Thursday, March 30, 2006

My Conway socks are DONE

Yes! My Conway's are done & will be worn for the 1st time tomorrow! I want to roll my jeans up to show off my socks!! I finished them on 3/28. I stayed up till 11pm to finish. Late for me on a week night. The 2nd sock took only an astounding 14 days!! I know I started them on 3/8 but I took an entire week, 7 days, to knit the cashmere hat. I did not knit a purl on anything else. So 24 days for the 1st Conway & 14 for the 2nd. That brings my total for socks completed this year to 5. And I've already posted it on Rose by Any's website.

I saw sister-in-law on the 28th also. That may have given me the impetus to get mine done. I don't have to change a thing on hers. I am good to go with 96 stitches on the needles. In fact, I've already cast on for her 2nd sock & am on round 2 of the leg. I'm on round 14 of the leg on the 1st sock. I'm going to experiment & knit these two simultaneously. The 1st sock on rosewood dpns & the 2nd one on ebony dpns. I've even labeled my notecards as such. My socks took 2½ skeins of yarn. SIL's is 4 pattern repeats larger than mine. So hers should take at least 3. I got the rest of the skein from my socks. That's what I started the 2nd sock with. I started the 1st one with a full skein & I have 1 skein left. So I'll need to get at least 1 more.

I'm on round 35 or so on Husband's Asparagus socks. Stoplight knitting!

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Monday, March 27, 2006

All Conway all the Time

I'm going to meet up with my sister-in-law at lunch tomorrow. I've woven in the ends in of my 1 Conway sock & Husband's 1 Asparagus sock & the cashmere hat. While she & her lunch mates are all oooing & ahhhing over these 3 items I will be adding more needles to sister-in-laws sock so she can try it on easier. I've only got about 2½" done but that will be enough to see if it fits her.

She hasn't seen Husband's diamond socks either, so I'll take those along. And I'm taking along my Socks That Rock stash so she that finger that & pick out a future pair.

I'll take measurements, too. When I get close to those critical points, such as the heel flap & toes I'll have her try them on again at that point to be sure.

I'm on round 33 of my Conway. Somehow after I turn the heel & get all my gusset decreases done it looks like a sock. When I'm knitting cuff down & I'm on the leg & folks ask me what I'm knitting & I say "a sock". I always have to explain that this is the cuff/leg. When I turn the heel & am about halfway down the foot, the comment is "Is that a sock?" At this point it has heft & life. Non-knitters know what it is.

I love the complicated look of the Conway. Complex weavings held in place by rows of beads that look different when I gently tug them width-wise. When I pull it apart, I can see the purl valleys that otherwise are smooshed together by the knit stitches. I love the diamond pattern of the sl k1 on the right side & purl on the wrong side of the heel flap. And the heel turn. I see it. I knit but I still don't understand it. How it can turn directions. I was knitting vertical. Now I'm knitting horizontal. I like the mystery & I won't think too much on it lest I solve it. And the straight marching rows of the knitted foot. Some rows end abruptly where I decreased at the gusset & others just keep going until they end at a toe decrease. And that wonderful curve of cables running down the leg, flowing across the foot in a unbroken river. A few streams keep going until they too end at the toe decreases. I thought the star toe looked neat with my fist balled up inside my sock. But this one is even cooler, seeing the whorled toe end in a eye. My new favorite toe!!

I can't believe I made something this beautiful.

reading: Knitting Rules! by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee aka The Yarn Harlot &
Highway 61 Resurfaced by Bill Fitzhugh

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Sunday, March 26, 2006

New Xena Forum & the Xenaverse ~ yes & knitting, too

I'm just roaring along on my Conway 2nd sock. Round 16 on the foot of 56 rounds. That's what is both good & bad about the 2nd sock. I'm assuming here you kept notes on the 1st one. On the 2nd sock, you know exactly how many rounds you have to go to finish the leg or the heel flap. You don't have to keep looking at the foot & wondering, can I / should I start the toe now?? or do a couple more rows?? There are no secrets on the 2nd sock, well unless you're using hand painted yarn & you didn't start them at the same spot [which I NEVER do]. But then sometimes I like that knowing & sometimes I don't. Nearing the end of the 2nd sock on the foot, I like that. How many more rounds until I can wear the pair!! They may be done by weeks end. Depends on how the week goes.

I have to seriously consider now what yarn & pattern to knit next. I haven't met up with sister-in-law yet so I can't do her sock. If we meet this week (which I'm planing to) my problem is solved. I'll knit her Conway.

If not . . . I've got all that wonderful luscious Socks That Rock Yarn & the Claudia Handpainted. I think I'll stick to my plan & knit the Claudia Handpainted next. I'm still thinking a lace panel, one on each needle (4 panels), but I still haven't decided which one. I'll take copies of the panels I'm considering & carry them around for a while & study not only what they look like knitted up but the pattern, too.

Found a new Xena forum. There's one on Whoosh! I visit now & then but I've never posted there. It doesn't seems very active. LadyKate put me onto the Xena Online Community forum. They seem to be more active. It's difficult to talk about a show that's been off the air, for several years, even tho it's always in re-runs somewhere.

Ahhh, the Xenaverse years. I wonder how many Xenites from the old Xenaverse e-mail list are there. I looked it up. It was Penth & Spikus that ran the list. I wouldn't exactly say the show changed my life, but I was going thru a rough patch in my life & it helped having a very positive take-no-shit female role model available. Maybe that's why I'm still a HCNB. Stuck in the Xenaverse years.

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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Grumpernia Gussets

The leg of my Conway is done. As is the heel flap, heel turn & gussets, picked up the pretty way. Thank you AGAIN Grumpernia for posting that with pictures! I'll just start calling them . . . Grumpernia Gussets as Picking Up Stitches the Pretty Way is awkward. I have the whole thing (including pictures) saved in a Word Perfect file. As I've said before, that's how I'll pick up stitches from now on.

Didn't get much knitting done this morning at Husband's Dr appt. Only about 5 or 6 rounds. Oh, & no one was interested in my KIP. Husband does have a raging sinus infection & he's had it for awhile. He is taking Avelox 400mb tablets. He has 10 & he's to take 1 a day — at the same time every day. For 10 tablets, it was $135 or it would have been without this free coupon the Dr gave him. He's also to stop using Afrin nasal spray. Evidently you can't quit that stuff cold turkey. Your sinuses get used to it & will block up solid without it. So you wean them off gradually. He's to use Nasonex. The Dr gave us 3 free samples & a prescription that we can refill for a year. That stuff's not cheap either. It was $90 for 50mcg bottle. And you're only supposed to do that once every 24 hours, too. So at least it'll last. And I thought cashmere was pricey!

Well, if it gets rid of his sinus infection, that would be great! We're going back in 10 days to make sure & get more med's if it's not. I want that infection dead DEAD DEAD! Poor Husband hasn't felt really good for long stretches in months.

We went to the bookstore Thursday evening & I picked up Stephanie McPhee's new book Knitting Rules! I love the play on words! This is her best book EVER!! I was able to hold back on her 1st 2 books & read them in little tiny bites & make them last weeks!! But this one?? NO WAY! I am devouring it whole! I don't know what I what to do most!! Knit or Read?! I was OK until I opened it & read some last night!! I will watch her tour page & see if she comes anywhere close. I've already told Husband that if we have to travel on the weekend to see her we will!!

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Friday, March 24, 2006

That Twitchy Feeling

Ya'll, (too much Crazy Aunt Purl before bloggin') I've been an almost exclusive socknitter for nigh on 2 years now. Yeah, I've done (yes, & even finished) a couple of scarves & of course, the 100% cashmere watch cap & the alpaca gauntlet.

But I haven't knit any sweaters or anything else. I do have a wonderful cabled sweater that needs gussets & seaming. I was younger & skinnier when I bought the yarn & started the sweater. I just need to get off my duff & find a contrasting color yarn (I'll NEVER find the exact stuff) with similar fiber content & just knit me up 2 side gussets. Because of my amazing & fabulous socknitting, I can Kitchener the holy moly out of the all the seams. Even the extra work the gusset will make. I was thinking ahead when I did the sleeves. I did them at the same time on a circ & made them bigger. I stopped on the collar. I want to do the side gussets & seam the whole thing up & see if I need to make the collar larger.

Anyway, I've got a couple of cotton short sleeved T's with a ribbed cabled pattern that I wear the holy heck out of all summer. I could knit some. It would be an easy knit. I'd even use cotton yarn. Surely there must be something out there that's better than Fortissima. But maybe not as it IS cotton. hmmmm. I have enough Fortissima to experiment with. Now I just have to find a pattern I like.

I've only got 15 or so more round to go on the leg of my Conway. Husband has a dr appt Saturday morning. We think he's got another sinus infection. So while he gets doctored, I'll knit. I may be racin' down the foot by Monday.

I had my 1st real post to my blog on Wednesday. Hi! LadyKate! I always thought it would be a Knitter, but she's Xenite. [That's a Xena fan for those non-hard-core-nutballs.] I don't put notice of my blog out on sites where I've use my real name (pre-blog times). I blog for me & by not telling folks I know about my blog I don't need to self-censor. And I would. So that's why I made kind of a deal about the 1st comment.

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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Ready for the Pom-Pom Squad

The hat is REALLY done now. I made a pom-pom maker out of cardboard at work while the Axis of Evil Software hourglassed. Hey! It's not like I was Knitting! Anyway, I made the pom-pom at lunch while sitting in Mathilda. At first it was goofy lookin'. But by the time everyone had fondled my pom-pom back at work it had fuzzed out a lot more & now looks rather nifty!! I'll try to get someone to take a phone pic of me in the hat (my best side ~ just wait!) & I'll post it.

Now that I am back on my Conway (for the last 10 minutes of lunch, anyway) I've lost my favorite seagull cable needle in Mathilda somewhere. I couldn't find it this evening in the dark & cold with a flashlight so I'll look tomorrow. I did find a quarter, tho!!

And this evening I broke one of my Suzanne's 2.5mm ebony needles. It's all Franklin's fault. Just click & you'll see why! That guy is amazing. I'm so glad I found his blog. Yeah, that's him over there under The Quill is Mightier, my daily reads, The Panopticon. I hope he puts the Spin Doctor on something.

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Tuesday, March 21, 2006


The HAT is done! Well, except for the pom poms I decided today to put on it. It's 70 rows of k3, p3 & 12 decrease rows. It's very soft!! I decided the pom-poms would give it a very cute touch. I am not about cute, but this hat needs pom-pom's. Trust me.

Now, well, except for the pom-poms I can go back to "real" knitting! HAH! I found a pom-pom pattern on the web so I'll get some cardboard from work tomorrow & cut out my circles & begin my pom-poms. I am not going to do pom-poms tonight when I can do some "real" knitting! If I can finish the pom-poms tomorrow the whole project will have taken me a week. I'll post pics after the pom-pom's are on it.

Not much else going on so I am back to my Conway & Husband's Asparagus socks. ahhhhh.

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Monday, March 20, 2006

Xena post & some gratuitous knitting

I've got almost 70 rounds done on that *&^!! hat! It's 8½" long. Just a few more rounds before I start the decrease rounds. I'd rather have it a little long with more brim that too short. So I'll probably make sure it's a good 9" before decreasing. Remember when I was so enamored of the 100% cashmere? Well, that's the only reason I'm still going. It also looks like I'll have to break into the 3rd skein to finish the hat.

I didn't knit much at all on it Sunday. I also took a break from it driving to work this morning. But I broke down & at lunch, on the way home & this evening I worked on it. Husband had a service call so I stayed home to grocery shop. When that was done, I settled down in front of the TV & knit on it some more.

Guess what I watched?? XENA! Right!! This evening I finished watching Warrior . . . Princess . . . Tramp. I watched all of Intimate Stranger & the beginning of (well, to about the middle) of Ten Little Warlords. I remember that during the end of the filming of Intimate Stranger, Lucy Lawless fell & broke her pelvis on the Jay Leno show. That's why Callisto & Xena stayed in each other bodies at the end of Intimate Stranger. Originally, they were to be changed back. They juggled some of the shows around that were already in the can when that happened to give Lucy as much time off as possible. I think Destiny or The Quest were the 1st ones when she was partially back. I don't remember those too well, so I'll let you know when I watch them again.

It was strange, again, watching Hudson Leick who plays Callisto, play Xena in Callisto's body & Lucy playing Callisto (in Xena's body) playing Xena. Excellent acting. I'll say it again. Callisto is the BEST VILLAIN EVER!

I've got 15 more eps before I'm done with the 2nd season. My 2nd favorite ep of all time is in the 2nd season. My very favorite is Is There A Doctor In The House which is at the end of the 1st season. My 2nd favorite is coming up in 7 more eps. A Day In the Life. "Can we cook with your Juices????" said by Gabrielle. And my favorite Xena/Gabrielle still is from this ep. The infamous "Dirty Feet" pics. Any hard core nutballs reading here will know which ones I'm talking about about. It was all about the "subtext". Both of the pics are stills from A Day in the Life.

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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Around & Around & Around & Around & zzzzzzzz........

I know I will be glad to to have knit this hat out of pure 100% cashmere. It will be warm & comfortable & soft & yes, even pretty. A simple pattern for a simple hat. But I am so tired of k3, p3 around & around & around. I think what makes this hat sooo boring is that nothing will change until I have 9" done. With the Asparagus socks, every 10 rows I do a purl row so every 10 rows, A CHANGE! however brief. With my Cascade Fixation socks, which were also done in k3, p3, the yarn was self striping & I was constantly amazed at how cool it looked! This yarn has several colors in the yarn itself but they never change!!

I keep thinking I should frog it back to 2½" or so & do a more complex pattern, but I have almost 6" done & I don't want to stop. However at this point, I think I will have enough yarn to make a 2nd hat. Now 2 hats out of the same yarn with different patterns wouldn't bother me. I'd have a "guest" hat for the boat. I could always pick up a skein of something else to augment whatever is left when I'm done with this one if I think I need it. I could also go back the LYS & buy another skein. This hat will be done at the rate it's going (row 45 & almost 6" done) this week.

I would be a little farther ahead (weak pun) on the hat but I had to frog back almost 5 rows. I was carrying one of the ends of a skein change up. I carried one of the legs across but the other one I picked up & knit it each time I came around again. Then I got fancy & decided to not only pick it up & knit it but then carry it to the next stitch. It was OK until I got to the p3 part. Since you can't tighten purl stitches the same way you can knit stitches it was really loose.

I ignored the voice in my head that said "This isn't working!" that got more strident with each round. Finally, I just gave up & frogged back 5 rows. You can't fix (well maybe you can, but I can't) loose stitches with too much yarn.

I am looking forward to complicated knitting again. My Conway. Even the Asparagus sock!!

This is one item that I am definitely a product knitter!!

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Friday, March 17, 2006

ooooo! Cashmere!

I actually tried to post this yesterday but . . . ah, well.

Yes, I have some Cashmere now. In my yarn stash. Along with Socks That Rock yarn & Claudia Hand Painted yarn. I went to the LYS Wednesday at lunch at got 4 little tiny 25 gram 75 yard skeins of Artful Yarns 100% Cashmere yarn. ON SALE! 20% OFF! Regularly $17.25 per tiny little 25 gram 75 yard skein. And I used my $50 Christmas gift certificate so it only cost me $5.20 for 4 little tiny 25 gram 75 yard skeins of 100% Cashmere yarn.

I was hoping they'd have some beaded stitch markers like last time but no luck. They also didn't have any Amy Schaeffer sock yarn. They had some Cherry Hill sock yarn that looked good, but then I saw the 2 bins of Artful yarns Cashmere. I knew still wanted to make a watch cap to go sailing in so I got the 4 little tiny 25 gram 75 yard skeins of Virtue in the color Patience, which is what's up there on the left. That's 25 rows of k3, p3 ribbing on 4mm rosewood dpns.

I'm was excited to start with the Cashmere that I didn't wait for Grumpernia's new hat pattern, but I'll need more than 1 hat. I can see it now. I'll be only person at the lake on a sailboat with a $50 cashmere hat! That damned hat better float!!

So, the Asparagus & Conway socks have been put on temporary hold until the Cashmere hat is done!

Y arn Harlot has a new book coming out! It's called Knitting Rules! She says on her blog that it should be in stores next week. If you haven't read her 1st two books (also mentioned on her blog) you have missed some good knitting literature.

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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Day 2 & Still Clean

Day 2 after the postponed birthday bash for Husband's 60th & the house is still good. I do not want to clean this Saturday like I cleaned last Saturday for no good reason. Yes, I enjoy coming home to & waking up to a clean house. But get a grip. If I kept it this clean all the time, when would I have time to sit & knit or read or blog or sleep. (Which means we are never having an open house so we are never selling this one.) We are not excessively messy. We have no kids or other wanted or unwanted relatives or anyone else staying here. It's just Husband & Warrior Knitter. Our mess is our mess. And it's usually clutter.

When I finish knitting on something for the evening, I'm picking it up & putting in away. I don't usually do that. I want it to be able just to pick it up when I sit down there again. I've put the books back in the "guest" bathroom. Linux books or mags for Husband & uh, knitting ones for me. And maybe a Coldwater Creek catalog in there because that's about knitting, too. "Will ya look at the cables on that sweater?"

And the dining room table is still clear of clutter -- well, except for the can of paint because I want to touch up the door into the garage, where the paint has come off. Maybe I'll get to that & maybe I'll be puttin' the paint can away Sunday morning.

I forgot about going to the LYS at lunch today. All I could focus on was eat & then I could knit. I must be crazy. So I'll try to remember tomorrow. Bossman is out for the rest of the week, so I'll come in a little early tomorrow & then I can take a longer lunch.

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Monday, March 13, 2006

Knit Knit Knit

It's great being a process knitter — at least most of the time. I just knit around & around & around & around on my 2nd Conway sock & before ya know it, I've got 34 rounds of the leg done! It's a 4 round pattern stitch & so it seems to go fairly quickly.

And on the 2nd Asparagus, it's way behind. I'm only on round 5. When you have something to do at every stop light & you don't mind them being red, I've noticed they are green or just about to turn green. Once in a while you "get lucky" & it turns red before you get there!

On my 2nd Conway, somewhere along the way, when I took the beaded stitch marker off for the toe rounds, I misplaced it. So now I have a small black o-ring. A few times, I gone past it quite a aways & knew it because I'd started on the next round of the pattern, but I neglected to mark off the row. I remember when I had the beaded stitch marker, when I would pass it from 1 needle to the next I would always admire it. What's there to admire about a black o-ring?? I still have the gift cert from a LYS, so I'm thinkin' sometime this week, I'll go there at lunch & buy another set. It's not like I need any sock yarn!!! HA!

Because we had such bad weather yesterday, we postponed the birthday bash until next weekend. We had 80-90 mph straight-line winds or a micro burst come thru at 8am Sunday morning. Uprooted trees, blew out windows of store fronts all over town, downed power lines, etc. We didn't have any damage, we were just outside the damage area. But there were more storms coming in that afternoon, so we called it off again.

Shouldn't be too much to do for next week!!

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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Cleaning Up Our Act

dull monotone
i am so tired of cleaning

But on the bright side whenever we do this, we find things that were lost & things we didn't know were lost. And we usually end up buying some cool new things for the house.

Things found that we knew were lost:
* watering can

Things found that we didn't know were lost:
* gold crochet hook
* about $6 in change (dimes & quarters were everywhere, weird, no pennies or nickels)

Cool things we bought for the house:
* NEW watering can
* scented geraniums, violas (the plant not the stringed instrument or Husband's aunt)
* some new pots for the new plants

Yes, on one of the forays to the hardware store to get another filter for the shop vac, I got a new watering can. The old green plastic one I'd had for years, disappeared about 2 weeks ago. I'd been using the coffee carafe or the tea pot since. I joked with Husband on the way out the of the hardware store, that within 3 days we'd probably find the missing one. It didn't take nearly that long.

As we walked into the house thru the garage, (yes, from the hardware store) Husband picked up this huge package of paper towels (one of the things we buy in bulk), & sitting under it, in a green bottom to a big green pot was the green watering can. I SWEAR I looked under the paper towels more than once. To my defense, it was in a poorly lit corner of the garage & both the watering can & pot bottom are the same color green. We had the garage door open so it was more well lit & I could clearly see the old watering can. Oh, well. The NEW one has a rose on it that actually works & doesn't leak. I'll keep the old one anyway as it's smaller. There are a couple of plants in small pots that I'd have to take the rose off for anyway, so I'll use the old one for those.

I"ve started to keep a notepad of "blog topics'. I think of all these good things or at least points I want to bring up, but when I sit down to actually write about it, where are all those terrific ideas?

I'm moving along well on my 2nd Conway. I'm on row 16 of the leg. One thing I've noticed was how wonderful it was going from doing the cable pattern on 4 needles to 2 on the foot. No wonder I got the foot & toe done in about a week! Now it seems very time consuming knitting the pattern back on all 4 needles. What's going to seem even worse, is when I'm done with my 2nd Conway, I want to finish sister-in-laws. Mine is 72 stitches around. Once the calf decreases are done, it will only be 60 stitches around. For her Conway I cast on 96 stitches. I''ll find out tomorrow, if that's enough or too much.

It was so wonderfully warm here today that I had all the windows open all the way while we cleaned. The house looks so good. We even cleaned all the windows, inside & out. I love those drop down clean from the inside windows.

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Friday, March 10, 2006

3 So Far

Just in case for some reason you missed the last post . .

My Conway sock is done & now Husband's Asparagus sock is done.
I now have a pair, but they don't match. I have 1 Conway sock for me & 1 Asparagus sock for Husband. I have also cast on for the 2nd Conway & the 2nd Asparagus. Let there be joy & dancing in the streets. Never in my life have I completed 2 socks back to back ~ within 24 hours of each other. Granted, they are completely different socks, but 2 socks is 2 socks anywhere you go.

And I did go to Rose by Any & add my 2 socks worth (very weak pun) to the total. She's got the 2000 socks for 2006 thing goin' on. Go there & add the socks you've finished in 2006 to the total. At this posting there are 1,157 socks done & only 843 socks to go. My total for 2006 is 3 socks. Last year, I did 9 socks & my cabled alpaca gauntlet (to keep my mouse hand warm). So I am 1/3 of the way thru last years sock total with just under a third of the year gone. hmmm. If I hadn't been working on the Asparagus socks in Mathilda every day, I would only have 2. hmmmm This stop light & stop & go traffic knitting is good.

I wore my seaweed socks today. They are part of the 9 from last year.

I did the French toe on the Asparagus sock & it looks cool. A different cool than the star toe. I can't figure out how it makes the seam thing where you do the decreasing, but it works.

Both sister-in law & brother-in-law have survived the bird flu & are coming over on Sunday to feast & celebrate Husband's 60th. House still looks pretty good. So OCD housecleaning will commence again tomorrow morning. Vacuuming & dusting & a general picking up of clutter will happen over about 2 hours tomorrow morning. And screw the fridge shelf with milk goo. I'll just make sure the new dishwasher & stove are gleaming (we got them last Oct & she hasn't seen them yet) & it will be hunky dory.

And she'll get to
  • try on her Conway start to make sure it will fit
  • pick out some yarn from my-whole-stash-is-like-this basket which is filled with Socks that Rock yarn.
Yeah Baby!

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Wednesday, March 8, 2006

Conway & Asparagus

My Conway sock is done. And I am currently knitting a French toe into Husband's Asparagus socks (2 rounds into it). I am altering it slightly by inserting an addition even round between each decrease & even round so there will be 1 decrease round & 2 even rounds instead of alternating decrease & even.

After altering the bejesus out of Nancy Bush's Lozenge socks from Knitting Vintage Socks I didn't do anything to the Conway pattern. The only thing I did, & it's not really an alteration is I never could get the hang of knitting into the 2nd stitch on the needle. I used a cable needle every time. It just feels awkward to me to knit into the 2nd stitch on the needle.

Today I did/ am doing my 2 least favorite things in sock knitting. And no, weaving in the ends is not one of them. It's #3.

My least favorite is arranging all the cast-on stitches from 1 needle to 4 needles, hooking them together with the extra stitch join, & then doing that 1st in-the-round round. The stitches are weird on the needles. You know, not like you knitted them on there, which I didn't. I cast them on. If you drop one there's no fixin' that. Well, there probably is but it's beyond my ken. You have no previously knit stitches to rely on as to what to knit or purl next. (Like that was a big help on the Lozenge sock!) Once I get that 1st round done ~ it's clear sailing!

My 2nd least favorite thing is k2tog such as toe decreases. For some reason it doesn't bother me on the gussett decreases, probably because I only do 1 per decrease round. The other side for me is slip one purlwise, slip one knitwise then k2tog thru the backloops. So having a LOT of k2tog I don't like. I always have to stretch out each loop with the tip a needle & then it often takes more than 1 try. And there are usually 2 or 3 or more on the decrease round, depending on what toe you're doing. Maybe that's why I tired of the star toe. But the good thing is on the toe decreases that for every decrease round there's less to knit & you're closer to the end!!

And one more thing on the Conway. I did the slip-the-yarn-thru-the-loops-&-pull-it-up-tight thing ~ as per the pattern. I like the toe on the Conway. The French toe for the Asparagus socks ends the same way. Pics of both toes when both are done. Maybe I can figure out the picture thingy this time.

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Tuesday, March 7, 2006

TGIF ~ Toes Go In First ~ or Last in a Top Down Sock

My Conway is ready for toes. Husband's sock is probably ready for toes too, as soon as I can get him to try it on this evening.

I still haven't decided WHAT toe for his sock. Mine, I'm going to follow Nancy's pattern. I've copied toes from Nancy Bush's Folks Socks & Knitting on the Road to contemplate. I guess it doesn't matter as long as it's not the star toe. I'm kind of tired of that, although it looks cool. My Conway fits so well, I like the calf decreases in the back. Makes it fit MUCH better. Must incorporate that into future socks.

I look at that sock & I cannot believe that I knit it. I look at the heel turn & can't figure out how short rows turn a corner but they do. The corner gussetts are so sharp. The pattern just flows down the leg & out onto the top of the foot. The straight even lines of stockinette on the bottom of the foot. I cannot believe I knit that sock. I knit evey one of those beautiful stitches.

I feel that way with every sock I knit. I look at my sock that I knit & I know that I am a fibre artist.

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Monday, March 6, 2006

Socks Really DO Rock

Today I got the rest of my Socks That Rock yarn. The colors are fabulous. They are even better (richer, more vibrant) than the pics on the web.

I am in love with my sock yarn. I'm sorry Husband. I know if this would ever happened you expected it to be another man or at least a very expensive sailboat. But I've lost my heart to a bowl of sock yarn. I WISH I had a digital camera. Oh, well. I'd rather have sock yarn than a camera. I have nowhere near SABLE but I have enough for now. I'll have to see when sister-in-law is better at back & school then take the bowl of yarn over to her so she can pick what she wants her next socks (after her Conway) knit from. I feel very wealthy. Yes, my whole stash is THIS GOOD!! HAH!

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Sunday, March 5, 2006

Process or Product

There is usually this huge discussion any time you get knitters together either via blogs or a forum such as Knitter's Review. I don't know of a current thread there now but it pops up regular as toast. I am both.

When I start a new project, with me usually a sock, I am all about a process knitter. I enjoy the yarn, the feel, the color, how it looks knitted, etc. I enjoy the needles, how they feel in my hands as I slide the wool loops along them, when I deftly baton twirl the empty needle into place to pick up the the 1st stitch of a full needle, etc. The pattern, how it changes the look of the sock as I move down the rounds. I become one with the WIP. I get into the Zen of knitting. I could knit with that yarn, that pattern for days ~ & I usually do. I keep tally on blank 3 x 5 cards that I keep on a small clipboard so that both socks match round for round. It's fun to look back when I'm on the foot & see how many leg rounds that really is as I marvel at the neat stitches that I did.

I often stop & just admire my work.
Maggie Righetti, author of Sweater Design in Plain English & Knitting in Plain English recommends that you do so. (GREAT books, BTW). Most of us beat ourselves up too often for dumb things, anyway. So I always admire my work as I knit.

Also, during all this admiring, I've caught dropped or missed stitches early so I didn't have to frog to fix it or ladder down lots of rows. So I am a process knitter thru the cuff & leg.

I get a little excited on the heel flap & heel turn because I think they're fun. I enjoy the processes but I'm glad when they're done so I can look at the cool heel flap stitches & how they differ from the leg & straight knitting on the heel.

After I've picked up the gusset stitches & finished all the decrease rounds, then the product knitter, sticks her head up & says, "How may rows/inches until the toe?" I can usually distract/ignore her "Oh, will ya look at the sheen the yarn has in this light?" until I get near the toe & then product knitter gets strong. "The Force is strong with this one."

I can't wait to get to the toe & get this damn sock done already! I've got the mate yet to knit or the Claudia Handpainted yarn is calling. And I want to WEAR the socks! I want to take the sock(s) to work & hang it/them in my cube for a couple of days so EVERYONE can see. Yes, I force my co-workers to look at my socks. I don't force them into my cube, but how many people do you know have (a) sock(s) hanging from a clip on the wall. "What's that on your wall??"

So I am trying to stay a process knitter on the Asparagus socks as I have less than a dozen rows until the toe. I knit so much yesterday on my Conway that I'm halfway done (probably) with the foot & product knitter is antsy "You have 3 more socks with this yarn & pattern yet to knit, missy!" . . . . ~ ~ ~ . . .
"Will ya look at the sheen the yarn has in this light?"

I did a little virtual housecleaning last night. I added another America's Cup link to my side bar. And found a bunch of sailing blogs. So they might show up there later.

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Saturday, March 4, 2006

Progress Report

As promised, here are pics of my Conway so far & Husband's Asparagus sock. Sock #1 for each. I'm going to try to fix those picks, but Blogger is not cooperating this evening.
Except for the heel flap, heel turn & gusset pick up, the Asparagus sock was knit at stop lights & in very slow stop & go traffic mostly on the way to & from work. I started it on 1/26/06 when it was finally light enough to knit on the way to & from work. Not bad for stop light knitting.

Sister-in-law & brother-in-law both have influenza A. She's just getting over it & he's just coming down with it. He took meds so he wouldn't get it or get a lighter version than her. Luckily it wasn't the vomiting, diarrhea type. But she had a 102° temp & lots of coughing. She sounds terrible. Hopefully with the meds B-I-L was taking he won't be very sick. So we are postponing celebratory steak house dinner.

Husband with the 60th birthday today is kind of glad. We like being hermits & all this time- wasting OCD housecleaning can stop now. So the fridge shelve with a bit of the bottom of the milk carton reside will stay that way a while longer. More time to knit!!

We lazed around a lot today. We both took lovely long middle of the day naps & have been snacking all day. Ahhh, weekends.

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Friday, March 3, 2006

5% Friday

I cannot believe that I haven't blogged since Monday! Well, I have been cleaning . . . OK I haven't dusted or vaccumed or done the fridge shelves. Wednesday, we vegged, wrapped in a blanket, in front of the TV. Didn't even knit although I kept meaning to get up & get it at the next commercial.

Last night I Husband & went to the mall to find me a new purse since I busted the fake wooden rings that held the strap on the old one. We were almost there & he got beeped. So we headed over so he could fix some stuff. He took care of it while I knit. I only got a couple of rounds done before he was done & we headed back to the mall. I got a red suede Stone Mountain bag & a lavender wallet. Sorry, no pics of that!

I have made GREAT progress on my Conway! Sometime this week, during lunch, I'd done the heel flap, turned the heel & picked up the gusset stitches The Pretty Way. Thank you again Grumpernia! I'm back to normal. Picked up 22 on 1 side & 18 on the other. I'm on the 3rd round of the foot. Pics (I hope) this weekend.

I'm less than a dozen rows from starting the toe on the Asparagus sock. Again, pics (I hope) this weekend.

Tomorrow is Husband's 60th birthday.

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