorus,
the bass solo of the croaking Frog,
the steady woof-woof-woof a barking Dog -
a summer night's serenade."
~ Michael P. Garofalo, Cuttings

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Roxie said...

Yayyy for finished objects! The sweater is so sweet, and the sock is beautiful! Good on you!

Hammer down on that nautical sweater. It will be cotton sweater weather before you know it!