Sunday, April 30, 2006

k1, k1, k1, k1, k2tog, k1, k1, k1. . . . . .

Wow! It's been a while since I posted. All's well here in Hermitville.

Yesterday Husband reloaded the software on my computer & today I've been installing other software & putting my look & feel back on my machine. I didn't realize how personal I'd made it until it was all gone. All my data's safe, just sometimes ya gotta reload.

I've been making great leaps & bounds in, the knitting department. I'm almost done with 1 of SIL's Conway socks. I'm on the toe decreases & it will probably be done by the time I go to bed tonight, if I don't run out of yarn. I will definitely need 1 more ball of the slate Rowan wool cotton to finish & 1 more mint green ball for the Asparagus socks. I'll probably pick up a 3rd skein of some either one of those colors or a 3rd color so I can do a simple sock for me out of the leftovers someday.

edit: The 1s Conway sock is done. I've got about 7' of yarn left. Ha! Not enough to start on the 2nd sock. I'll whale away on the
Asparagus sock until I run out of that.

And I was lamenting as I was knitting yesterday that I seems like it will be weeks before I'll get to start on a new sock, here & I am almost finished with 1. That's what I get for knitting on the Conway & staring at a basket full of Socks That Rock yarn.

I'm going to keep up this 3 socks on needles at the same time thing. But they're all going to be different socks in different yarns. I'm going to start off with the JayWalker with my Claudia Handpainted when I'm done with the Conways or if I can't get to my LYS before I run out of yarn for the Asparagus, too. I'm going to do a simple Fortissima sock, maybe k4, p2 for my stoplight knitting sock. Don't know what color yet. And for sock #3, one of the Socks that Rock yarn, I just have to figure out which one & what pattern.

It finally stopped raining here. It's sunny, cool & windy now. Grass is gonna grow like a . . . . banshee. edit: And it just poured about 20 minutes after I posted this, then cleared off & got sunny in time for us to go for ice cream! Yum!

reading: Knitting Rules! by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee aka The Yarn Harlot &
Revenge of the Wrought-Iron Flamingos by Donna Andrews

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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The Execution of Blind Faith that Ulysses & Xena . .

Watched me some Xena again last night. I watched the rest of The Execution, all of Blind Faith & about half of Ulysses or as we in the Xenaverse call him Useless-es. I'll finish Ulysses next time Husband is called out.

I didn't remember The Execution at all. So it was like a NEW Xena ep most of the way thru. Some of the stuff I remembered, such as where Xena was when the executioner pulled the lever. I didn't even remember who was getting executed. But it was a pretty forgettable ep. Although
Gabrielle had her fierce face on more than once as she tried to defend Meleager against Xena.

Blind Faith I kind of remembered as the one where Xena was blind. A good ep but not one of the more memorable ones. Although there were some good Xena things. Such as blind, she feels around for the cuffs & flips them up with her foot & slaps one of them on Palaemon. And at the end of this one, there's the Xena lesson, that you end up becoming what you pretend to be.

Just in the little bit of Ulysses I saw I remebered all the Useless-es jokes. He & Xena just did not click. There was no magic or chemistry. He kept trying to be nice & treat
Gabrielle as "their" side-kick, to be looked after. They were not happenin with me on the 1st go-around & they are still not happening.

Gabrielle is really getting good with kicks & her staff. I love how they brought her skills along gradually & very slowly.

I've only got 3 eps left on for season 2.

  • The Price
  • Lost Mariner
  • A Comedy of Eros
Better get on the stick & order season 3, huh. Season 3 hi-lites for me: This is the Dark Season for me ~ a lotta bad stuff starts. But these are my S3 favorites.
  • The Furies
  • Been There Done That
  • The Dirty Half Dozen
  • The Quill Is Mightier
  • The Bitter Suite
  • One Against An Army
There are some really dark eps in Season 3. Well, a lot of S3 is dark. I had to go to Whoosh! to look at synopsis of some of the later eps in S3 as I couldn't remember them from the ep titles.

Now the knitting part of the knitting blog. I'm officially halfway done with the foot on the Asparagus socks & almost halfway there on 1 of the Conway's. Probably tomorrow or Friday, I'll start the other sock feeding off the same skein. I am seriously doubting now whether I'll have enough yarn to finish both socks. There are only 26 toe rounds & those get smaller every other round, until the last dozen or so & then it's decrease on every row. Maybe, but it'll be close.

reading: Knitting Rules! by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee aka The Yarn Harlot &
The Vanished Priestess by Meredith Blevins

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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Scarf it up! Fuzzball!

I am rollin' along on both the Conway's & the Asparagus socks.

2nd Asparagus sock ~ on round 26 of the foot.

1st Conway ~ on round 10 of the foot ~ using yarn from the middle of the skein.

2nd Conway ~ on round 24 of the foot. I have also run out of yarn on this one. Once I get the 1st Conway up to the same place or a little past, I'll pick up the yarn from the outside of the skein so that both socks will feed off the same skein. I'm hoping that I'll have enough to finish both socks. If not, I'll put the left overs away together & maybe buy a 3rd complimentary color & have fun with that.

There are only 60 rounds in the foot of each of the socks, so I feel I'm making terrific progress.

It was stormin' here yesterday evening so we spent a quiet evening, me knitting & Husband, reading.

It's so nice sometimes to think you are doing something waaay out of the box & come to find out, it's so IN the box that it shows up in Stephanie Pearl-McPhee's latest book, Knitting Rules!

I'm speaking of the scarf section, where she advises that if you don't like how the ends of the scarf look when you just start & 1 end & keep in knitting, knit that 1 end separate, (starting from the end, as opposed to finishing) & then stitch or Kitchener them together. Although she said it so much better & a whole lot funnier, too.

Anyway, I had this beautiful fun fur peacock yarn, Trendsetter Crisantemo (see pic). I wanted to do a scarf with pointed ends. So I cast on 3 stitches & increased 1 stitch at both ends every other row until it got 23 stitches wide. Then I just kept knitting.

When I went to decrease & then to cast off, the ends were different. Not hugely different, but different enough. So I, yes, painstakingly frogged, the cast off end & tried 4 or 5 different decrease methods over the next weeks but none looked good. I would try one, be disappointed & let it sit. Then I thought I had a revolutionary idea. Cast on & knit the end like the beginning! Eureka!! Then I let it sit some more while I tried to figure out how to graft the 2 pieces together. This was several months before I ever did socks so just Kitchnering that puppy up was NOT an option. Finally, I took some dark green thread & sewed the end on. That stuff is so fuzzy, you that unless you carefully feel around on the proper end, the proper length from the end you'd never know. Sometimes, I have trouble finding it & just guess.

But I love my pointy end peacock green scarf. And those lovely iridescent peacock dots just glisten in the sunshine. I wear that thing like a boa & get lots of compliments.

Reading the scarf section the Harlot's book, I am getting some ideas on how to "get thru" the 2 I need to do. You know, the Guilt Scarf with the lavender Alpaca with a Twist yarn & the peach Kid Silk Haze yarn. With the Harlot's help I may be able to do those & not die from boredom. There was a time when I could happily knit row after row of boring straight knitting but not anymore. Blech! So am I growing or condensing?

reading: Knitting Rules! by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee aka The Yarn Harlot &
The Vanished Priestess by Meredith Blevins

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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Best Laid Plans

Other than getting out this morning to purchase a small generator that was on sale at the hardware store we haven't been out. The generator will be handy to run things like the buffer & drill as we (someday) get the boat ready to put in the water.

But it was so nice being home. The birds, the sound of the fountain, the cool breezes in thru all the open windows. Husband & I spent several mid-morning to early afternoon hours, I in my chair knitting & Husband surfing his Linux sites.

I got the heel re-knit to my satisfaction on SIL's Conway #1 today. I re-connected yesterday & today with my inner process knitter & locked the escaped product knitter away ~ again. That's been my problem lately. Am I trying to morph from one to the other? I hope not. It could be that because these socks are for someone else, I want to get them done. Also, I feel like I've been knitting a Conway since February 12. Yep, that's when I cast on for my Conway. So almost 3 months of the same sock yarn & same sock pattern. Well, at least mid-way thru it all, I DID get a pair of socks out of it. And, the Socks that Rock yarn keeps calling & calling.

I have decided, however, to start a cotton sock as my stop light knitting sock when Husbands Asparagus socks are done. Yesterday, in our Home Depot travels, I wore my Cascade Fixation socks with shorts. The socks were on public display. Much to my great relief & teeny-tiny disappointment no one rushed up & gushed about my socks or even asked, "Is that Cascasde Fixation? Did you knit those?"

Other than this blog & a very few of my favorite sites, I haven't been on line much lately. I started this blog last fall, about the middle of November & I really started reading blogs around then, too. But now, its' light until after 8pm & it's warm outside. So finishing dinner & coming in to the office to spend the evening on the computer is not happening so much now.

Knitting Rules! by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee aka The Yarn Harlot &
The Vanished Priestess by Meredith Blevins

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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Splash! in the Frog Pond

I tinked & frogged part of SIL's Conway #2. It was the one that got to the heel 1st. I looked at it the other day & put it down. I looked again this morning on the way to Home Depot -- no better so I put it down again & picked up SIL's Conway #1. This evening on the way to another Home Depot a lot farther way but with maybe some cooler stuff (more on that later), I tinked the 3 top of foot rounds & frogged the gusset, heel turn & most of the heel flap. There were a couple of strange stitch things on the heel flap & there was a weird gusset thing at one corner so out it came. I learned early on from Maggie Reghetti’s book Knitting in Plain English that if you don't like it now, it's not going to get any better 4 rows or more from now. So fix it now. So I did. I got all the stitches back on the needles & figured I'd done enough damage & set it down. Takes a while to recover from frogging that much on a sock. A sock for someone else. I might have let the heel flap go on a sock for me & I could have fixed the gusset thing but, well, it's for my SIL! And being a process knitter, all in all not a big setback.

Eventually, we're going to have to replace the ceiling fans in our living room & bedroom which came with the house. Husband says the one in our bedroom makes noise but I can't hear anything. A lot of the things that we've added to our house are brushed nickel or brushed stainless. He saw a fan in the far away Home Depot that was silver instead of white. So we drove over to see. We didn't like the fan but got ideas for replacing the gold strip of bulbs over the mirrors in both the bathrooms. See the pic up there. That's not it. But if you imagine lights like those in a downward V shape from the round base, that's pretty close. Oh, & make the legs different lengths. Anyway, when we get it, I'll scan the pic on the box. We like that modern type of light. We've got something almost like that, except with blue shades in our kitchen. 3 separate fixtures.

We have been so lazy. And with the meds Husband's been on he's had to stay out of the sun. But he's done with that now.

We've not been to the boat in weeks. But I think we're going tomorrow. We're going to remove & recaulk the chain plates & do some final calculating on how much wire we'll need to do the 2 lights on the mast. We'll clean up the interior (if it needs it). The mast is down. We'll fasten it down so it won't shift & have the marina haul it down to the lake this coming week & power wash the bottom.

Monday we'll call Precision & order new hatchboards, a deck plug for the mast lights & 4 new cleats. We found the wire we want to use at Home Depot. Next weekend, we'll run the wire thru the mast, attach the masthead & steaming lights & test. Once that's done, I'll have the marina put the mast up since I don't think we're up to it anymore. It was a struggle to get it down. We don't need to be dropping it & breaking or gouging something on our boat, a neighboring boat or ourselves.

Somewhere in there, we'll rent the generator again put more wax on the hull & polish & wax the top. Put another coat of stuff on the teak & do the new hatchboards (we can to that at home. And throw another coat of bottom paint on. MY goal is in the water by Memorial Day weekend.

reading: Knitting Rules! by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee aka The Yarn Harlot &
Sick of Shadows by Marion Chesney

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Friday, April 21, 2006

Work Rant

If you're hoping for knitting, Xena or sailing content ~ this is a work rant post ~ so see ya next time!

The place where I work is losing it fast & furious.

The Chinese overlord, who is really in charge (not the white guy who thinks he is) canceled an order this morning for 16 servers because it took 3 weeks to get the parts. We're supposed to have a 5 business day turn-around on servers & that includes any back orders. If they're not out the door in 5 days, the Chinese nobleman (if he were non-Chinese he would be a district mangaler) gets upset & Chinese overlord bonuses are in danger. So as the parts are to be here on Monday, the Chinese overlord canceled all 16 servers, then she informed the poor sales dude of her deed & told him to put those orders back in by the end of the day so they would be all bright & shiny new & within the 5 days. Well, she didn't say that last part, but that's why. And since these 16 servers came right off our fancy-schmancy on-line order thing WHY was there a 3-week back order???? Oh, well, who cares, her bonus is secure.

That was 1st thing this morning, before 9am. Yesterday we had the Chinese overlord e-mail explaining how she is going to cancel any customer pick-up order over 10 days old then charging the customer. Well, today she canceled a bunch of them, again with no prior warning to the sales dudes. Just an e-mail after the fact, it's done, deal with it. She didn't say if she was going to go ahead & charge them. As we have no access to the accounting side, we won't know until the customers start calling in & complaining next week.

Now the 3rd thing. In 2 weeks, she is going to take back all of the operations stuff I do, such as canceling orders, changing stuff & fixing stuff. This is going to be very interesting. I get e-mails & phone calls & scratchy pieces of paper taped to my chair to fix & change stuff, not only from the sales dudes, but from the warehouse (change shipping method [from customer pick-up to ship it out or whatever], we don't have this monitor or keyboard or hard drive any more change it to another part #, wonderful AoES says to change a status code), from the sales guys, (I forgot to put a PO# on the order, customer just called, please add a 2nd monitor or take off the monitor or whatever). They are going to take away my access so I will not be able to help, even if I wanted to.

Now the 4th thing, which actually happened yesterday, but I was so incensed about the canceling the customer pick-up orders I forgot this one. The Quality Manager from hell (yes, she's Chinese, too) has expanded the Quality Report I do to just about double what is was. So all my spare time now, will be fixing the report AGAIN. And I just got it fixed (about 2 weeks ago) from changing the report format from her great idea about 2 months ago. Good thing all this other stuff will be gone, huh.

I found out the actual move date. It's the week of 6/26. The not-in-charge-white-guy wants us to start the move at the beginning of the week & be done by end of day Friday. We'd close on Friday & move the final stuff, so we can rest up over the 4th of July weekend & be ready to go on Wednesday 7/5, as our "floating" holiday this year is 7/3. But, Chinese overload says we will close on Friday & we will work all weekend including Monday & Tuesday so we will be ready on 7/5.

By the way, we will be moving ourselves. The company is not hiring a moving company or trucks, we are to haul all the stuff in our personal vehicles in caravans over to the new place & set it up ourselves. The sales dudes, who are salary, they will get no OT or comp time. They didn't last time the company moved which was about 3 months before I started. We have 30 employees, 2 conveyor belt systems to move systems from the warehouse to production & then back out to the warehouse to ship. We have a huge warehouse full of parts. We have lots of computers & chairs, & tech benches & shelving to put all the warehouse parts on.

Last move they were allowed to rent 2 huge trucks, but that was too expensive & they were too slow & they had the trucks ALL day & had to pay rent for them ALL day. I wanna know who gets to drive the fork lift over to the new place 5 miles away. Last time, they drove it off the dock into the back of one of the big trucks then off the big truck back onto the loading dock. Won't be able to do that with pick-up trucks.

So my absolute last day with this company will be 6/23. Unless I find something before that or white-guy-who-thinks-he's-in-charge-but-he's-really-not gets pissed off & tells me to leave right then. It would almost be worth it to hang around & see the debacle in action.

OK done now, but still pissed. Anyone want a job? There are going to be LOTS of openings in the next 2 months.

reading: Knitting Rules! by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee aka The Yarn Harlot &
Dying in the Dark by Valerie Wilson Wesley

Parting Shot: "Our company has gone beyond lean & mean to skinny & pissed." The Dilbert Principle by Scott Adams

Thursday, April 20, 2006

A silly millimeter longer ~ 101

This is post #101.

I am back & it feels good. How can I tell? I feel like knitting again. Last night I knit some while watching Xena & today the stoplight knitting began again.

I finished the heel on one of the Conway's & I'm in the middle of picking up the gussets. That's about where I am on the other Conway, too . I'm on about round 17 or so on the foot of the 2nd Asparagus sock.

Warning: Crazy Work Stuff

Now Manglement has decided that if our customers who pick up their orders (instead of having them shipped), don't pick up the systems or parts within 10 business days, we will cancel the order & get this ~ if it's a system charge them a $50 dis-assembly fee & a 15% re-stock fee. If it's just parts, they'll get charged a 15% re-stock fee. NO EXCEPTIONS. Yeah, that's the way to keep customers.

Many of our customers order a system or parts & have us "store" it until they're ready to install it. There will be no warning, On day 11 Bing! It's canceled & your account or credit card will be charged. I wonder how they're going to charge the Company Check or Cash only customers, hmmm?? Some of our customers are credit card but we don't have their credit cards on file. They give us a card each time they pick something up. How's that going to work? And one of the worst things? The sales reps will get all the fall-out & they have no say. The moron who thought this up won't talk to customers ~ EVER. She's the one who will walk up to my desk & tell me something to tell the sales rep at the next desk!!

reading: Knitting Rules! by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee aka The Yarn Harlot &
Dying in the Dark by Valerie Wilson Wesley

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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Joxer the Mighty

In Prison
Joxer the Mighty
Roams through the countryside.
He never needs a place to hide.
With Gabby as his sidekick,
Fighting with her little stick,
Righting wrongs and singing songs,
Being mighty all day long,
He's Joxer,
He's Joxer the Mighty!
He's Joxer the Mighty,
He's really tidy,
Everybody likes him
'Cause he has a funny grin,
Joxer, he's Joxer the Mighty!

On the Trail
Joxer the Mighty,
He's very tidy,
Everyone admires him,
He's so handsome its a sin.
If you're in jeopardy,
Don't call the cavalry,
There's a better remedy,
Although he doesn't work for free.
He's every man's trusty,
He's every woman's fantasy,
Plus he's goo-ood company--
I'm Joxer the Mighty!

Ending Credits
Blood, Valor, and Victory!
Joxer the Mighty,
He's very tidy,
Everyone admires him
He's so handsome its a sin.
When things get grim
He'll take it on the chin.
If you're in jeopardy
Caused by the enemy,
Don't call the calvary.
There's a better remedy,
Although he doesn't work for free.
He's every man's trusty,
He's every woman's fantasy,
Plus he's goo-ood company--
It's Joxer,
Joxer the Mighty!
Joxer the Mighty!

Yes, another ep of Xena's in the can. And this song is stuck in my head. If you're a Xenite, it's now stuck in yours, too.

I watched A Day in the Life, the uncommented & the shorter commented version & For Him the Bell Tolls. When I 1st got into Xena, Joxer was irritating but he's not so much anymore. I can see what a terrific actor Ted Rami is.

A Day in the Life used to vie with a Doctor in the House as my favorite ep. A Day in the Life is still way up there, but I guess I've changed. I enjoyed the interaction Xena & Gabrielle always hinting at the subtext. The infamous bathing scene & the scene where they're sitting together on the river bank & others. Now I don't know. I can see Minya's role better, as a star-struck fan. But in other things they were really reaching — such as the kite & lightening thing & Minya in her warrior costume bopping
Zagreas. A lot of insider stuff.

I used to really dislike any Xena-lite ep but I enjoyed watching For Him the Bell Tolls. When Joxer loses that goofy Joxerness he can be rather cool. But I love the Joxer songs.

I've not been up to par the last couple of days. Maybe that explains the Joxer-thing. Sore throat, muscle aches & headachy. Not bad enough to feel lousy just bad enough to lay around & read library books & nap & eat ice cream. So not much knitting or anything else is getting done. I was off sick Monday, came home early yesterday & was off again today. I feel much more myself. My sore throat is almost gone & so's the achiness.

The morning glories in the front pots are all up & some even have their 2nd set of leaves. I planted them again around the humming bird feeder just off the patio in the back. I know we weren't as zealous in watering back there as were the front pots. Well, it'll be a while before they start twining up & around the curved trellises & even more time before the 1st blooms appear. Seems like June is well under way by that time, but I got started earlier this year (in the front pots, anyway) than I usually do.

Oh, & a human must have looked at my blog, bacause I don't have the word verification thing now. And they didn't even post a comment. Must not be a Xenite, knitter or sailor.

reading: Knitting Rules! by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee aka The Yarn Harlot &
Dying in the Dark by Valerie Wilson Wesley

went thru 3 books since the last time I posted
A Fatal Vineyard Season by Philip A Craig
A Crossworder's Holiday by Nero Blanc
The Alpine Quilt by Mary Daheim

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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Conway's on track again

I see I'm still a suspect. No human has looked at my knitting blog & found that by reading this blog you will suddenly want to knit socks, give the Xena Warrior cry &/or trim a sheet.

Hope everyone had a Hoppy Easter. We went to the SIL & BIL for Easter dinner. I'm so glad I married into a family of great cooks. I brought my homemade bread.

SIL tried on her Conway's & they fit. So on the way home, I began the heel flap on the one that didn't have it done yet. I don't have the socks in front of me & I'm too lazy to get up & go get them to see which one.

SIL picked out 2 Socks that Rock yarn. She likes Mesa & Romancing the Stone. I've marked those ball bands with her initials so I won't forget. I told her it will be awhile. I'll have here Conway's done in a few weeks or so, before schools out anyway.

Now I can make the Jaywalker with the Claudia handpainted & a simple ribbing pattern with one of the other Socks That Rock. That'll give me an idea on how the yarn usage is as I have smaller feet. The Socks That Rock yarn may be my stoplight knitting sock, unless I decide to do the cotton sock for that. Don't have to decide now.

I did the heel flap & turned the heel on Husband's 2nd Asparagus sock yesterday. I'm on round 15 or so of the foot on that one. We went to a Ham Fest. It's a shortwave radio thing for those who don't know. Basically it's a bunch old guys trying to sell a bunch of junk. There were some commercial vendors there but mostly junk. Like a swap 'n shop with electronics. We walked thru & left. Husband drove both ways so I got lots of knitting done.

reading: Knitting Rules! by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee aka The Yarn Harlot &
Desert Winter by Michael Craft

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Friday, April 14, 2006

Knitting in Public

Well, 1st off, Blogger thinks I have a spam blog. Until a human reads my blog I have to go thru a Word Verification before I can post. I've gone thru the steps to have a person look at my blog Thursday, but we are still suspect this evening.

Back to your regularly scheduled blog ~ knitting ~ Xena ~ sailing
I discovered today that there is more than 1 kind Knitting In Public. There is the sitting at your desk KIP. There is the ubiquitous waiting for an appointment KIP. There is the sitting in your vehicle, both moving (adventurous) & non-moving (safer) KIP. There is also the sitting on a park bench or on a lawn chair at a park KIP. And there are many other kinds of KIP that I have happily & peacefully participated in. Notice during all of the above mentioned KIP, I am most probably seated. That's the position that I most frequently knit in.

I'm not standing. That is the KIP that I indulged in today Standing Knitting In Public. That somehow feels more out there KIP. On the way home I stopped by the grocery store to stock up again. When your on your austere eating-at-home budget you go thru a lot more food. Anyway, after loading up I found a check-out line with LOTS of people & carts. You see where this is going, don't you. Instead of reading the covers of all the mags at the check-out I pulled out my the Asparagus sock & began working on the heel flap. Either I really was entertained or I found the quickest checker & bagger combo ever.

I stood there calmly knitting on my heel flap. Marking down my rounds. Not hurried even tho I love doing the heel flap & tend to fly thru it. I wanted to make a good SKIP impression for my 1st time.

At work we have a new sales guy. The sales guys are on salary, which means they don't have to time in & out. Boss is out on the road with one of the other newish sales guys. The new guy decides he's hungry about 9:30 this morning so he to go to McDonalds to get something to eat. OK, but normally when we come in we're all there until lunch, unless you have an appointment to meet with a client which has to be approved ahead of time by Manglement*. You can't just decide you're hungry & get up & go somewhere for breakfast or a snack mid-afternoon. And, instead of bringing it back or eating it on the way. He must have stayed there to eat. He was gone 40 minutes & the McDonalds is 5 minutes away. And he still took an hour for lunch!!

*Manglement. One of the other sales guys was e-mailing back & forth with a client with a sense of humor & it came up that she needed a certain part ASAP. Our sales guy replied back that he was worried up to this point everything was fine but then she throws in ASAP & now he's stressed. She e-mails back that he should consider stress management. He e-mails back: "Stress Management! I don't need no STRESS MANGLEMENT!!!" Whether it was a Freudian slip or not that is NOW our word for our management. We don't have a Sales Manager, we have Sales Mangaler(since that's usually how it works out anyway) with BOSS.

reading: Knitting Rules! by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee aka The Yarn Harlot &
Murder at Five Finger Light by Sue Henry

Parting Shot: "Whenever I feel like exercise, I lie down until the feeling passes." ~ unknown
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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Progess on all fronts

Crazy banshee knitting & crazy banshee process has been occurring. Last night, I finished the leg, heel flap & heel turn on SIl's 2nd Conway. I've done a round on the foot so all the picked up stitches have a round of knitting on them. So that one is ready to try on on Sunday at SIL's Easter dinner.

I'm also only 4 or so rounds away from the heel flap on Husband's Asparagus socks. And I made & expect to make more progress this evening on SIL's 1st Conway. I'm on round 51 there.

Last evening it was raining here & thundering in the distance so we had all the 'puters unplugged. Husband sat & read his short-wave books & I alternately knit & read The Harlot's new book. It is SO wonderful that I don't EVER want it to be over. I'm on the sock chapter. I sure hope she's workin' on another one RIGHT THIS VERY MINUTE!

I am seriously thinking about the Jaywalker Socks by my picking-up-gussets-the-pretty-way hero, Grumpernia for the Claudia handpainted. I've printed out the pattern to study while the Axis of Evil Software is hourglassing. I've pulled up many a picture to study finished socks. I don't understand how or why it works. I mean I can understand how to make the stitches, but I don't understand how it makes the zig zags. It's like turning the heel. I don't know how or why that works either. Even while I'm doing it I don't understand it & it's happening before my very eyes. Oh, well, I don't have to understand how things work to use them or even do them.

Since the Asparagus socks are almost on the home stretch, I get to decide what to make for my stoplight knitting sock. I'm torn between the Conway rib with some of the Socks That Rock yarn (don't even go there as to which one) or the same rib with some cotton Fortissima for me. Or do a k4, p2 kind of ribbing. Make it a f a t ribbing. I actually may swatch for a sock.

Our morning glories are up. At least 1 in each pot & in a couple of pots there are 2. We planted 4 seeds in each pot. If all 4 come up, I'm going to pull 1 one.

reading: Knitting Rules! by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee aka The Yarn Harlot &
Murder at Five Finger Light by Sue Henry

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"Children are unpredictable. You never know what inconsistency they're going to catch you in next." ~ Franklin P. Jones
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Monday, April 10, 2006

Adulthood can be highly overrated

Monday evening. I like Monday evenings & loathe Monday mornings. You've been chillin' all weekend, havin' a good time doin' whatever. Stayin' up late & sleepin' in. Then the alarm goes off Monday morning. I don't care how much sleep you had, how well you slept. How rested you felt 8 seconds before that alarm went off. For me, as soon as it goes, I immediately want to go back to sleep & feel I will sleep for hours if not days.

But, as being a responsible adult sucks ~ even if you have no children & can have chocolate cake & a coke* for breakfast ~ I get up. Then Monday evenings are great. Monday morning is over & done with for a whole entire week. You have the weekend beckoning mere days away like a basket of expensive sock yarn & unviewed Xena DVD's (the lost seasons).

I only have 6 more rounds until I'm done with the leg on the 2nd SIL Conway. Which is a good thing as we're going over there for Easter. I'll bring the sock & have her try it on. I'm going to try to get the heel flap & the heel turned before Sunday. Hopefully, I can even get my Grumperinia gussets picked up & a few rounds done. That way I can not only check the leg & calf fit, but the heel part, too. I can also measure her foot for the toe decreases. I'm going to bring Husband's Asparagus sock so she can try that on. Maybe I can tempt my BIL with a pair of — well — not Asparagus socks, but something simple like that. That wool-cotton is so darned comfortable. When you put the socks on you don't want to take them off.

True Confession Time

I've worn my Conways twice now . . . & I haven't finished weaving in the ends. The 1st time I was so anxious to wear them that I didn't care. Then the 2nd time, I sorta remembered but not really. When I washed them this weekend, the unwoven-in cast on end of the 2nd sock fell out. Oops! And I remembered. And no I haven't done it yet. Now I won't have time until I get where I want to be on SIL's sock. So there.

I've kind of decided on a pattern/stitch for the T-shirt I want to knit. I think I'm going to try a top down in the round adapted from one of the tee's in The Ultimate Knitted Tee. I also want to do it in the cotton Fortissima I have so much of. Yeah, so we'll see.

I was gonna watch some Xena this evening as Husband was called out, but life intervened. Library & grocery store. He got back just as I was off loading the groceries. Oh, well. For some reason out of all the Xena eps I watched recently, The Xena Scrolls has been sticking in my mind. Not the worst ep to have stuck there by far.

Destiny was so dark & The Quest was almost light fare. I guess with
Autolycus in it it can't be too serious even if Xena was dead, well almost. No one's death is ever final in the Xenaverse, except for Friends in Need. And that didn't have to be. There were & still are lots of outs.

Poor Joxer, in the Xenaverse I knew he was vilified. Folks hated Joxer. They wanted him killed off. But in the Xena Online Community, he's . . . well . . . liked. I've not spent a huge amount of time over there ~ too much going on ~ but I'm working my way around.

*I would rather have a tall, cold glass of milk with my chocolate cake, but that's just me.

reading: Knitting Rules! by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee aka The Yarn Harlot &
Dragon's Kin by Ann McCarrrey & Todd McCaffrey

Parting Shot: "Whoever thought up the word "Mammogram"? Every time I hear it I think I'm supposed to put my breast in an envelope & send it to someone. ~ Jan King
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