Monday, February 27, 2006

Diverse topics

I am losin' control of my Conway. I must not be concentrating. It seems that every time I pick it up I either see a mistake or make one. Today, at lunch I forgot at least 2 of the cables on the cable round. Thank goodness I noticed it on the plain round & was able to fix them. I listen to Red Hat Club Rides Again when I knit at lunch & I just get caught up in the story. When I was knitting Husband's Lozenge sock I couldn't listen to a book on tape. I'd get distracted & lose count

Everyone at work is so down. Moral is in the toilet. How can management not see this? Almost everyone is lookin'. I think those that don't say anything are lookin', too. I think the only people I know aren't lookin' are the Chinese & my boss & he may be lookin' too. I don't know if I mentioned it before, but the company bought a building. As the dude-on-site, my boss may have no idea how much his job will change. I guess a lot depends on who corporate has the folks renting the other offices call. If it's my boss, he'll be spending a lot of time placating the other renters.

It's supposed to be 73° tomorrow & almost 80° on Wednesday then mid to low 60's the rest of the week with a chance of rain on Saturday. WooHoo! The back of Winter is broken!! It was so hot inside today. It's summer clothes the rest of the week!

Husband has decided. We're going to celebrate his birthday on Sunday & take sister & brother-in-law to a steakhouse with desert at our house after.

So I mopped the kitchen, hall & guest bathroom floors this evening. Tomorrow I'll do the counters, sink & tub in the guest bath along with the shelves in the fridge. Wednesday, vacuum, Thursday, dust & that's about it. Husband will clean the office. You'd think we never clean, but stuff like the fridge shelves? For some reason the "milk" shelf always ends up with stuff on it. And although they don't look dirty, the other shelves always look cleaner after they've had a soapy bath a couple of times a year. And with company coming, just a little extra spruce up makes the place look extra good. I'll pick up some flowers Saturday to put around. The desert? Triple chocolate cheesecake from a local restaurant!! Yeah, we don't entertain much ~ hermits, remember??

Reading: Bloody Secrets by Carolina Garcia-Aguilera
audio book The Red Hat Club Rides Again by Haywood Smith

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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Recipe Entry

I officially began my job search today. I brushed up my resume & am going to post it on There's a job that looks interesting in our local paper so we'll see where that goes. Wouldn't it be wonderful if it worked out that I interviewed & got & liked the 1st job!!!

I finally repaired the Waffle socks that I "found" a week ago. Not a very neat or pretty repair on the inside but it's done & they're on my feet now.

I found where I'd dropped a stitch somehow on my Conway socks. I didn't frog but laddered 2 side by side stitches down about 4 rows & now have to hook them back up. And wouldn't you know it, they would be the cabled ones. Oh, well. Not too bad. I had it done last night, but miscounted (I was tired & new better than to try) & ended up off a row.

I've been cooking today. Not that I don't cook most days, but I usually don't do a lot on the weekends. I made my sister-in-law's Chicken Enchiladas. Mmmm are they good.

1 medium onion, chopped
2-3 tblspn unsalted butter
1 can cream of chicken soup
1 can cream of mushroom or celery soup
1 cup chicken broth
8 oz can green chillies, chopped
1½ lbs chicken breast, cooked & cut into bite-size pieces or shredded (I get one of the already cooked chickens & just shredded the meat)
1 pkg corn tortillas
3 cup package of shredded sharp Cheddar

Brown onions in butter. Add soups, broth, chillies & chicken pieces. Cook 10-15 minutes on medium heat until liquid is reduced a little. Preheat oven to 350°F. In large buttered baking dish place a layer of tortillas, then the chicken mix, then the cheese. Bake 15-20 minutes or so until heated through.

You can layer the tortillas & chicken mix but I don't. And I use LOTS of cheese. So along with a salad each day that's my lunch for next week. Husband doesn't like chicken so it's mine, all mine!!

I watched 2 episodes of Charmed this evening. Haven't watched that show for ages. It was supposed to be my Xena replacement. For some reason I never picked up watching again after the Christmas hiatus in season 7 (about a year ago).

Husband's asleep on the couch so I folded laundry, changed & sheets on the bed & finished fixing my Conway.

And CONGRATS to all the Olympic Knitters!!

Reading: Bloody Secrets by Carolina Garcia-Aguilera
audio book The Red Hat Club Rides Again by Haywood Smith

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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Red or Pink or Purple

I am rockin' on with the 3 socks on needles. As I've said in a previous post, I've NEVER has 3 socks going at once. And 2 of them are the exact same pattern, yarn & needles. One I cast on 96 stitches for my sister-in-law& the other I cast on 72 stitches for me. And I still have the 1 traveling needle. I've got another full set of my favorite dpns [Suzanne's 2.5mm ebony dpns) on order with my LYS.

I'm far enough on my sister-in-law's sock that I'm going to stop knitting on hers until she can try it on next weekend. I've got 14 pattern rounds done. Coupled with the 9 cuff rounds that will be enough. Everyone is talking about the stitch definition you get when you knit with the socks that rock yarn. I think this Rowan wool cotton is pretty darn cool.

I have about 2" more to go on the foot of Husband's Asparagus socks. I am definitely going to do a French toe.

I've pretty much decided that I'm going to do a simple lace panel with my Claudia Handpainted yarn. I don't want an all-over lace. Just a panel that I can do 2 or 4 or however many times I want. I've found a couple of simple ones on my 365 Knitting Stitches Year calendar. The patterns for 1/27 (the red one) 4/30 (purple one) & 8/27 (pink one) are simple but pretty. I want to enjoy the colors in the sock as they change. I don't want get all bogged down in the pattern. Plus as the colors do change from light to dark & back again, I don't want a beautiful complicated pattern to get lost in the colors. I've got a few more books to check here in the home knitting library before I finally decide.

Bloody Secrets by Carolina Garcia-Aguilera
audio book The Red Hat Club Rides Again by Haywood Smith
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Thursday, February 23, 2006

"We're the Union Pacific & our story's just begun"

Meltdown of a day workwise but knit-wise OK even tho I haven't got much done on any of the 3 socks.

The AoES (Axis of Evil Software) Brain Trust has been "tightening security" for some time now on the software. Lately that means, that what you had access to do to your job, you no longer do. Or you only have access to part of it. They don't tell or you that you can't do that anymore, you just can't. So you submit a trouble ticket & after many e-mails & phone calls & often days later, you find out why you don't have have access anymore. It's not a glitch. It's a security issue. So it takes many more e-mails & phone calls from your boss & your bosses boss & on up until someone at the top figures out that they're not getting what they used to get report wise or whatever. And come to find out it's because you, the report do-er, or in the case today, the person in our warehouse who ships out the stock transfers from branch to branch has had his access taken away.

We've been have problems shipping out stock transfers from our branch to other branches. As soon as you scanned in the serial numbers, the software would double-commit each serial number & pitch you out of that part. So when you get back in you find that each serial number has been committed to the same order twice & you can't fix it. So you e-mail for help. This has been going on for almost a week now. Every stock transfer for the past week or so is screwed up. Found out today, that now only someone with Warehouse Manger's access can do that. Well, no one in our warehouse HAS that access. Our Operations Mangers has that access & the woman who mans (or woman's) our Will Call area & I do. So who do you think gets to do it. So all afternoon I've been singing the 1st line to "The Union Pacific" song from a commercial years ago!

Before this horrible piece of C R A P software I would help & support the sales team, covering for them when they were on business trips or out of the office for any reason. But now I don't have time. They're on their own.

Now I have pallets of monitors or computer cases or a box of software that's wheeled up to my cube (yes a pallet of 24 monitors parked outside my cube, blocks the aisle & most of the doorway to 2 other cubes). Since I have no fancy bar code reader either, it takes me a long time "ship" as I have to enter several pieces of info from each box into the program by hand. And then when I'm done, someone from the warehouse has to come & get it & take it back to actually "ship" it.

And Corporate says that's the way it's gotta be because although the warehouse folk have been doing this for months now, suddenly, they're "not qualified."

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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

A1 AN A2 AN A3

I used to be one of those knitters who only had one sock on the needles at any one time. I only worked one sock at a time. Then when it got to be light enough in the morning & evening drive times that I could knit & was knitting Husband's Lozenge sock where there is big counting every single stitch & that would not do for stoplight knitting. So I cast on for the Asparagus socks, which is a very simple k3, p3 ribbing all the way which made two socks. I did the heel flap & turn at home. When I decided that the Conway socks would not fit my sister-in-law, I pondered this for a bit & decided to knit her a pair with the very same yarn & pattern & needles, only bigger. And so I am. I now have three socks on needles, all the same size needles & I am using every single 2.5mm dpn I have. In fact, I only have 1 needle to knit the 3 socks with. They're all on 4 needles, but the 5th one? It travels among socks. Well, between the Asparagus socks & sister-in-law's Conway.

She & brother-in-law are coming up next weekend to celebrate Husband's 60th birthday. I want to be able to have enough of her Conway done so she can try it on & make sure it neither strangles her calf nor sags down it. I figure with the ribbing, I want to have at least 2" done.

And I got the sock yarn that I ordered from Socks that Rock from The Fold. I got Mesa & Rhodonite. From my list, those were the only ones they had. I ordered the rest from Blue Moon Fiber Arts a few days ago. They will take longer because they have to be dyed. But the 2 hanks I got from The Fold are soooo very soft. And the colors are even better than the pics on the website. Like the Claudia, I just want to fondle them awhile in the hank mode. If I keep this up, I'll have to get a swift & ball winder. I hope the others will be here before sister-in-law gets here so she can choose. Otherwise, I'll just make a lunchtime trip to the school where she teaches.

And I watched me some Xena last night. From season 2: The very last part of The Giant Killer, Girls Just Want to Have Fun & Return of Callisto. Callisto is the very best villain. EV ER. And in Return of Callisto she is even more evil & deranged. I think that's the best Callisto episode. I started to watch it again, the commented version with Renee & Lucy commenting on the ep as they watch it. It's obvious that it's been awhile since they filmed it because they both crack up at certain points & remember things about the ep. Husband came home in the middle of that so I'll finish it another time. My great supper last night was a half a dozen hotted up homemade oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, a tall glass of cold sweet milk, Xena & knitting. Yum.

Immaculate Midnght by Ellen Hart
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Monday, February 20, 2006

Lovely Monday off!

Great strides have been made today on Husband's Asparagus socks. Maybe by the time I finish these socks I will have learned how to type asparagus without needing to run it thru the spel cheqeuer, but probably not. And I can't get the stupid pic to be bigger. I did the same thing I did yesterday & it worked but today, little pic with BIG white border. Moving on . . .

Yep, between last night & today, I've done the heel flap, turned the heel, picked up the gusset stitches the pretty way, thanks to Grumperina's wonderful tutorial & am on the home stretch for the toe ~ 22 rows of the foot done & counting. I've already finshed the gussett decreases. Instead of a star toe this time, I think I'm going to do a different toe. But I don't know what yet. Nancy Bush's Knitting Vintage Socks has several toes so I'll have to look at those but probably the French Toe.

I also managed another miracle with these socks. Again, thanks to Grumpernia, I picked up the same amount of stitches on each gusset. Usually they're different by as much as 1-5 stitches. The way she has you pick up the stitches the pretty way, it's a more exact way than just picking up stitches just to pick up stitches which is what I usually do. For the Lozenge socks, I did a straight knitting heel flap but with the Asparagus socks, I did the sl, k1, method. I love the pattern it makes, knit side & purl side. And unless you knit the socks flat I don't know of any way to get the knit side look in the round.

Went to my LYS today to get more yarn for the Asparagus socks, another ball of the slate blue for the Conway socks. I'm going to make sister-in-law a pair just like mine. And Nicky Epstien's book, Knitting on the Edge. I also ordered another set of Suzanne's ebony 2.5mm dpns since I've now broken 2 or 3.

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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Sleep & Eat & Read & Knit

Yep, that's been my weekend so far. Lovely & relaxing. I have been trying not to get stressed out about work with the AoES (Axis of Evil Software) but sometimes it just sneaks up on me & I realize that WoW! I was really stressed.

Husband & I have not been out of the house, all weekend. It's cold & dreary out. I've been cooking real meals all weekend instead of us just foraging when we get hungry. Husband's also been in the relaxed mode but instead of knitting he's been listening to shortwave & futzing with the hard drive on our laptop. It died last week & he picked up a new one Friday. He's been reloading Windows & then downloading all the current Windows updates. Yeah, we're still Slackers but he needs a Windows boxen for work. And yes, he partitioned the hard drive so Slack's on there, too.

I'm on round 40 with the Conway socks, which are now my socks. I tried them on last night & no way are they going to fit my sister-in-law. I thought about froggin' them & casting on again but I decided I'd finish them as mine. I'm really likin' the color & the pattern. It's a bit of a slower knit because of the cable. I can't get it thru my fingers to knit without the cable needle. It would be faster but my fingers won't cooperate & I don't feel like pushing. According to Nancy Bush's directions from Knitting on the Road you're supposed to knit into the 2nd stitch on the needle, then knit into the 1st one & slip both stitches off the needle. For the 2nd cable, you knit into the the backloop of the 2nd stitch. I even copied down some easier directions from Knitter Review but that still didn't help. So it's the cable needle for me.

This is my 2nd Nancy Bush sock. This one has calf shaping in the back which over 50 rounds takes it from 72 stitches to 60. That should eliminate the bunching at the heel. For sister-in- law's sock I'd cast on 96 stitches as that's what I used for her spiral tube sock & it fits her leg fine without strangling it or sagging. As long as it's divisible by 6 it'll be OK ~ even with the calf decreases. I've never knit the same pattern twice yet. I think I'll stick to the Rowan wool cotton but maybe another color. I need to go to my LYS anyway to get more green as I only have 1 skein for Husband's sock & it's getting low.

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Friday, February 17, 2006

Great Hair Day Lovin' the Conway.

A 3-day weekend staring me in the face. YES!!!

Dog & pony show is over & all we have left is the crap. [Well, I thought it was clever.] Big wigs left today. They were here less than 24 hours. They got here mid/late-afternoon Thursday & left mid-afternoon today. And, yeah, nothing has changed.

And our office is officially moving. Yech! I was hoping to get out & get a different job before we move but that may not be possible. The building is available for us to move into on 4/4/06. The sub-lease where we are is up on 5/24/06 so I hope we move later rather than earlier.

The report they've been buggin' me to do took 15+ hours this week & that's with several hours of someone else's help. At least I got rid of some of the load, but now other branches are beginning to call me for AoES tech support since Barney quit.

My hair was so wonderful today!

I am really getting into the Conway socks. I love the yarn. It's so soft. I love the slate blue-gray color. I like the way the little cables look. I just may try this pattern again with the SY16 Columbine here ~ 7th one down on the left side. The cables just didn't look right but I don't think I knit the sock long enough. The 1st few cable rounds, it looks all screwed up. But, now, more than 15 but less than 20 rounds later, it looks great. And yes, I am too lazy to go into the other room & look & see how many rounds I've knit.

I'm still contemplating a simple lace pattern for the Claudia hand-painted sock yarn. Will I still want to knit it 1st when the Socks That Rock Yarn comes?? Not that my sister-in-law would EVER complain, but I am hopping the Conway socks fit her & I'll give those to her & that will make her happy for a while while I play with my hand-painted sock yarn for me. Also the Asparagus socks will do the same thing for Husband, although he would never beg or complain. When the Asparagus socks are done, I will need another simple sock pattern ~ no complicated counting or patterns, please. And what will I knit it out of? Maybe another pair of Cascade Fixation socks. I have almost 2 whole balls of white & almost a whole ball of the aqua / white / purple yarn left. Another combo sock or just order more yarn? And who would I make the sock for??

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Thursday, February 16, 2006

A New K I P Place

Got my haircut this evening. I had an appt. for about 3 weeks ago to get it cut then hi-& low-lited but something came up & I had to cancel the appt 3 days before. I kept forgetting to call & make another appt for just a cut until I was ready to go at my bangs with dull nail scissors. This last week I've had more terrible than usual hair. I'm a blow dry & go person. I'll run my fingers thru it several times a day & maybe run a brush thru it. Sometimes I the weekends I don't even brush it, I just kind of re-arrange it with my fingers. But now I have a super-duper cut. Thanks AMY! [her real name!].

And while I was waiting to be shorn I sat & knit on the Conway. I even figured out the decreases from the chart & I am not good at charts. Amy [my hairdresser & she knows for sure] asked about it but I think she only did to be polite. I am pretty pleased wth myself about the chart & all. People were chattering & I realized I may have goofed by trying to figure this out publicly but I just kept calmly referring to the chart.

Husband got the Firewall thing fixed. Our ISP had changed something which if you run Windows was automatic but with our Linux firewall, we needed to be more specific. So Husband called them today & got the specific he needed.

We have a dog & pony show going on a work for the today & tomorrow. 3 corporate folks showed up & they put the Quality Control person in the empty cube right next to me. Well, I kept my mumblings & grumblings about the AoES to myself for all of maybe 10 minutes. I figure what the heck. Let her get an earful of what it's like all day. Wait'll she hears me stomp back to my desk muttering "STUPID SOFTWARE!" after some fiasco in the warehouse.

I also found out that my boss has been e-mailing my time study to the corporate office every week to the JDE brain trust. I guess that's good. I've been truthful about how long everything takes so we'll see. I don't expect ANY changes tho.

And we did not get the horrible weather. A little freezing drizzle on the way in but pretty much stopped by then & it was just damn cold with occasional flurries the rest of the day.

Had Husband try on his Asparagus socks this evening. One more pattern repeat & I think we'll be ready for the heel flap. I'm only knitting these at stop lights. I've got 68 or so rounds done. I've got 12 or so rounds done on the Conway. The cable is developing very nicely. Looks good in that slate blue. I post another pic this weekend.

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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Firewall is TOO good

For some wonderful reason, our firewall system at home as decided to block our ISP’s webpage & e-mail server. We can get on the net, but it’s strange. Husband is trying to figure it out. I thought there was something wrong with our ISP’s e-mail server until I got on our ISP’s webpage at work. So I came home & managed to get e-mail with the external modem which doesn’t go through the firewall. Techmology is wonderful!! Maybe I’m bringing home AoES germs!!

Making slow progress on both socks. Every stitch is progress. I’ve finally decided that the Conway sock is OK. It looks wrong for the 1st couple of pattern repeats on the leg, but now that I’m beginning pattern repeat #3, I can see how it looks OK & that it does look like the picture in the book.

I tried to order all my Socks that Rock yarn & there wasn’t much they had in stock. Boo! I’m getting the Mesa & one that is similar to Rockstar but different. As Husband is working on the firewall problem this evening he is on & off the net so I’m composing this off line so I can’t just hop on the web & look. I did e-mail Blue Moon Fiber Arts from work to see if they had the rest of what I wanted.

Well, big wigs are going to be at work the next 2 days. We are also expected to get freezing rain & snow & all sorts of horrible stuff weather-wise tomorrow so maybe they’ll call the whole thing off. Because nothing will change whether they come or not.

I am almost done with Alton Brown’s book. It’s fascinating. I am going to try a whole new way to make bread, IF I can find the yeast. He uses instant yeast, not active dry. Our grocery store doesn’t have it so I’ll have to look further. I’ll ask at my local gourmet grocery which is down the street from my LYS.

And I found my crochet hook in Mathilda.

STILL reading: I'm Just Here For More Food by Alton Brown
Slaughter Music by Russell James
audio book Never Sniff A Gift Fish by Patrick F McManus

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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy VD!!

Top is Mesa ~ then Seal Rock ~ then Prism ~ then Romancing the Stone ~ then Prism ~ then RockStar

Happy Valentine's Day!
My sister-in-law e-mailed me at work today about Husband's looming 60th birthday. We'll have her & her hub come here for either dinner out or dinner here. Haven't decided yet. I do know that whatever we do, we'll have triple chocolate cheesecake for birthday cake from a local restaurant. It's a chocolate crust, chocolate cheesecake, chocolate mousse & topped with a chocolate gnache. mmmmmmmmmmm

I told my sister-in-law that I'm going to be ordered from Socks That Rock & she was to go to their site & pick out 2 or 3 or 4 colors for socks for her that I would make. I had a pic of one of the colors already knit into a sock & she chose that one. I have a feeling she didn't even go to the site, so I'll just order some extra & let her choose.

So what am I getting, you ask?? Well, all the pics above. That should hold me for hand-painted sock yarn for a while. I want to have them in hand before Husband's birthday so I can show sister-in-law. She seems to like what I like in colors so I think I'll get 1 of each as each hank makes 1 pair of socks. I let her choose 1st & if she chooses a favorite then I'll just re-order what I want. I'll have to call them tomorrow. More sock yarn. More joy.

So since I'm getting all this fabulous sock yarn for me & sister-in-law what am I getting Husband for his 60th??? Well, we usually have "open" birthdays. That way we always get something we want. So Husband can get computer stuff, or sailing stuff or any kind of stuff he wants.

Oh, & NOW I've lost a size B crochet hook somewhere in Mathilda.

STILL reading: I'm Just Here For More Food by Alton Brown
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Monday, February 13, 2006

1st sock in 2006 done

Sunday I finished Husband's lozenge socks. Weaved in the rest of the ends & kitchnered the toe. He peeled off his Trekking spiral tube socks & put these on to "try." Well, he didn't want to take them off. So he wore his new socks all day & since he wears socks to bed, he wore them to bed, too. They look HUGE. Being cotton they don't shrink up like wool eventually does. So I'll wash them this week & then take them to work & show off!!

I gave away a scarf today. I took my Asparagus socks in to show one my co-workers that I taught to knit about this time last year. One of my new co-workers was very impressed. My knitting co-worker & I told her we could teach her, too. I got my Peacock scarf [iridescent peacock green Crisantemo w/colored flecks] with the pointed tips & my short & narrow Trendsetter Sorbet (in reception stick colors) in from Mathilda & showed off a bit. One of my other female co-workers happened by & fell in love with the Trendsettet Sorbet scarf & so I gave it to her. I LOVE doing that!

On a very slight down note I found a couple of small holes in the leg of my Blueberry Waffle sock that was lost & found but I can fix them. I hope to have that done by Friday so I can wear them on casual Friday.

I frogged about 7 rounds of the Conway sock today at lunch. It just wasn't looking right so I frogged back to the ribbing & started again. I've now decided that the color of this gray/ purple yarn is slate blue. It does look purple in some lights & in some it's a gray/purple, but under the Ott is slate blue. So sister-in-law is getting a pair of slate blue Conway socks. I also looked up a video on how to knit through the back loop. I really don't care how it's done, just so I do it the same way through the whole sock. The way I was doing it is the correct way.

STILL reading: I'm Just Here For More Food by Alton Brown
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Saturday, February 11, 2006


Back in December, I blogged about how I lost one of my Waffle Socks. Every couple of weeks or so since I lost it I'd dig around & through the chair that I'd tossed the socks onto. I even emptied the large rubbermaid container behind the chair that houses my stash ~ twice thinking it had someone migrated there. I'd dug around under the bed several times. The last week or two, I'd even been considering knitting another one since when I emptied the stash container, I'd found that I have enough yarn left for at least 1 sock. But all that is behind me now.

It was somehow wadded in the electric blanket on the bed. We got a new one today as the old one's not been heating well & I've been depending on the heating pad to keep me warm. I declared yesterday morning that THIS weekend we were going to get a new electric blanket. Husband doesn't use his side unless he's sick. Mine's always on broil. Anyway, brought the new blanket home, unwound the old one's cord & went to toss it aside & guess what fell out. MY WAFFLE SOCK!!!

Here is where I got the pattern. They were socks # 7 & #8 & I used just under 2 hanks of Koigu for both socks but had a 3rd hank in reserve. These were the 1st socks I did in a "real" pattern. You can see where they're a bit fuzzed from being worn. They're gonna be on my feet all day Sunday. YIPPEE!!

Now, where's my lost needle from yesterday?? I can replace a needle & beaded stitch markers & NEVER know the difference, but a hand-knit sock is WAY different.

I'm on the downhill slide, last pattern repeat for Husband's Lozenge socks ~ round 59 of 65 rounds for the foot.

I've been reading all about the over 4,000 knitters who signed up for The Yarn Harlots Knitting Olympics. Yea! for you! I have enough deadlines in my worklife. I do not want to add another one to my life. But I'll cheer you on.

10:15 pm Update on Husband's Lozenge socks: foot is done & I've started on the star toe. I should have it done by Sunday evening.

STILL reading: I'm Just Here For More Food by Alton Brown
Fender Benders by Bill Fitzhugh
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Friday, February 10, 2006

Lost and Found

Lately I've not been taking my lunch to work then snarfing it down & driving a couple of miles to an office complex with lakes/ponds. Although I spend a fair amount of time staring down at my knitting while I knit, especially with these Lozenge socks as on the leg parts there is counting EVERY SINGLE ROUND and EVERY SINGLE STITCH. When I DO look up & around I like to look at water. It's soothing to me & very relaxing just watching the wind blow across it.

Anyway, as I have been having to forage for my lunch which means driving in the opposite direction of the water for food. Also, when I eat at work, I don't time-out until I actually sit down to eat. I get my food out of the fridge, heat it up & fix my salad, etc before timing out. After all, I could be interrupted at any moment with a burning question from one of my co-workers. Doing it that way, it only takes 10 minutes or so to inhale whatever I brought, grab my purse & head out the door to Mathilda & the water & knitting.

So there has not been a huge amount of time for lunch knitting. After I've eaten my Big Mac or Bravo Turkey sandwich or whatever, if I have less than 20 minutes left, I drive back to work & park in front of one of the other buildings to sit & knit until it's time to go back. At least that way, I can knit right up to the time I have to be back.

Here I am sitting in Mathilda, knitting & doin' just great. I knit on the asparagus socks, [yes, we're back to that name] only when I'm sitting at a stoplight now that it's light enough in the morning & evening to see. They're a very easy k3, p3 rib for 9 rows & then 1 purl round. So I'm knitting on the Lozenge socks & when I was finished I wrapped the extra yarn around the middle of the ball & I usually stick my crochet hook, seagull cable needle (my fix-it kit) & if I've come to the end of a needle, the extra needle thru a couple of layers of the yarn on the skein. I wrap the sock around the whole thing & stick it back in my bag.

I've fallen out of the habit of putting the needles back in their leather elastic needle holder thing. Well, now I've lost another needle. Yeah, this is the lost part. I'd started the 1st sock on my 3mm bamboo's & I broke one of those. My LYS didn't have any bamboo's so I got some 3mm rosewood dpns, but they're just a bit smaller so I moved the sock to them.

I didn't realize I'd lost the needle until I sat down at the computer this evening to read blogs & knit. I looked all over my desk here where I'd unwound the sock then dumped out the knitting bag. Then I took a flashlight out to Mathilda & started looking around under the seats, in the cervices between the seats, etc. That's when I found it.

This summer with a gift cert to one of the LYS I bought a tiny container of 5 (I think it was 5) pretty beaded stitch markers. Since I knit socks & need a place holder for the beginning of the round, I splurged & spent $34 for the set of 5 I liked the best. Well, over the next couple of months I proceeded to loose all but 2. I thought I was down to 1 then I frogged a hat I'd started around then & there was the 2nd one. Now I've found the 3rd one in Mathilda where it would have fallen down in the crack between the drivers seat & the passenger seat.

So I've lost a needle & found a place marker. Maybe in a couple of weeks or months I'll find the needle while looking for something else. Oh, & I found about 30¢, too.

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Thursday, February 9, 2006

Those boring hermits are at it again.

I've not progressed much farther on the Lozenge Sock. That's a pic of the 1st sock about where I am now. I've gotten a lot farther on the green socks. I'm on row 43 of the leg. I'll scan a pic in this weekend. I am loving how the Rowan wool cotton feels. So very soft. I am still thinking about a simple lace panel or pattern for my Claudia hand-painted sock yarn. When the lovely piece of C R A P software hourglasses now, I look thru my 365 knitting patterns calendar for inspiration.

Been very quiet here. Tuesday we went to dinner the other night with a co-worker of Husband's & we sat & chatted until 9:30. Remember we're hermits when we're not at work so this was unusual. Last night, I sat & input 3 days of my time study into a spreadsheet for work. Yeah, since I don't knit anymore when the AoES is houglassing, I've LOTS more time.

Husband & I quietly celebrated 27 years of marriage a few days ago. Both of us have been very tired & stressed from work so we didn't do a big thing. Because of the work & stress part, we've been eating out a lot lately so I think this weekend, I'll do a pot roast in foil with the carrots & potatoes & onions all cooked in there together. We'll have a fire in the fireplace & just be hermits at home. I can knit & read & surf & nap & hubby can work on his projects & read & surf & nap, too.

STILL reading: I'm Just Here For More Food by Alton Brown
Fender Benders by Bill Fitzhugh
audio book Where Echo's Live by Marcia Mueller

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Saturday, February 4, 2006


Husband's sock is on the down hill slide. I'm just under half way done with the foot. Only 15 more rounds to go & then the toe & ya'll know how fast that goes. How'd I get so much done? I spent all morning in a forced knitting situation. Husband had to work this morning. I went with him for company & while he worked I sat & knit.

I've got 14 rounds done on the bamboo sock. You've all seen pics of stalks of asparagus stood on end with raffia or something tied around them. Where I am now in this sock with the Rowan wool cotton yarn, that's what it looks like to me — stalks of asparagus — not bamboo. How dorky is this? Asparagus socks. Somehow not as cool & suave as . . . . Bamboo socks . . . . . . Bamboo conjures up images of exotic & tropical & beaches — the last 2 where you wouldn't be wearing any socks, let alone bamboo ones, but you get the idea. Asparagus ~ unexciting & everyday & limp. Can you tell asparagus is not my favorite vegetable?? Well, maybe when I have more than 1 purl (raffia) row across my 14 knit (asparagus) rows it will look better. Yes, round 10 is the raffia row. Hopefully by row 30 or 40 it will look more bamboo-like. Although, I don't ever remember the cuffs on Husband's lozenge socks (where I got the idea) looking asparagus-y. Always bamboo-y, even in lapis blue.

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Thursday, February 2, 2006

More Software Madness

Just a quickie to let you know that I haven't been sucked up into the AoES (Axis of Evil Software) mothership (tin foil hats really do work) [although if I am, I have more than a few words for the Captain of said piece of C R A P software] nor have I fallen off the edge of the world.

I'm doing a time-study thing (since 1/9)
at work & I don't have time to write it up properly at work so I been draggin' my sorry list home everynite & putting the info into a spreadsheet & compiling the minutes & hours every which way & then once a week e-mail the god-awful thing to Boss who thinks I slack off which is why I can't get my work done. Hello?? Have you not been looking at that time study spreadsheet??? Well, he told me Tuesday I can't knit while I'm hourglassing anymore & that will give me all the hours I need. YOU DINGBAT!!!! When the piece of C R A P software is hourglassing you can't DO anything else. You can't even click over to another screen & maybe do something else because if you do, the piece of C R A P software freezes up, you lose what you were doing while it was hourglassing & you have to submit a "trouble-ticket" to the sys admin (who is 3 states away) & hope they kill your piece of C R A P software session soon so you can restart said piece of C R A P software maybe within the next hour!!!

So, yes, since I haven't been knitting while hourglassing, I've had a total of -0- minutes to work on the report Boss thinks is so important that he would rather harass me about it rather than have someone help me do it. And, yes, I have to gather the report data [by hand] from said
piece of C R A P software. GAH! Where is Alice & her Fist Of Death when you need her!!

And in other wonderful
piece of C R A P software news Barney the person in the AoES Brain Trust that knows this piece of C R A P software the best? He quit. We call him Barney because he sent me a scathing e-mail in large bold purple letters because what he was telling me via e-mail to do in the piece of C R A P software wasn't working & he just knew I wasn't following his directions - come to find out - he'd left out a small but important step in the process that we discovered when I asked him walk me thru it step-by-step on the phone. Our last branch goes live on 2/6. Barney & the rest of the AoES Brain Trust stays at the branch the whole 1st week when things go pretty good because you think you have all these people that you can ask AoES questions of & you notice that only one person usually has the answer ~ Barney. I guess the rest are minions. And, yes, that's the guy that's quitting. His last day is the last day the Brain Trust will be at this branch. The 1st week on your own with this piece of C R A P software is H E L L. And the guy that knows it best, he will be gone.

Moving on. I am usually so drained by the time I finish the time-study at home that I don't even want to read blogs, let along write in one.

Husband's 2nd sock has the heel flap done, heel has been turned & I've picked up the gusset stitches. Remember on sock #1 I had 18 stitches on each gusset & that was the 1st time I'd ever picked up the same amount of stitches on each
gusset. Well, it still is. I've got 19 on 1 & 23 on the other. Oh, well, it turns out all right.

I've also got 12 or so rounds done on the bamboo sock. And the purple yarn doesn't look purple outside. It looks . . . . . . . . GRAY . . . . . . . Husband would wear a gray & green
sock. {evil laugh!!} I'll try to scan a pic of it this weekend.

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