Saturday, April 14, 2007

And the Winner Is . . . .

Sometimes having too many choices IS almost too much. That's the trouble I had today trying to choose a stitch pattern for my cashmere hat. I decided NOT to go to my LYS and get a set of 3.5mm dpns. I will in the future as I really DO want to make Grumpernia's Odessa sometime.

So, although I'm not making a sock I started by hauling out my favorite sock books and and two stitch dictionaries looking at suitable ribbing for my hat. By the time I'd gone though all I wanted to go through, I had 15 possible patterns in three books marked with those narrow sticky page flags. Some, upon a second look were great patterns and I liked them but for one reason or another they were discarded. I narrowed it down to two and then one.

The Mock-Cable rib on March 11 from the 365 Knitting Stitches a Year calendar looks like it's going to be the one. It's a rib which will help keep the hat on and in place and ribbing draws the knit fabric together and makes it warmer. Every row is different so I won't be bored like I was the first time I knit this hat in a k3, p3 pattern

It has no easy-peasy all knit or all purl rounds but I'll just take my time with this hat as by the time we get Spray in the water this year I doubt I'll need it much until fall anyway.

Now with the math (groan). The pattern is a multiple of 7 stitches + 2. For the all the hats I've ever made I've cast on 96 stitches and it's magically worked out. For this one, I think I'll make it a bit narrower by casting on 84 + 2.
Instead of swatching, I'll just cast on later this evening and see what happens. Yes, this is the blog of an adventurous knit-a-watch-cap-by-the-seat-of-my-pants knitter.

As the sun came out today I was able to take a couple of good photos of the recently completed Charcoal Cashmere Watch Cap for Sweetie.

We are in the process this weekend of turning night into day. Starting Sunday night Sweetie will be on nights from 7:30pm to 5:30am for two weeks. During that two weeks, Sweetie's company is flying in another tech to cover the day shift which runs from 7:30am to 5:30pm. During this peak time, this big contract company has a 15 minute response time which is why someone has to be on-site during that time. During this time, if there is a service call during the day Sweetie has to run it ~ during the time he's supposed to be sleeping. Luckily for the weekend, Sweetie's company is flying someone for his shifts in so he can catch up and rest.

Friday night we stayed up very late, 2am for me and around 3am for Sweetie, and we both had long naps today. We're going to stay up as late as possible again this evening so long naps again Sunday. I know I don't have to switch and I'm not entirely, but I want to be awake and alert when he gets home in morning and then when we gets up in the late afternoon to get ready to go to work.

This is going to a stressful two weeks. Luckily, it's only two weeks and then it'll be over and life will go on normally . . . whatever that is. Meanwhile, we'll keep our mind's eye focused on the end of the two weeks when we can finish the few things on Spray that are temperature and weather sensitive (such as bottom paint and polishing) and then launch her.

I'll be doing a lot of quiet during the day knitting and blog surfing and gardening as it's supposed to be warmer and drier in the coming weeks. I'm going to tend to stay home during the day to catch any phone calls and door bell rings. I'm also going to answer Sweetie's pager cell phone so I'll only have to wake him up if it IS a service call and not someone just calling for information about something. As he'll leave the house a little after 6pm there will be plenty of time in the early evening to do any errands that need doing.

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Roxie said...

You write the lovliest posts! What a wordsmith you are.

Good luck with the hat. Remember, a little loose will be warmer than a little snug. You need to find what works best for you.

Sleepytime tea and a warm bath helps the weary body fall promptly to sleep. If the mind won't shut off, try visualizing knitting something sky blue.