Thursday, June 29, 2006

W T F???!!!

— to my Socks That Rock sock in the Seal Rock colorway that was giving me such fits a short time ago. It's in what I call the Pez dispenser mode. I just turned the heel & have picked up the gusset stitches. The colors are pooling admirably, like I wanted. I like the run of purple that spirals around the leg. I only have a scanner so it's difficult to show but I think you can get the idea from these 2 scans.

This yarn knits up very nicely. The "pattern" is k3, p1, k1, p1 rib. The yarn is soft & these are going to make great lookin' socks!

The other day I was wearing a color combo that I do in the summer but not usually any other time of the year as I fade way in these colors — yellow top & tan shorts. I knew that I had this same colorway of Koigu that someone gave me & thought I would knit it up to wear this summer & I was kind of excited that I would have another this neat sock & it hit me — Koigu is wool. This is summer in the midwest. Not a good match. I guess I need to figure out another cotton sock colorway after the Seal Rock socks are done.

As we've had little rain, I'm watering all trees & bushes. There will be a green grass ring around all the stuff I've watered.

Sweetie has been home this afternoon networking his job hunt & re-working resumes. So our fingers are crossed — BIG TIME!

His company just took on a bunch of Point of Sale machines from another company that are all over the country that they all found out about at a conference call at 7am this morning. Starting tomorrow [well midnight tonight] he will be on call 24/7/365. He has no documentation on how to fix this stuff or troubleshoot it. From what one of the other techs said who has already had a call this afternoon, you have to be there when they want you. In other words, the other tech was told to be there between 2:45 & 3pm & was given 30 minutes to fix something he'd never seen before. He was expected to have parts on hand. He was also to represent himself as being from this other company. That was the deal his company's Manglement made to get this contract. Be there when the end user wants & fix it within the end users time limit. Needless to say, it didn't get fixed, he had no parts & he told them he wasn't from the other company.

Sweetie's territory for this new stuff will be 300+ or so miles with a 4 hour response time. Interesting, that he is also supposed to keep up on his other stuff which has a 2 hour response time. So drop what he's doing for the $50-75K per year customer & dash 300 miles to fix a cash register at Long John Silvers that's bringing in say $25 per year. WTF? It's also going to be interesting when a call comes in & it's a 3 hour drive & they want him there in 20 minutes. Manglement is so screwed up.
Good thing is that as long as I'm now workin' he gets one of these wacky calls, I get to go, too.

Oh, & it's supposed to be very HOT but WINDY this weekend! YEA!!

reading: For The Love Of Knitting edited by Kari Cornell &
The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown &Long Time gone by (no not the Dixie Chicks) J A Jance &
Cheaper Than Therapy edited by Annie Modesitt

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Monday, June 26, 2006


Sweetie was informed Friday that his company lost the contract for 4 out of 5 of the large check processing sorters that he maintains. It seems the company that owns the 4 sorters owns lots of sorters in other places around the country & his company lost the contract for all of the sorters. There are other less desirable pieces of equipment (proof machines at the bottom of the page) that his company also maintains that he works on. The proof machines are a pain in the derriere to maintain as they are more cheaply made. The good bit of news is that on the proof machines, their contract will only run from 8am to 8pm Monday thru Friday instead of until midnight.

So I will be stepping up the job hunt. Nothing in the weekend papers. I'm going to put my app in at a couple of temp places in town for office work this week. And Sweetie's lookin' too. He's going to put an app with the company that got the contract as he's in place & knows the equipment. The local folks that run the 2 data centers are pissed that they'll be losing him.

We went out to Spray this evening. It was so cool today, only around 80° with a nice breeze all day. No air conditioner all last night, today & it's still off. The breeze died off, but we went out & just sat in the cockpit & enjoyed the evening & the sunset.

I worked a little (about 2 rounds) on the Linen Isle sock. I broke the very tip off one of my 2mm rosewoods. Sweetie says he can clean the end up with the dremel so it will still be usable. It would only be ¼-½" shorter. I'm still cogitating on my STR seal rock sock & what to do.

Went to the library this morning & got Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code. I started it this afternoon. Since I don't always want to read exciting literature, I've also started a calmer mystery to read at night, Thy Brother Death by E X Ferrars. And to carry around in the knitting bag, I'm totin' Cheaper Than Therapy edited by Annie Modesitt. Got a lot of other good books, too which you'll see listed in the coming weeks.

reading: For The Love Of Knitting edited by Kari Cornell &
The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown &
Thy Brother Death by E X Ferrars &
Cheaper Than Therapy edited by Annie Modesitt

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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Blog, knit, blogsurf or read forums

Sometimes I don't know what to do. If I write in my blog I can't knit. But if I blogsurf or read forums such as Knitter's Review I can, well, knit mostly while pages load & while I reading. I haven't figured out a way, [yet] to blog & knit. I can type one-handed, but it would be difficult [notice I didn't say impossible] to knit that way.

As we've spent most of today at the lake sailing, I'm tired & a little sore in the shoulders so don't feel much like knitting. The sailing was wonderful, if a bit overpowering. Yes, we had too much sail up, most of the time. said winds 10-20 mph but it was closer to 15-25 once we got out there. Did we let that influence our headsail choice? NOOOOOO! The wind was from the north which was odd for June, but welcome. The wind was coming right out of the mouth of the marina, which made it fun clawing your way back upwind to go back home.

We sailed for several hours then dropped the headsail & sailed under main alone which was less work & we could sail closer to the wind. We had dinner at the marina & met some folks that we used to know back when we had our 1st boat. They have a boat at the marina but they haven't sailed it in 2 years! We chatted as we ate & then their son called & they were going to pick him up & go home. We asked if they wanted to go out for an evening sail. We had a great time.

We all used to race our sailboats & we had a great time telling sailing, racing & marina stories. They reminded me that I'd sold them their boat back in 1989 & taught them how to sail it. I don't remember teaching them but they do. They even remember what I told them. WoW! That's scary! I taught a lot of folks how to sail back then.

I realize that it's been 13 years since we had a boat out there & everyone (including Deck Muffin & me) is older & fatter. But it's amazing when you don't see someone for that long & much & sometimes how little they change.

No knitting has taken place today & not much yesterday. Maybe tomorrow.

On my last library book so I get to go to the library tomorrow. I LOVE not working.

reading: For The Love Of Knitting edited by Kari Cornell &
Entombed by Linda Fairstein

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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Socks are not Rockin' . . .

There I was sailing along with my JayWalker sock. Knitting & slip, slip, knit, slipping the slipped stitches over the knitted one & having a fine ol' time. I'd been playing chicken with the white & red Fortissima yarn but it came out OK when I was rescued by the Claudia hand painted.

But now, I am on the rocks again. I've cast on 3 times now with the 1st of my Socks That rock yarn in the Seal Rock coloway. The colors OK, (a LOT of a bright yellow with a green tinge that didn't show up much in the pic on the website & all twisted up in a hank. But when I put it on the swift to wind, a LOT of yellow. Now, yellow's OK. I like yellow — when I want yellow. But I didn't particularly get this hank because it had a lot a yellow. I got it for the blues & purples & greens. The cooler colors. The yellow is in the cool side of the color wheel on this one, but there's so much. It was used as a color separator. It's shorter than the other colors, but it's there at least 3 times.

I was trying to find a way to pool the colors deliberately, because the yellow kept poppin' up in the middle of the purple or green & I wasn't happy with the k5, p1 spiral. hmmmm. That's not working. I've been thru all my sock books & downloaded sock patterns & nothing inspires me.

So I put it aside this morning & cast on with the Linen Isle yarn. It's thicker than it looks & I only have 86 yards so I've kept it on the 2.75mm needles. Hmmmm. I could go back & get more. Or I could just knit a sock with a shorter leg for summer. So, I'm knitting a k3, p2 with that for now & we'll see where all this goes.

I may cast back on with the Seal Rock later & just do a simple some-kind-of-rib. I don't know if I want to knit Cool or not since I just finished Fantastic!!

reading: For The Love Of Knitting edited by Kari Cornell &
Entombed by Linda Fairstein

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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Finished JayWalker & S E X

Now before you get all hot & bothered S E X is a Stash Enrichment eXpedition. Yes. Uh huh. It has been documented. So yes, I got a whack of yarn today. (channeled The Yarn Harlot there for a moment!)

All I have left to do is Kitchener stitch the toe & weave in the ends & I will be walkin' the JayWalker walk & talkin' the JayWalker talk. This yarn is amazing. The feel. The colorway. The pattern is amazing. The neat-o way it zig-zags up & down, round & round. There is enough straight knitting to make the hand painted yarn look good & show off the wonderful colors. The pattern is so simple & easy to knit, yet interesting enough to not be boring needle after needle, round & round after round. And we have ALL been there! The pattern makes you look like your an amazing sock knitter, which I'm sure you are anyway. After I totally finish them, I'll scan them both into the same pic & e-mail the pic to Grumpernia. She has a page with pics of the JayWalkers folks have knit.

OK. OK. The
S E X part.

  • The very dark hank is Cherry Tree Hill yarn in the Northern Lights colorway. The ball band says that it's a sportweight superwash merino ~ 4 oz ~ 275 yards. I got 2 hanks. These will probably be socks for Sweetie as he doesn't want bright colors. So I will go BLIND knitting dark socks but the yarn is very soft. Ya know, the things you do for love! It almost looks Christmassy with the cranberry & green strands in there. It has black, dark purple, forrest green & cranberry in it.
  • The lovely bright colored hank is Celestial Merino Dream. Never heard of it. The tag says that was dyed in Nova Scotia for Lucy Neatby. The colorway is Fiesta. It's 100% wool & the hank is 100gr, 280m or 310 yds. I only got 1 hank as it was $22.50. Should be enough for a pair of socks for me. The tag also says, "Make your yarn happy — Knit It Now!"
  • The little one next in the next pic is Linen Isle from Plymouth Yarn. It's 50% cotton, 30% rayon & 20% linen. It's 50 gr & only 86 yards. It was cheap, only $5 per skein. It's not as rough feeling as some linen blends. It's also supposed to be washable. Hmmmm. Should be interesting.
  • The white green & blue with white dashes is Sockotta from Plymouth Italian Collection. It's 45% cotton, 40% supewash wool & 15% nylon. Each skein is 100gr ~ 414 yards. SIL bought 2 skeins for me to make her a pair of socks. It also says it's machine washable.
  • The bottom one is Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock. The colorway is Fresh Stripe. It's 80% superwash wool & 20% nylon. There are 215 yards in each hank. I got 2 hanks. A pair of socks for me. With only 2 colors, this might be a good one for a lace.
And I found beaded 2 stitch markers which I will probably lose in the next week or so.

As my Jaywalkers are all but done (6 days!), what to knit next. The what yarn question just got more complicated. I'm still drawn to maybe the gray & pink Koigu I picked up a while back when I got the wool winder or maybe one of the Socks That Rock yarn. I do want to see how far they'll go. I've heard varying reports that 1 hank will make a pair & that 1 hank will only make a pair of anklets! And after that — what pattern? Oh, I did pick up 2 more sock patterns. I'll post just the pics next time along with pics of the stitch markers. So, I will think on that while I Kitchener the toe & weave in the ends.

As for sailing, we went out Tuesday evening. It was very windy. Had a full main & working jib up. It was just right. Not too many folks on the lake. When we were coming in it was dark but we had running lights on along with a red light that shone out of our front hatch onto the headsail so we were VERY visible. Deck Muffin had dropped the jib & was unhanking it. I was sailing back & forth in front of the marina opening under the main only when I looked over & not 20' from us was another sailboat with very dim (read almost non-existent) running lights. We could only see the ghostly outline of the hull & the white sails flapping.

Neither of us had any clue he was there. He was under motor power & was headed into the wind out of the marina trying to put the sails up or down. Both sails were shaking madly, but I was busy & once I was sure we weren't going to collide, I lost track of him. His battery must have been very low. Anyway, at that point, I put the motor down & started it in case I had to make a sudden manoeuver to avoid him. As we were under sail, we had right away. It could be that he assumed our motor was on too, since he may have seen our headsail come down. Most folks have the motor on at that point, but we're not most folks.

It was kind of scary, since with basically no running lights we had no idea where he was. We were afraid of running into him as it was plain he wasn't watching for us. Made for an exciting end to our relaxing sail. As we were motoring in, we caught sight of a very dim bulb (pun intended) about 25 yards in front of us. Must have been him heading for his slip.

reading: For The Love Of Knitting edited by Kari Cornell &
Sleep of the Unjust by E X Ferrars

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Sunday, June 18, 2006

New Woollies

No wind but lots of knitting. It stormed yesterday so there is little or no wind to speak of today. We checked Spray out this morning for leaks & still only 1. More calk. We scrubbed the top & she looks great! We also put the new woollies up this morning. For non-sailors, woollies or tell tales are either hi-tech things on the wires that hold the mast up on either side to help you determine the wind direction. Or the lo-tech solution is cassette tape or about a 6" length of . . . WOOL!!! (Hence the name . . . woollies). Last year I used a length of Ann Schaeffer wool in the Spring colorway from my SIL spiral tube socks. This year it's Claudia hand painted wool in the twilight colorway from my Jaywalker socks. Yeah, real wool only lasts a season but there's lots more where that came from!

We went to our local Home Depot to see if we could find a paint or something that would turn our new blinding white drop boards less white. We found a spray paint made by Rustoleum that you can spray directly on plastic. They even had a cream color. So we are testing it on a piece of the drop boards we had to take off so they would fit. Even if it's not exactly the same color, at least it won't be blinding white. They also have a plastic primer you can put on & then use any of the Rustoleum products, like the textured stuff.

Our St John's wort bushes in front are dying of something. They are almost dead. we lost one last year & now the other 2 are going. I'm going to dig them out this week, along with the somewhat dead miniature lilac by the front door. Should be a really fun job. I'll dig a while every morning while it's still cool. Hopefully, they'll all be out by weeks end. The joys of DIY home ownership. The nursery where we get most of our stuff was out of St John's wort. I'll see if any of the others still have it. Otherwise, maybe boxwood??

I'm on round 25 of the leg on the 2nd Jaywalkers sock. There are 59 rounds in the leg so almost halfway done. This knits up so quickly. Haven't decided on the next sock yet. I'll be going to lunch with SIL this week & visit the LYS with my gift cert. Maybe I'll pick up something there or maybe I'll do up the pink & gray colorway Koigu I got a month or so ago — when I got the ball winder. Or I could start one of SIL's Socks that Rock socks in something — to see if I can get 2 socks out of 1 hank for her. Something simple like, k4, p1 or k6, p2. Something with lots of knitting. I could do one of the Socks that Rock for me in JayWalker to see how much yarn it uses. I could do another spiral tube sock. Hmmm. Lots to consider.

reading: For The Love Of Knitting edited by Kari Cornell &
Cold Burn by Kit Ehrman

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Thursday, June 15, 2006

It's the yarn or maybe the pattern or maybe the color or maybe . . .

Well, the white sock with red flecks is no more. I was on round 63 or so (yeah, round 63!!) & it was just not working for me. It looked OK. Well, sometimes you don't want to knit OK. You want to knit Clever! Or WoW! Or How Cool Is That?! And after 3 or more tries, I am tired of the white & red combo. While I was knitting on the last 20 or so rows of this doomed sock — maybe that's why I never named it — I was thinking about the next cotton sock.

I am so pleased with my MayDay socks — how the colors look & how the whole thing fell together. I want another MayDay sock success story. I'm thinking about shadow knitting. Nothing like out of the frying pan & into the fire!! It'll still be a cotton sock. But what colors?? white, red, yellow, light blue, dark green & mint green are the colors I have available from my Fortissima stash. I'll have to read up on it.

I need something to get me sane after frogging & untangling & *winding & untangling* (repeat between * * until yarn is wound & safely in zip lock bags) the white & red sock. The yarn looked like Keri Russell's hair before she cut it! I had to cut the white yarn twice while frogging it & then although I wound it carefully in preparation for using the ball winder it still tangled. grrrr!

I unhanked the 2nd hank of the Claudia Hand Painted in the Twilight colorway, put it on the swift & wound it. This 2nd use of my new swift went much better than the 1st. Since it was daylight & not 10:30 at night & I wasn't tired or in a hurry to get it wound for the next day. I was able to easily see where to cut the waste yarn that tied the hank & that the string I'd chosen to start with pulled from underneath the hank. It was the only end I could find until about halfway thru winding it. It was like both ends wound from underneath somehow. Anyway, this one went very smoothly.

I'm going to cast on this evening & begin the 2nd Jaywalker sock. The 1st one was such a quick & easy knit. The wool is wonderfully soft & pliant & although I know how the sock will look, it'll be a relaxing knit while I stew about shadow knitting.

Yes I finally finished the Yarn Harlot's 3rd book. Amazing down to the very last word. Even the glossary is funny!! But I have another knitting reader to repalce it. This is a huge book sizewise, perfect for at home.

reading: For The Love Of Knitting edited by Kari Cornell &
The Hours of the Virgin by Loren D Estleman

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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Not confessing is maybe not so bad...???

I took SIL's Conway socks over to her on Sunday. I chickened out. (link where I confess the whole sordid thing) BIG TIME. I didn't tell her that 1 sock leg is 2 pattern repeats shorter than the other one. She will probably never notice unless she lays them out side by side. I never do that. How'd I discover that on this pair?? One of my co-workers did just that. Laid them out side by side, one on top of the other one. So now that's a part of my act. When I finish the leg of the 2nd sock (before I start the heel flap), I compare it to the leg of the 1st sock to make sure they're the same length. On SIL's sock the notes say the socks are the same length.

As far as the rest of the birthday dinner, it was good. BIL cooked a pot roast & everything was wonderful. If possible, marry into a family that knows how to cook!!

Went to lunch Monday with a couple of the guys from my former place of employment. Things are proceeding downhill. I am so glad I left last week. Sweetie comes home a lot. Instead of staying on-site when he now actually fixing something, he comes home. So it's like a vacation for him, too.

Yesterday, when I came home from lunch, he was asleep in the living room. I shucked my nice clothes & took a long nap, too. We headed out to Spray later & sailed until after 10pm. Very nice wind.

For my birthday from my SIL & BIL, one of the things I received was a gift cert to one of the LYS. They're not open Monday's so I'll have to go back. There's a Penzey's near the LYS so I went there instead. I replenished my dill, basil, nutmeg & pizza seasoning. I also got a bottle of almond extract, a bottle of orange extract, & some celery seed. I have the Northwoods seasoning, but now they have a Northwoods Fire seasoning. The same smokey flavor but hotter & spicier. All my spices, except for salt, are now Penzey spices. I always buy the smallest amount so they won't get stale.

The reason I don't use Penzey's salt? No reason, particularly, other than I still have almost a whole container of Morton's flaked sea salt. I 'm probably the one of the few people who don't use the big chunks kosher salt. I like the sea salt flakes. They dissolve quicker. But I did see that Penzey's does offer sea salt flakes now. So when I run out . . .

We've been doing a LOT of sailing in the week since Spray was splashed. Mostly evenings but that is some of the best sailing in the hot months.

Knitting, hmmm. A pic above of the white with red flecks sock so far. Not in love with it like I was with my Mayday socks, but it'll do. I'm happier with this take than I was with the previous 2. I'm on round 48 or something like that. I'll probably do at least 80 rounds on the leg like the Mayday socks, but we'll see when I get there & try them on. The Mayday socks, as they're cotton, I just toss them in the washer & dryer & that's it! I don't have a proper name for the red & white socks yet. They may always be the Red & White socks.

Oh, & I'm finally going to finish The Yarn Harlot's 3rd book. boo hoo!

reading: Knitting Rules! by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee aka The Yarn Harlot &
Scavenger Hunt by Robert Ferrigno

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Saturday, June 10, 2006

GREAT sailing & maybe not so great knitting a month ago — sorta

No wind, hot & very humid so no sailing today. But there was great sailing yesterday. It was windy enough to have white caps on the lake, wind speed was probably 15 mph with gusts to 20 or so. Too windy for a newby (1st 10 sails in 10 mph winds or less) but great for us. We went out under a full main & working jib. Spray is so well balanced. When she heels, she holds her line. If I feel I'm getting overpowered & may round up or broach, I can usually follow it up, get a little ahead of it & she settles back down.

We went out around 4 or so & sailed until around 6 pm. We were hungry so we came back into the marina & had dinner there. We went back out around 7 pm. The wind had calmed considerably, no more white caps but still a decent 10 mph or so. Perfect for a night sail — and the moon was almost full.

It was marvelous
until we began having running light problems. We'd gotten new fuses the size recommended — 2.5 amp but maybe not big enough. After going thru a few, Sweetie finally took the fuse from the cabin lights & stuck it in the running light fuse holder & the running lights stayed on. But swapping fuses at twilight with a flashlight on the mainsail so we wouldn't get run down was not relaxing. So we headed in. The wind was coming up again anyway so that would have taken away some of the relaxation. And we weren't convinced it was fixed.

We'd taken out the new drop boards to see if they fit. They did side to side, but they are too tall. So we marked off where to cut & stowed them in the trunk of the car at dinner.

We cut the drop boards earlier today & went out this evening to see if they fit. Nope, still a little too tall. We'd gone to Boater's World (again!) this morning & got a new hasp, more cotter pins & rings (can you ever have enough??) & some special Lewmar winch grease. Yeah, we also discovered yesterday when we needed it in the wind that the port sheet winch doesn't move easily. So on a calmish day, Sweetie'll be taking the winch apart to lubricate it. Sailboat maintenance NEVER ends! Especially on a 19 year-old boat!!

The good news is that last year when we bought Spray & made our 1st trip out to Boater's World we signed up for the "Captain's Club" where for $4 a year you get discounts & accrue points/dollars spent toward a "reward." Earlier this week we received our latest "reward". It's only $12, but $12 is $12. So $12-$4 = $8 in actual savings this year so far. Last year, I got 3 of these $12 rewards. But we spent a lot more last year getting Spray ready to launch & then finding more stuff we needed after she was splashed!

And, also today was a very good day for knitting. As noted on Thursday's post, I finished the 1st JayWalker sock. I've been knitting on the little red & white sock, where 1 round is red & the next round is white. I frogged it yesterday. It was a going to be an OK sock, but it wasn't what I wanted to knit. I wanted a white sock with flecks of red. So I went thru some of my pattern books & thought & got some more ideas. Since 1 red stitch didn't show up & I decided 2 would be better.

Here's the pattern so far -
c/o 85 stitches in white Fortissima cotton on 2.75 dpns. I used the extra stitch join then switched to 2mm dpns.
round 1 - *k4, p2* in white
round 2 -
*k4, p2* in white
round 4 - *k1 in white, k2 in red, k1 in white, p2 in white*
round 5
- *k4, p2* in white
round 6
- *k4, p2* in white
round 7
- *k4, p2* in white
round 8
- *k in white, k3 in red, p2 in white*
round 9 - *k4, p2* in white
round 10
- *k4, p2* in white
round 11
- *k4, p2* in white
round 12 - *k1 in white, k2 in red, k1 in white, p2 in white*

Every other stranded round will be in the k2 red ALWAYS in the 2nd & 3rd knit stiches & the other stranded round will be a k3 in red, somewhere in the 6 stitch pattern. One of the k3 rounds was *k3 in red, k1 in white, p2 in white* & the latest is *k1 red, k3 white, p2 red*. So far I'm happy with it. I'm going to go a little farther, before I scan it. The inside of the sock looks pretty interesting, tho. If I decided to keep it, I'll scan that, too!

Sunday we are driving to SIL's house
— only a hour or so away for a B-day dinner. I am still conflicted about what to do about her sock. I thought I'd posted it briefly here, but if I did I can't remember. Maybe writing it down here, will clarify it some.

OK ~ socks are done, they look great! Until you stretch them out side by side. One is 2 ENTIRE cable repeats shorter! That is 8 rounds, about an 1"!! Yes, even as I compared them & counted them again, here, I was hoping to get another answer.

As I was knitting these 2 at the same time, the only thing I can think of is that I was looking a sock #1's notes when I was knitting on sock #2 or visa-versa. I've tired blocking out the difference & s - t - r - e - t - c - h - i - n - g out the difference, but to no avail. I can't pick out
the cast on (don't want to) & add 2 more repeats (really don't want to & I don't know how that would work anyway, knitting back up) & I sure as heck don't want to cut off (howl of anguish!) the toe, & frog back to the beginning of the heel flap. Because that's what it would take. 2 more cable repeats before I start the heel flap. That's a heck of a lot of knitting to do over.

And I've been sitting on this problem . . . oh . . . since I finished the socks on 5/9/06! Yeah, almost a month ago. But I have been brooding about it. I know I'm NOT going to fix them. But I don't want to knit another one, although, if I'd started about 2 weeks ago, I would be done. So I think I'm going to take the pair to SIL's tomorrow & give them to her & lay it out. As she'll be wearing these with pants, NO ONE will EVER know except for her & me & our spouses. UNLESS SHE tells someone.

But, they are GREAT lookin' socks & they feel great & they are so soft! I can't NOT say anything & look surprised when she tries them on & they are different heights, although she may not notice. It's tough bein' an adult.

Anyway, lesson learned. Before you begin the heel flap on the 2nd sock, count & physically measure the 2nd sock against the 1st one.

I finished
Point Deception by Dan Brown this morning. Great book, but nerve-racking. Not relaxing AT ALL! I read to relax. I prefer mysteries, where there is not this action-adventure thing going on very damn page. I like thrillers, but when I have one, I can't put it down. I want to read ALL NIGHT & then all the next day until it's done. I figured it would be like this but it was still a good read. So no more thrillers for a while.

reading: Knitting Rules! by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee aka The Yarn Harlot &
Scavenger Hunt by Robert Ferrigno
— and no, I don't think he's related to Lou of The Incredible Hunk fame

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Thursday, June 8, 2006

Days of Freedom

I don't count the days of freedom. When I am not working. I'm not just off work, I am unemployed with an I'll look later attitude. That has an entirely different feel than I'm off work this week or the next 2 weeks. Anytime you put a time limit on it, it's no longer free. If it can be measured, it will end.

Now I know I 'll get another job. Whether it'll be next week, next month or next year is a moot point. Right now, I have no job looming.

I'm enjoying the freedom. I have no time constraints other than what I want to do. I do keep Sweetie-pie in mind as he does have a job, which lets me enjoy my freedom. His job is such that, for instance, Tuesday, he came home for lunch just after 11am & he was home for the rest of the day. He's on call to fix things from 8am to midnight, Monday thru Friday.

Yesterday, I took my walk again. I'm trying for an hour for mostly a fast pace around the ‘hood. Tuesday, it was a 40 minute stroll & yesterday, a good 35 minute fast paced walk. I am so out of shape & have no stamina. It would probably help if I got started before 9am but I sleep ‘till I wake up, read in bed a little then have breakfast.

Tuesday, I fixed the pond before the walk. It's a tiny thing just off the patio, but it makes a lovely water sound that we can hear almost anywhere in the house. Anyway, it wasn't pumping so great, more like several giant drips off the little waterfall we'd built. So I bailed the whole thing out, cleaned it & looked at the pump — it was spurting out a goodly amount of water. So I ran the garden hose thru the hose that moves the water up to where it comes out at the top & after a bit, got a really good flow. So I hooked the hose up to the pump again — & it's fixed!!

Yesterday, I just got started late (to walk) & then really didn't want to go but I wanted to have done it so I forced myself up & out the door. I'm also trying not to snack & only eat when I'm hungry & stop when I'm not hungry & not eat by the clock. Freedom means no set lunch hours.

I've got a mental list of things I want to do. We've ignored the house shamelessly in our drive to launch Spray. We've kept the big things up — laundry, dishes, the lawn's mowed, plants watered, etc. But things like vacuuming & clutter pick up & put away have gone awry. All of the small things I brought home from work are still in a box. I need to put those away for the next office. I've hung a couple of the sailing themed prints from my cube in the kitchen but need to find nails for the remaining 2 & the clock.

But there are distractions. And no time limits. So I work at the house stuff a bit & then I don't. I knit or as in yesterday, I napped. I took a 35 minutes fast paced walk this morning — I was tired — all the stress . . . .

I am enjoying this because it won't last. I will have to go back to work, but not today.

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As blogger was down Wednesday & most of today, the above post is what I wrote Wednesday. Now it's Thursday & my 51st birthday.

I've sat & knit off & on all day (no walking on my birthday!!) watchin' mostly trash TV. It was kinda fun watchin' Knitty Gritty (not necessarily trash — unless you don't knit) & knitting. I finished the 1st JayWalker sock. Before I cast on for the 2nd I'm going to do an unheard of thing for me. Not cast on immediately for the 2nd sock but finish the 1st red & white cotton sock!

And we got our NEW hatchboards for Spray this afternoon. They're not wood. They're a white poly-plastic material called starboard. We've got to take them out to Spray & fit them then get new hasp hardware. The hardware on the old ones suck & look crappy to boot.

reading: Knitting Rules! by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee aka The Yarn Harlot &
Point Deception by Dan Brown (yeah, the Da Vinci Code [which I haven't read yet] author)

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Tuesday, June 6, 2006

Spray has Splashed & I'm now unemployed

Sweetie & I drove out to the lake after lunch & Spray is indeed in the water. But it's 92° with little wind so no sailing. We're coming back out this evening, after supper with knitting, books & the laptop & Sweeite will take advantage of the FREE hot spot to surf while I knit & read.

And, yesterday,
for the final 2 weeks I was asked to take on 2 new jobs (hello! I'm leaving in less than 10 days). When I protested, they wanted me to figure out how to get it done by Friday then teach someone else to do it. I was told to keep my mouth shut about leaving as I was bringing down moral & if I got a better attitude & really thought about it I would stay as it was going to improve after the move. I took everything left out to Mathila when I went to lunch (about a half hour later). I came back from lunch & told my boss I was leaving, NOW. He wanted me to do 3 or 4 things before I left, it would only take me a couple of hours or more. I nicely said no, I was leaving now. My attitude was not going to change.

So I came home & watched a couple of Xena eps on DVD. For
The Furies ep, (1st ep of season 3) there were cast & crew commentaries associated with this ep. Since I had just watched the ep not too long ago, I watched those. R J Stewart (by himself), Liz Friedman & Rob Tapert, watched the ep & commented together, Lucy (by herself) & (a little bit with) Renee. I enjoyed the insight although many of the commentaries overlapped. Then I watched Been There Done That. Lucy had a short commentary on that one. That is a funny ep.

The pic is where I am on my JayWalker sock done in Claudia hand painted yarn in the Twilight colorway. I'm on round 36 of the foot. I love how that pattern shows off the colors in the yarn without it being a boring pattern to knit. And it's a fairly quick knit.

I also love how the pattern pulls the 9 rounds of k2, p2 enough so it looks really cool. Yes, it's the pattern that does that. Again, like the heel turn thing, I don't know how, but it does it & it's amazing.

On the pattern round, (I can post this because the pattern is public) for each needle, you knit into the front & back of the 1st stitch, k7, sl 2, k1, slip the 2 slipped stitches over the k1, k7, knit into the front & back of the last stitch. Repeat this same pattern on all 4 needles.

Since I'm not working now, I'll probably start on the red & white cotton sock that's my stoplight knitting sock when I finish this pair.

I don't knit when we're actually sailing as I like to helm (steer) & Deck Muffin (he's more than just beef on the rail) trims the sails to my course & generally futzes around with the sails. When Deck Muffin helms, I'm usually on the bow, glasses & hat off & safely stowed below, leaning my head over the side, watchin' the bow cut thru the water. If we're anchored or in the slip, then out comes the knitting.

reading: Knitting Rules! by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee aka The Yarn Harlot &
Details at 10 by Ardella Garland

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Saturday, June 3, 2006

"Spray" is ready to launch ~ JayWalker is Jaywalking

We are so close to being done (are you really ever done??) with all the things we wanted to get done that we are going take all the crap we took out of the boat last fall & put a lot of it back in the boat tomorrow morning. Once we put the outboard motor back on, the boom (the horizontal piece that holds the bottom of the mainsail), bend on the mainsail & put on the fenders we're pretty much ready to launch.

Once all that's done, we'll go down to the marina & put in a launch order. Last weekend we were able to get help to put the mast up right away & it was a holiday weekend. Of course, we only needed a couple of marina kids. This time we need at least an 8 cylinder vehicle with a 2" trailer ball. Maybe we'll get lucky again. If not, it'll be in the water in a couple of days.

The boat looks really, really good. We went out Friday evening after work & I polished some more on the top. Sweetie finished up the gas locker cover & a couple of other minor things. Saturday morning, we were out there again, bright & early. I continued my never ending polishing of the top & Sweetie polished the sides & back with the buffer. We came home & napped.

We went back out around 5:30 this evening & Sweetie threw a fresh coat of black anti-fouling paint on Spray. By the time he was done, we were beat. We went home & showered & got all the paint (or most of it anyway) off both of us. He wanted to go back out & help me finish up the top. We worked for about an hour until we pretty much ran out of good light. There is still a little more polishing to do, hand polishing around fittings & other small areas. But we decided we can do that while it's in the water. If we can't launch tomorrow, we'll do some more polishing—otherwise, we may be sailing tomorrow—or at least sitting on it in the water if there's no wind!

On the knitting front, I had the heel flap done, had turned the heel & was ready to pick up the gussets. I'd noticed that for some reason I'd seem to have lost some stitches on the heel flap. I had gone from 42 stitches to around 36 or so. It looked OK.

So I kept knitting & counting every once in a while, thinking the missing stitches would magically appear. Knit, Knit on the rightside & Purl Purl on the wrong side — back & forth for the heel flap. Turned the heel. Knit, Knit, k2tog, k1, turn, Purl, Purl, Purl, p2tog, p1, turn. Got all the way done & had readied my extra needles to pick up the gusset stitches . . . wait . . . . what's this needle doing here with 7 or so stitches on it, about 2 rows up from where I started the heel flap. It's the missing stitches!!!

So I frogged it all the way back to the needle with the 7 or so stitches on it. Then I was missing 2. I only had 40. So I tinked back a couple of rows. Last I looked at it this evening, I'd found & rescued 1 stitch that I'd dropped somewhere so that would make 41. I'll count again & maybe I'll have 42. I think I'm all the way back to where I started on the heel flap.

Lesson Learned: If you are knitting along & you have 7 or so stitches less on the needles that you had the last time you picked up your knitting. Keep looking. Something IS wrong.

No big deal. At least the leg is done—59 rounds. It looks really good! I am so pleased with the pattern & the wool. Maybe pics the next time I post.

I'm not making very much progress on the red & white stoplight knitting sock. In fact, if I scanned it again, it probably wouldn't look much different that the last pic. Only about 9 or 10 rounds so far.

Wore my MayDay socks on Friday. They were very comfortable. Yeah!!

reading: Knitting Rules! by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee aka The Yarn Harlot &
Faking It by Jennifer Crusie

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