Friday, November 23, 2007

Clearing the Decks

Thanksgiving Day I finished my last FO of 2007. Maybe. All the other projects currently on the needles are socks:

Burr Oak Socks ~ for Sweetie
Child's First Sock in Shell Pattern ~ for me
Jayhawk Socks ~ for SIL
Simple Socks ~ for me

That order is kind of how I want to knit them unless I'm craving a particular kind of sock action. Except for the Simple Socks they're all pretty much in the just-cast-on phase in the life of a sock. On the Simple Socks I'm closing in on the heel and it'll be a simple heel flap heel.

I wore the Gray Cabled sweater to Thanksgiving Dinner at SIL's house. Everyone exclaimed over it and loved it and I felt quite proud all around. I wore my Mermaid socks. SIL put on her Waving Lace socks and wore them. And my CIL wore her Tiger Blue socks for the first time. I was a hand-knit holiday. It was kind of neat having so many of my hand knits in one place worn by 3 people all at the same time.

While I was there I showed off the Heavenly sweater. Everyone liked how soft it was. It was also noted that it was fluffy and WoW! Sparkley!
The frosty pink baby stuff was a hit, too. The hat and booties were taken out and cooed over. I think it was the little bows. Even I have to admit that they really add a finished touch to the knitting. I cast on for the booties the night before Thanksgiving and finished one completely. I cast on for it's mate Thanksgiving morning and finished it up on the way. The FO photo above was taken blocks from SIL's house. I just laid them on my be-jeaned leg, clicked on the Macro feature of my fancy-pants camera and Fannie's your aunt and Bob's your uncle.

I spent several hours today organizing the FO's of the past few days; taking final photos, putting the finishing touches on the project notes, printing those out and filing them away along with a ball band, a sample of the yarn and a copy of the pattern. Rewinding, weighing, photographing and cataloging the leftover yarn, in my spreadsheet and on Raverly.

Sweetie had a service call this morning so I geared up, loaded up my pattern book and notes and went to the yarn shop. That's what all this clearing up was about.

And yes, I'm going to leave you hanging . . . . .

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Roxie said...

Awesome gray sweater! Excellent job! And the booties are just soooo sweet!