Saturday, April 7, 2007

Blue Tigers and Pelicans

Yes, the Tiger Blue socks are done. These are the longest and largest socks I have EVER knit. They are a bit longer than Sweetie's and I know that SIL's socks are a little shorter than Sweetie's socks.

All these people wear about a 9-9½ shoe. I wear a 5½. I am also short — just over 5' tall. So I have short legs and short feet and I knit small socks for me. For the Others, I knit long socks because they have long legs and long feet. Pygmy marries into the Amazon family. My whole family is on the short side with me being the shortest. And Sweetie is the tallest in his family at 6'. Go figure.

ANYWAY . . . .

The photo was taken on Spray's anchor locker. That blue line (there are no ropes on a boat) is one of our dock lines. It was 34°F. when I took the picture. Brrrrr. I'll give the socks to CIL Sunday at Easter Dinner at SIL's house. She has no idea that they are finished. I like to surprise people like this.

Now I can
— maybe even this evening get back to my much neglected Koigu Mermaid socks. Here is a link to the last photo of it, which is actually a scan. It was pre-camera. I'll take a photo of the current state of the Mermaid for the next post.

Since the Mermaid is a complicated sock, YO's and k2tog's and it made me crazy when I worked on it before I'm going to want some simple knitting to turn to. When we were in Atlanta this past December I picked up some dark gray cashmere sock yarn with the intention of knitting a pair of socks for Sweetie. I think I'll find a simple rib and have that as my calm and relaxing and BORING knit. Because although this yarn is very soft, Sweetie wants a very conservative sock. Let's see what I come up with.

I've been taking a lot of cool photos. I'll post them in the coming days so I don't gum up the works of the dial-up folks too much.

This pelican was just paddling along not too far from the shore as we turned the corner to look at the lake before we left.

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Roxie said...

The shot of the pelican is like a vacation at the beach! Wonderful!! And hooray for the socks. Warrior knitter (her purlage can save the world!)

Sheila said...

I like the blue Panda cotton sock. It's funny, I live in the desert Southwest and yesterday there were 3 white pelicans swimming in the pond at the golf course. It was fun to see them but surreal because there is no ocean nearby!