Monday, January 14, 2008

Circling the Wagons

The Peachy Keen scarf is going very well. That's about 3½" wide there which is 2½ pattern repeats.

I'm almost done with two skeins, which have been wound together so it's functions as one 25 gr skein. A full skein is about 225 yards but as forgot to weigh this frogged skein before I started I have no idea how much I had to begin with. The third and fourth skeins haven't been wound together and I don't intend to wind them together. I'll use 'em as I got 'em. I'm AM a Warrior Knitter so I think I can handle it. I figure I knit on this until I run outta yarn as I only have four skeins.
The nups in this pattern are offset longways but line up width-wise which you can't really see in the photos. It gives it an interesting look. Seeing it off the needles, it may not look like it was knit sideways.

I got a new book in the mail today. Vogue Knitting's Stitchionary 3. It's the color one. I love stitch dictionaries. This one was on sale at Barnes and Noble for $14.97. I have another book coming and hopefully I'll get that one in the next day or so.

Here's a photo of the finished Leftovers watch cap and a photo of all three Blue Sky Alpaca alpaca silk watch caps. The Leftovers hat yarn was not held double like the other two. That's why it looks puny. We're going to try to get over to visit the two brothers this coming weekend and give them their hats. I don't have a preference as to whom gets which hat. If they can't make a decision, I'm bringing two paper sacks and they can choose the hats in the bag. Maybe I can get an action shot!

I hope the Eucalan I ordered from Patternworks gets here by the end of the week. I'm going to split one of the bottles between the two so they can properly wash their hats. If something happens then one of us has a Christmas Ornament.

Sweetie's Country sock and yarn are patiently waiting until I finish the Peachy Keen scarf. Maybe this week????

blogging to: Glen Miller and the Andrew Sisters: The Chesterfield Broadcasts

reading: Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix by J K Rowling

Parting Shot: "An existential map has 'you are here' written all over it." ~ unknown

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Roxie said...

Love the parting shot! Wonderful hats and the Peachy Keen scarf is awesome! Good work!