Friday, February 8, 2008

Film at Eleven

As you know, Sweetie's Black socks are done. I finally got a halfway decent shot of them and even it's not all that fantastic. Somehow these socks want to be photographed in the snow. All the shots of these socks are in snow so who am I to buck tradition. (Don't answer that!) So here they are. In the snow.

I've also completed the front of my Nautical Striped sweater. Now that the front and back are done I can block them. The directions say to pin the pieces to an ironing board to the measurements given and iron them, wrong side up. I hope they fit on the ironing board. If not, I'll securely pin a heavy towel to my blocking board, pin the pieces to the towel and iron it there.

Until I can get to that mess, I'll cast on for one of the sleeves.

And meanwhile the search for the next sweater project is over almost before it began. I'd written a paragraph here about the search and had stopped waiting for further inspiration. While I was not typing, I was idly leaving through my sweater books — not that many — and came across this in Cotton Knitting edited by Sally Harding. The name of the sweater is Regatta by Hicks & Hobro. Sorry about the blurry photo but you get the idea. Are you completely SHOCKED! that I went for another nautical-themed sweater??!!

I DO plan to make some changes. First off, it's going to be short-sleeved. And I'm going to do the stripes so that they wrap around to the back on that on side. I think that would look cooler than stopping and starting at the side seam. Because. It's all about. The cool.

And since this is for SUMMER! the pattern calls for a medium weight cotton which is fine. Maybe I'll use the Reynolds Saucy again but first I'll see what else is out there. This book was published in 1987 and does have some great '80's sweaters. The yarn, I'm sure is no more. In fact (peering at the pattern) it doesn't even specify a yarn, just says to use "a medium weight cotton yarn". Okay. Whatever gives me gauge would be good.
I'll probably change the colors around. I'll have to ponder on that — blue (maybe a crisp navy instead of slate) and white — red and white. Hmmm.

Oh, yes. So exciting.

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Charles said...

Just now read this post, more than a year late. Did you make the regatta sweater after all? I'm doing it at the moment, in blue (MC) and white (CC), and just finished the front. Tomorrow, I'll definitely reverse the pattern for the back so the stripes will stay on the same side as the front. I'm also thinking of making it as short sleeved, but not sure how to modify that portion of the pattern, can you help?

Warrior Knitter said...

Charles, sadly I haven't even finished the Nautical Striped Sweater. I'm still hung up on the sleeve problem.

And the Regatta Sweater is still in my to do list.

Good Luck