Sunday, January 6, 2008

Hats Off to Libby's*

I finished the second Blue Sky Alpaca alpaca silk hat today. Now I have two non-matching matching hats. Not only did I vary the colorways on the stripe and the stripe itself but I did the decreases at the top differently. Such a risk-taker! I guess the only things they DO have in common are the fiber and the pattern! It's a shorter list.

I feel I have at least one more hat in me as I mentioned in my last post. However, instead of using the cashmere I think I'm going to use these Blue Sky Alapca alpaca silk leftovers. I have about ¾ of a hank left. I'll cast on here in the next day or so and I'll see where that takes me. I won't be holding the yarn double on this hat. At least all three colors will work together.

Today I had a Eureka! moment with the Peachy Keen scarf. I keep coming back to the same yarn and the same pattern because I feel they're a good fit. The yarn wants to be this pattern and this pattern has agreed to be knit in this yarn. The problem, as usual, has been the interface. Ah . . . that would be me.

But today I was shelving a book, Sanna and the Dragons by Roxanna Matthews a great book by the way and I reflected on some of the things in the book and Eureka! Sideways! I'll knit the scarf sideways! Those who've read the book will know EXACTLY where I'm coming from there.

Back when I first started keeping track of my knitting prowess and production, I kept track of almost everything. I even noted how many rows it took to knit a couple of my early scarves. One was 230 rows and another was 245 rows. I cast on 301 stitches. To you lace shawl and afghan makers out there that's nothin'. To me, it was 301 stitches! I've got place makers every 25 stitches to help me stay on track. The good thing is I'm only going to knit 24 rows, three pattern repeats. I'm about halfway through the second pattern row. I'll keep you posted.

*That's Billy the Kid spelled sideways. How many remember this ancient commercial?

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