Friday, March 23, 2007

Obladi Oblada

Life goes on Bra. La La I have got an F O!!!

Nah Nah Nah Boo Boo

At loooong last.
The Redux in Blue socks are done.



They are done, I tell you. Done.

The medium sized socks posed prettily in various artistic places outside today on the small sock blockers but who cares. They're done. I'm going to wash them (by hand) and let them dry au natural and send them off Monday. Hopefully to be never heard from ever never ever again.

I don't really hate them. I'm just sooo tired of the whole knitting a sock for someone else process. Especially one I didn't sign up for. SIL volunteered me to knit her principal a pair of socks. With all the trouble these have been, back and forth with socks in the mail, she'll never do that again! I hope.

I am quite pleased with them. To recap: The pattern is Classy Slip up in the Knit Socks sock shaped book. The yarn is Socketta from the Plymouth Italian Collection. The colorway is #366 (that's what it looks like on the ball band). I used my standard Eye of Partridge Heel flap and I used the toe from Grumpernia's Jaywalker socks.

I've started back on CIL's Tiger Blue socks. I put the unfinished sock back on the needles and cast on for the other sock. And I've got a whopping 1½ rounds on the cuff complete. I'm using the unfinished sock to measure against as I knit the other sock. This pair is knit with the very nice and very soft but splitty Crystal Palace Panda Cotton. It'll be fine. The cable cast on (my cast on of choice) and the first round were fiddley because of the splitty nature of the yarn but I'm so past that (by a half a round) so I'm good.

I'm slowly getting the hang of using some of the fancy settings on my camera. Here's a photo of a Pussy Willow Catkin taken with the P setting which is portrait. The background is out of focus but the catkin IS in focus. This isn't an every picture thing yet, but I'm getting there. And I probably would have gotten more pictures in focus if I had set the camera on the tripod but I was lazy and the ground was wet and I was already haulin' around my socks. And yes that IS our new garage door.

The neighbors and passers-by who have seen me setting up photo shoots in the yard with yarn and WIP and now an FO must think I'm a half bubble off plumb.*

blogging to: classical music on the radio

reading: Death du Jour by Lou Jane Temple

* Parting Shot: "I am not half a bubble off plumb. I am oriented to a different gravitational axis."
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Roxie said...

I stand before you with sword thrust into the ground and hands clasped over my head. I know how to enter Amazon territory.

When in distress, I often channel my inner Xena. Way cool to meet another fan. And thanks for visiting my blog and commenting!

Janet said...

Congratulations on finishing the socks. I have a neverending blue sweater that I'm getting tired of looking at and it's for me!

It looks like you are getting the hang of that camera. I'm looking forward to more photos.