Friday, June 15, 2007


I know the neighbors must think I have totally gone around the bend. Every time they get their hopes up that maybe it's OK now to go outside unarmed with the hose or maybe a rake with a ten foot handle there I go again with the camera and the sock or yarn or socks or what have you. At least I stick to my own yarn and my own stuff. I haven't taken to draping socks or yarn on the neighbors stuff, yet. Luckily, I have many colors and textures to choose from in my own yard.

I finally Finally FINALLY got the Mermaid socks DONE! Never has a project plagued me so much. Of course, I was learning several new techniques with these socks so I guess a bit . . . a lot of waling and gnashing of teeth was to be expected. Heh. And these are just . . . socks.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Mermaid socks. I am enchanted with them. Well, I'm enchanted (mostly) with every FO! but these are really cool. They look different than any other sock I've ever done. The cuff, the heel and the toe. All different. I've bored you enough already going on and on and on about various things on these socks in previous posts. Last (well, maybe not the last) thought on these socks??? Totally worth all the hassle. I would and will make them again. Just not right away. They are awesome.

Here are some stats:
The first sock took me eight months. The second sock took eight days. Interesting.
One weighs 54 gr. and the other weighs 56 gr. Strange.
Based on weight and the cost of the yarn, they cost $24.48 in yarn.
I used Koigu. The color # is P308.

I ran out of yarn very close to the end of the toe so I bought a third hank. As I couldn't match dye lots over a year later, I used the third hank to make the cuff and short row heel on the second sock. I have 36 gr of the third hank left and only 3 gr of the second hank left.

I don't know that I will make a sock yarn blanket, but I will eventually get some Koigu in solid colors that will work with my leftover sock yarn and make some stripy socks with it.

Now I'll get cracking on my second Drop Stitch sock. It will go super quick because it's straight knitting until I get to the short row heel. Still, it'll go quickly.

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POPT said...

Eight months on a sock? Now I don't feel so bad! They are beautiful no matter how long it took you to make them!

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