Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The Tide is High

Here's the first FO! of 2008. I finished the first of the two watch caps today. I hurried to do the last decrease rounds and didn't take time to weave in the ends (hence the little sticky-out piece on the photo below) before I rushed outside to take a couple of photos before the sun slid down any farther.

The hat's very heavy and soft and I'm pleased with it. It only took a couple of days. That's what's so great about watch caps. Only one to do except in this case. Maybe not very stylish but very warm and quick! I held this wonderful Blue Sky Alpaca alpaca silk doubled throughout. It's got a bit of a mohair halo about it and that's probably the alpaca. I don't think silk fuzzes this way. J

I've just cast on for the second hat. Sweetie mentioned that the cast on edge was a bit tight on the first hat so I went up two needle sizes. I cast on the garnet and slate gray hat with 5 mm needles. I went up to 6 mm on the oyster hat — that's the name of the tan-ish colorway.

I didn't have any 6 mm dpns but I had a big circ which is what I used. I'm not a fan of the magic loop but that's what I used to join in the round and then I knit it in pattern off the circ. The 4 mm needles feel TINY compared to the 6 mm ones I used. I guess now is not the time to want to knit on one of the socks with 2.5 mm needles!!

Hopefully, I'll have enough of the second hat tomorrow to post an in-progress photo. And before you even ask or speculate, I've not touched
other than to move it out of the way ANY of my other projects. I still don't know if this lots of projects thing is a good idea for me.

blogging to: Sin Palabras by Nestor Torres

reading: Stolen Honey by Nancy Means Wright

Parting Shot:
"I'm not the kind of girl who gives up just like that
Oh, no
The tide is high but I'm holding on
I'm gonna be your number one
Number one, number one . . ."
lyrics from The Tide Is High sung by Blondie

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Roxie said...

Love hat one and eagerly looking forward to hat two. Keep going at this rate and you'll soon be back to just one or two things on the needles.