Friday, June 22, 2007

Not My Favorite Socks and A New Beginning

The Drop Stitch socks are done. They are not my favorite socks. I think it's because they look so . . . weird. Now, normally I like weird things, sock included. But these? I don't know. I like the colors but the big, fat Drop Stitch stockinette on the leg and then slim, trim stockinette on the foot, is just too weird — even for me. I'll wear them. I get a kick out of the poonchy out drop stitch part on the leg and the way the color flashes on the foot.

Any by the way, don't adjust your monitor when you look at the photos. The socks look like they were knit from two different skeins, two different dye lots. They were not. The one on the left looks bright and the other looks, faded. This skein had at least had three breaks in it that were knotted together when I tried to knit with it the first time. That's why I stopped and frogged the sock. It was for someone else. I couldn't give a sock like that to someone. I could, however, knit it for myself. I've not had this problem with any of the other Socketta yarn I've knit with.

Almost forgot. I ran out of yarn when I was almost done with the toe decreases. I used about 2 yards from the new skein. Evidently, when I frogged the original socks, I lost 5-6 grams somewhere. If I had that I wouldn't have needed more yarn.

Here are the stats:
Yarn: Socketta and the color number is 15
Pattern: my own ~ inspired by the Garter Drop Stitch, the April 11 stitch, from 365 Knitting Stitches a Year calendar with a short row stockinette heel
These are socks 45 & 46
They weigh 3.2 oz or 92 grams
Based on weight they cost $9.66

I got really bored with them about 1/3 of the way through the foot on the second sock. Anyway, they are done, I can wear them and I am ready to MOVE ON.

. . . . . . . . .

At this point I have no socks on needles. But I have a plan. I think the pattern is going to be a winner but I'm not sold on the colors, yet. My brain want
s to knit a cotton sock so I have another all cotton sock to wear this summer. The great thing about cotton is that I can also wear it this winter. I can't do that with my wonderful wool socks. My soul wants to knit a wool sock. Here's why. It's Claudia Hand Painted yarn and my LYS has started to carry it. This colorway is Lemon Ice. It looks so cool. So yummy. And it's 100% merino wool. Yeah, I'm cryin' in my Bicardi Limon and Pepsi.

**** /# **** !!!!!
^ idea ^

Maybe, it can be my INDOOR in the AIR CONDITIONING sock. Whoa!!! I love thinking out loud!! OK, I'm sold. Now I get to hunt for the perfect pattern for this great yarn!! Whoo! HOOOO!

OK, back to real life. I will also cast on some Fortissima Cotton and make a stripy sock with some light powder blue and some high contrast red. I don't have any navy blue otherwise I could make an Independence Day sock. I'm knitting a simple rib from Nancy Bush's Knitting Vintage Socks book. It's the Madder Ribbed Sock on page 24. All knits and purls. No YO or 2togs or any of that racy stuff. For me, when I'm knitting with no-give cotton I want to stay simple. Plus, I'll be doing some kind of two color stripe. I don't know yet how I want to do that part. I'll cast on with 2.75mm needles then change to 2mm neeldes to knit the sock. I'll probably go back to a heel flap as I want this to be a simple easy knit.

Anyway, al
ong with two hanks of the Lemon Ice I was also attracted to this colorway. This is more Socketta but I love the purple and grays. So cool looking. As I just finished with this same yarn in another color I won't be starting on this one anytime soon. But I have it in my stash. Also, I don't know how Socketta with it's 45% cotton, 40% wool and 15% nylon will work in hot summer heat and our humidty. I'll see how the Drop Stitch socks work before I go all wild this this yarn for summer socks.

My last great find of the day was this wonderful book. I've been eyeing it for
some time and I guess today was the day.

blogging to: classical music on the radio

reading: Death of a Maid by M C Beaton

Parting Shot: "Do not be afraid of growing slowing, be afraid of only standing still." ~ Chinese Proverb
taken from Good Advice, compiled by William Safire & Leonard Safir, page 143


POPT said...

What was the pattern you used for the Drop Stitch Socks? It is difficult to tell from the photos. Are those horizontal ladders? Interesting.

Roxie said...

The drop-stitch socks look great. Lots of fun and best of all, finished!

The lemon ice wool - - oooh yummy!