Thursday, July 10, 2008

All That Spare Time

It's amazing how not having any "extra" knitting projects lets me work on the current WIPs. Duh!

I've been flailing away on Nancy's Bush's Child's First Sock in Shell Pattern from her book, Knitting Vintage Socks. If you remember, I had a 70 round leg done and I was ten rows into the heel flap when I frogged the whole thing. I wanted to make the leg wider so I could make it longer and show off more of it. I love how this pattern looks in the yarn I close, Silver Sage colorway in Schaeffer Anne. There's a bit of mohair in it so it's got a bit of that great mohair halo. This photo was taken before I frogged it. Isn't it pretty? With the color and the pattern is almost looks like fish scales.

Anyway, after I frogged the seven round leg back to the cuff I'm back on track. I've got 35 rounds done on the leg. Which equates to 4½". I've finally (maybe!!) accepted the fact that when I'm doing a lace project, even one as "simple" as this one I've got to count. Every single needle. Every single time. Maybe you don't. But I apparently have to do. Usually, I've noticed I forget to do the YO. Which is fixable on the next round, but a few times there have been other problems. (shrug).

So, I'm doing the counting thing, which has saved my derrière, numerous times on the Paws to Remember Scarf for my SIL. I've still had to frog a lot but I'd of frogged a lot more if I hadn't been counting. And speaking of that project, I've got to fix something on it again. If I can't figure it out, I'll frog (again!) back to the last lifeline. Thank goodness, this time it's only about 5 rows instead of the row before the next lifeline.

And finally, here is a photo of the blocked Blue Baby Blanket. It's now folded up in a plastic zip bag awaiting it's August delivery. It's so soft and delicate.

Paring down to a few projects and working on only one or two of those projects has made me see how I can have more than one WIP but maybe having NINE was a little much for me. So, a lace sock, a lace scarf/shawl, a sweater, a long term afghan type project, and a simple sock or two (if one is cotton) is about the right amount of WIPs for me. A little of everything and yet enough room to slip in an I want to knit something for someone project like a pair of socks for my SIL or husband, a baby blanket or a scarf for a friend.

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Georgi said...

Your Blue Baby Blanket is gorgoeus. What pattern did you use for this?