Friday, December 29, 2006

One by One

Unless I somehow become magically gifted with The Yarn Harlot's one sock a day mojo here's my sock output for 2006 ~ 21 individual socks or 10½ pair:

sock #1 This is the ½ pair. This mate to this one was finished in February. I know the link is for December, but I didn't scan the finished pair. This is the Gentleman's Sock with Lozenge Pattern for Sweetie. It's from Nancy Bush's book Knitting Vintage Socks. This was the 2nd sock I'd knit for Sweetie. The yarn is Cascade Fixation in white & laips. I actually did fairly well & didn't mess up any of the diamonds.

socks #2 & 3 This blue one is a scan of the Conway sock from Nancy Bush's Knitting on the Road. This one is my sock. The pair was finished in March. They feel the best on my feet because I think they fit the best. The yarn is Rowan wool cotton in a slate blue (50% wool & 50% cotton). Not actually "sock yarn" but made a good sock.

socks #4 & 5 The green one is Sweetie's Asparagus sock, my own pattern. They were finished in May. The yarn is again Rowan wool cotton in a dusky mint green. I called them Asparagus because the row of purl stitches every 10 knit rows reminded me of stalks of asparagus stood up & tied with raffia.

socks #6 & 7 The blue one is SIL's Conway sock from Nancy Bush's Knitting on the Road. This is my 3rd Nancy Bush sock. It was also finished in May. It's also my 3rd Rowan wool cotton sock.

socks #8 & 9 The bottom scanned socks are my MayDay socks because they were started on May 1st. I did a mirror image thing with the striping. They were finished in May. The red & white socks got frogged. the top scan is the beginning of socks 10 & 11. The yarn is Fortissima cotton in a light mint green & a dark green. The design is my own. My favorite summer socks.

socks #10 & 11 These were knit in my very first Internet Yarn Purchase ever. These are (of course) Grumpernia's JayWalker socks in Claudia's Hand Painted yarn. The colorway is twilight & it truly is. These were finished in June. My favorite yarn to knit but the socks are a little big. I want to knit another sock with this colorway.

socks #12 & 13 These are the first Socks That Rock (STR) socks I ever made. The colorway is Seal Rock. Love the feel of the yarn but I wasn't wild about how much yellow there was until I got the yarn to pool just right. The pattern is my own & they are for me. These sock are also a little big. They were finished in July.

socks #14 & 15 These are socks for SIL. Her 4th pair overall, her 2nd pair this year. I called them The Pastoral socks because of the colors. Again no scan of the pair. The yarn is Socketta & the pattern is my own. I made the feet too long so I had to unkitchner the toes & frog part of the foot to shorten them. They were finished in August but re-done in September.

socks #16 & 17 These (the mostly white stripy ones) are my Yoga Daughter socks. The 1st sock pictured there is one of the Mother socks (the purply/aqua stripes in Cascade Fixation). Sock #1 (see above) is one of the Father socks (the white in Cascade Fixation). The design is my own & they are my 2nd favorite cotton socks to wear. The heel's a big & slips down when I'm wearing my house shoes or socks only. They were finished in September.

socks #18 & 19 These are SIL's JayWalker Socks in Socks That Rock Mesa colorway. These were my least favorite socks to knit. I know it doesn't look like a lot but I blogged a couple of times on the BROWN in these socks. Between that & running out of yarn. Oh, yes. I finished sock #18 & got (I think) to the heel flap of the 2nd sock & that's when I REALLY knew I was going to run out of yarn. I frogged the leg on sock #19 back to where it would have to be & discussed it with her. She said OK so I finished sock #19 with the shortened leg, frogged back the completed sock #18 to the same leg height & reknit the heel, foot & toe. I have about 50' of this yarn left. They were finished in September.

I didn't realize until now that I didn't have an FO in October or November. I did however work on my Mermaid socks (on round 47) & did 152 rounds on the ill-fated Principal Socks. (see yesterday's blog entry)

socks #20 & 21 These are my final socks for 2006. They are CIL's STRIPES!!! To my knowledge she hasn't tried them on yet so I have no idea if they fit or not. She is allergic to wool so they are done in Cascade Fixation. A dark blue with variegated denim & purple stripes. The cast on edge is wine. They are tube socks with a star toe.

So that's it. 10½ pair ~ 21 socks
January ~ none
February ~ 1 sock
March ~ 3 socks
April ~ 1 sock
May ~ 4 socks
June ~ 2 socks
July ~ 3 socks
August ~ 3 socks
September ~ 2 socks
October ~ none
November ~ none
December ~ 2 socks

Left on the needles for 2007:
my Cascade Fixation yellow & white fair isle Castle socks
my Mermaid socks
Redux in Blue ~ SIL's Principal socks (see below)

In yesterday's blog post I was trying to decide between the Classy Sip-Up from the sock-shaped book Knit It! & Country Socks from Nancy Bush's Folk Socks. I like both socks equally well. But I think I want the Country Socks for Sweetie & I want the give-away socks to have more texture. The pattern choice could change as I get into the actual leg pattern. I've cast on with the denim-y yarn & am currently doing 1x1 ribbing for the cuff. I haven't done 1x1 ribbing in, well, I can't remember when. I'm on round 5 so it's getting there. When I have enough to "show" I'll scan in a picture.

reading: You Have The Right To Remain Puzzled by Parnell Hall

Parting Shot: " If Dracula can't see his reflection in a mirror, how come his hair is always so neatly combed?" ~ Steven Wright
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